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  1. I've had two cruises on Saga and a lot more on P&O. I liked both Discovery and Adventure. The food, service, cabin, evening turndown, included drinks, crew, included transfers were all great. BUT, I found the sea days quite tedious. I don't mind classical music, but preferably not every day, although I accept that the Britannia Lounge was busy each time. I had two good(ish) cruises, but I'm not sure I'll do another one on Saga.
  2. It's old show. I got bored with it eventually. I think I saw it on Netfix.
  3. Some of us more 'mature passengers' are also LGBT+! On the Arvia maiden, the four defiinite LGBT+ people who were at the meeting were over 50 and three of us 70 or over. The venue was quite full at the time of the first meeting, so I'm sure sure if some of the younger folk sat near us were of the same ilk, or not!
  4. If you go to a shore excursion site such as https://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com/ then you should be able to find all the times. They've never been wrong for me yet!
  5. Yes Iโ€™m Baltic, itโ€™s his first P&O cruise.
  6. I've got a 12:00 boarding on Saturday next week. My cabin companion has 13:45. Go figure. I'll fight my case on embarkation, if I have to.
  7. On the Arvia maiden there was an LGBTQ session every evening. Unhosted. First day 4 of us met up. There were other people there but not sure if they part of the meeting or not. It sort of dwindled on the vine after that, though I did end up with a drinking buddy. When I was on a P&O cruise a few years back, we were told we couldn't call it a 'Friends of Dorothy' get together as it was considered derogatory. Not that they asked us! Same goes for Battle of the Sexes, I dunno what it's called now, but you get a kicking if you call it by the old name.
  8. I think there's a cocktail party on cruises of 8+ nights, so I'll miss out in May, but be OK in September
  9. It is! I was the Arvia maiden and online we had two 'Celebration nights'. Once on board, they stuck in another one close to the end of the cruise. Quite a few disgruntled guests!
  10. But the excursion sites do them by itinerary, so all in one place. Less hassle that way!
  11. They do know them! Go to a shore excursions company and they know. That's how I find out.
  12. When I boarded Arvia last year, they didn't ask to see either proof of insurance nor proof of vaccinations. I had them!
  13. Book onboard. I have to say that I wasn't impressed with the new menu on the maiden. I probably won't be making a return anytime soon!
  14. I was given slippers on the Arvia Christmas cruise. I just left them in the cupboard.
  15. Go to an external excursions site. They publish them all. That's where I always get my data from, I've not been let down yet.
  16. They opened two weeks prior for restaurants and a week for entertainment on my next cruise
  17. I'm on Arvia on Friday. I'm expecting a Peninsular Club lunch on arrival (well after checking in to my muster station) and I'm also expecting the speciality restaurants to be open too. I've pre-booked Epicurean and Sindhu. I guess I'll find out in a couple of days.
  18. I watched her sail in. She dwarfed Spirit of Discovery (which I was on last July). Can't wait for Friday, got some shows booked ๐Ÿ˜„
  19. Thanks for this. Can't wait to board her in a few days time.
  20. I stayed in 10737 and it was fine, It's a smaller balcony cabin to the rest but as I was solo it wasn't a problem. I felt no movement at all. Furthermore I was on Select Fare and chose it!.
  21. Phew, maybe I'll be cruising at Christmas after all!
  22. Thanks Gill. BTW, it's almost our 10 year anniversary!!
  23. I'm on the Christmas cruise, now the maiden, but I've never truly believed it'll happen!
  24. I had my haircut on board halfway through a world cruise. I only had it on board as it was a lot cheaper than any barbers I found ashore in Sydney!
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