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  1. We were also on the Aurora 2017 World Cruise, from Singapore to San Francisco. I was told that about 400 people were doing the whole world cruise. We were on board for about 45 nights, and it was just about the right length for us. When we left in San Francisco, it was strange to think that people who had got on more than two months ago, were still staying on for another three weeks. It was a great experience for us. The highlights for us were Kangaroo Island, Sydney ( especially the first day, it was perfect) and sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge on a wonderful sunny morning. Unexpected pleasures were the endless Pacific sea days, it seemed like day after day of perfect, calm sunny weather. Oh, and not to mention spending my birthday in Fiji! I'd like to do something similar again, but I'm not keen on flying, so I don't know if we will. I'm not sure about the full world cruise - I'm sure I'd love it if we did it, but I'm not sure about being away from home for so long.
  2. I have to say I raised my eyebrows at this post. I was quite surprised that in 2019 there'd be a comment that implied it wasn't ok for women to wear trousers and they should wear gowns or dresses Does anyone still wear 'slacks' these days?. I always think of slacks being made of Crimplene or nylon. I have worn what I class as evening trousers on formal night, teamed with sparkly or lacy tops (the type of top that looks like the top half of an evening or cocktail dress). I always feel very appropriately dressed. I sometimes wear a cocktail dress, but I no longer wear long dresses. I had no idea I might be offending any sensibilities by wearing my evening trousers
  3. I'd say yes. He's a young man and he's wearing age appropriate clothing
  4. Perhaps they just haven't got around to doing it just, as it's so far ahead. It's probably not anything sinister!
  5. We also had James Charter on Aurora, back in Sept/Oct. I think I've seen him before as a Entertainment Officer, so it looks like a promotion for him. I agree he needs to enunciate his words, and he tends to slur them together Hughie Taylor is on from 10 Feb to 11 May, but there's nothing listed after that. Looks like you may miss him!!
  6. I will if I get one, but we don’t get them so often these days. I think we used to get the magazines 4 times a year, but it seems to have reduced to about twice a year
  7. I'm on Azura in September, whilst Giovanni Charps Artavia is Entertainment Manager. I'm quite pleased, as I've heard good things about him.
  8. I did get my magazine a couple of weeks ago. I can see someone has answered your question in another thread. Hope you enjoy your cruises
  9. A few years ago, when I had to have a special diet, it wasn't managed very well on Britannia, so after the cruise I emailed customer services, just to give them some feedback. To my surprise, they gave me £100 OBC for my next cruise. I was very pleased with this outcome, completely unexpected.
  10. For those that like semi formal, CMV have a few semi formal nights. We recently had a CMV cruise, and my husband decided to take a tie this time. It had been some years since he'd worn it, as it still had a dry cleaning tag on it from 2013! It lasted as long as the end of dinner, then he took it off. He spent a lifetime wearing ties to work, he didn't really feel in the mood to start wearing them again on holiday.
  11. LOL, the weather's all over the place these days! I was thinking Fahrenheit for our American friends, but still managed to type the Centigrade figure! What a twit I am!
  12. Lerwick is easy enough to do by yourself as its a pleasant town to walk around. There is an interesting museum and you can walk round the remains of Fort Charlotte. If you fancy a longer walk, you can go to Clickimin Broch, which is in reach of the town. We have called at Akureyri - I think its a nice enough town, but don't remember too much about it as we did the Diamond Circle day trip from here, for stunning waterfalls and scenery. Isafjordur is small and there's not much here for the tourist. This is one port where I'd recommend a tour. Which ever tour you pick, you'll see wildlife and amazing scenery. The only other port we've done on your list is Sydney. I really enjoyed it here. In the morning, we did a tour to to the Fortress of Louisbourg, which is a re-creation of an 18th Century French fortress, and in the afternoon we walked along the excellent boardwalk in Sydney.. (look out for the Big Fiddle) Hope this helps a bit
  13. If I'm going on holiday in the UK, I don't do my packing until a couple of days before, Even then, the forecast isn't always accurate for a week to two weeks ahead. Expect sun, expect rain, expect 15F, expect 30F, and you won't go far wrong! Last summer, they whole country basked in almost unbroken sunshine from the start of May to mid July. So far this year, the weather has been indifferent. Hope it picks up a bit for your cruise.
  14. I do agree, the tone can sometimes sound rather judgemental. I've often said, that if message boards had been around when I started cruising, I probably would never have started at all, as some posts can be off-putting .
  15. They have the black and white ball on P & O as well, and over the years there have been many similar threads on many forums about the wearing of 'colours' on black and white night. Cunard is not unique in this respect.
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