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  1. Lois, not sure if this will help or not, but whenever I take long cruises (50+ days), I use a hire car to get me to the port. I have a friend of mine on my car insurance (brought the cost down, amazingly). She'll take the car out occasionally and then she'll bring the car to the port, I pay for her overnight hotel and then drive the car back (with her, I don't leave her there!!). It works for me and she's a good friend!
  2. There's been a curry on almost all the nights I've dined in the MDR over the last 9 years. Vampiress, you can always ask the night before to see the menu. People with special dietary requirements do this all the time. I must say that whenever I get fed up of all the fancy food and just want something plainer, I ask for eggs, chps and peas. Some waiters aren't happy and try to put me off, but I've never been refused.
  3. My take on Harry and Meghan. I worry about history repeating itself. The last time a senior royal married an American it ended in abdication. It won't be so serious this time but I worry that they (she?) will sully the royal family with unseemly commercial ventures. I'm guessing that it is mostly a clash of cultures although our tabloids (not that I read them) can be vicious. I know Americans have married into the lower ranks of the aristocracy without any problems. And I guess Meghan is nothing like Wallis Simpson and Harry (as far as I know) is nothing like Edward VIII with his abhorrent right wing Nazi views. He obviously didn't get what he wanted, he's had to give up his royal military duties and he had a very close affinity to the armed forces. She was accepted by most of the British public. Her ethincity was never a problem for most people. She did manage to alienate people fairly quickly though. The public were stopped taking photographs of her at Wimbledon by her royal protection officers as 'it was a private visit'. If she didn't want to be photographed, watch it on TV! It'll be interesting to see how they manage to live in Canada, whenever I've been there, the maximum length of time I could stay was 6 months. He may be a member of the royal family, but he has no right of abode in the country. He's made his bed and in it he must sleep.
  4. Whenever RCI introduce new larger ships, they are more expensive not cheaper.
  5. I think they always register their new ships in Southampton for the first few (five?) years and then change the registration to Nassau.
  6. I'm off on my first Silversea cruise next month. Sailing solo and paying full price, but only(!) 25% single supplement. Having said that, the price for 9 days is about half of what I paid for my P&O world cruise in 2013. Mind you, it is the Gapapagos (top of my bucket list) and I'm flying business. Mind you, I'm still looking forward to Iona in September πŸ˜‹
  7. I think it's the Ionafest headliner.
  8. Enjoy your retirement Lois. I retired early 8Β½ years ago. It's the best career move I ever made and I'm loving retirement. I'm sure you will too. Just make sure you tick off some of your bucket list. I did number 2 last year and ticking off number one in February. So get planning πŸ˜‰
  9. Have a great 2020 everyone. I hope it brings all you wish for. Happy cruising!
  10. Use an elecrtric toothbrush. No wiggling then. Didn't stop mine bouncing at the gym today, though 😒
  11. The silver box arrived about a fortnight ago. Quite disappointing really! That makes sense. I musunderstood what they were saying, I thought they meant the plastic thing that came with the silver box.
  12. Well I had an email with my tickets attached. Part of the information said that I should put a Silversea tag on all my bags, including hand luggage. Goona be difficult, they only sent me one!!
  13. I did an online check in on RCI. Left the hotel at 10:45, walked to the terminal and I was in the Sky bar having my first drink at 11:05!
  14. Well it arrived today. I have to say, it's slightly underwhelming!!
  15. I had a call back from my cruise consultant. She said that it had been dispatched from Milan (!?) in mid-November. Good job it's not urgent!
  16. Everything is complete. But. having said that, I can't find the three boxes to tick!
  17. I'm 70 days out and still waiting. My consultant called a couple of weeks back and asked if it had arrived. It hadn't! She said she'd check and since then, silence!
  18. Both of my cruises are now on the new system. They've got some details right, misspelt others and missed even more. I'd also noticed that the default is now electronic booklet rather than through the post. That was promptly changed! For some reason the picture for my cabin on Iona was of an inside, but still no cabin number. A pretty major omission I think.
  19. Excellent. I drove a bus to India when I was 21 and I for sure remember roads like that!
  20. I did a solo Christmas cruise on Ventura a couple of years back and I'm considering another one next year. Being 'family friendly' there were lots of kids but, amazingly, they were no trouble. They (the kids club) put on a nativity(!) in the theatre on Christmas Day. Wonderful. On Christmas Day which is a formal nght, they'll plonk you on a table with other solo cruisers. I'd recommend you take the plunge. Some pics here http://www.mickberry.co.uk/ventura.htm
  21. Drinks are cheaper on P&O, though much less choice than on RCI (I've never cruised Carnival). No 18% service charge added to drinks, meals etc. No daily tips. Most P&O ships are less 'blingy' than American ones. Sterling prices on board. The food is very much geared to British tastes. Sample menus are available on the website. There'll be a curry every day. You'll often find a proper British pudding (spotted dick etc.) on the menu. Especially in the buffet. Custard! There'll be tea cakes and scones in the buffet after about 3pm. You'll get a decent cup of tea (PG Tips now rather than Twinings), as you'd well expect with a British line and lots of Indian crew onboard! White Company toiletries. I'm looking forward to my cruise on Iona and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  22. When I try to log in for my Iona cruise, I get redirected to the old CP. On my Arcadia one, however, I can use the new one. I put in some details, but it claims my phone numbers are wrong. Still accepts them though! Also it doesn't give my cabin number, just the cabin type. Some progress I guess.
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