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  1. When is your cruise? If it anytime before next summer, you should have no problem parking in the garage. However, from May until sometime in September there are three ships here. The Summit, two Royal Caribbean ships including starting next year the Oasis. A parking spot is guaranteed, but not necessarily in the garage. You may get surface parking in one of the lots.
  2. No problems or closures at to report at this time.
  3. To avoid any confusion, the premium beverage package will cover wine by the glass up to $15 a glass. Im not sure what the classic limit is, although the same rules apply. You then pay the extra over the $15 if what you order is more expensive. Bottled wine is not included, although there is a discount.
  4. Becco. Best deal in New York. $25 all the pasta you can eat. Salad included. Three different choices each night. As much as you want of all three. They call it the Pasta Sinfonia.
  5. It is a charter. I leaves at 7. Went down to see the ship. All the balconies had different color banners which made a rainbow pattern from front to back. Looked great.
  6. Actually, if you make a left onto 40th or 45th Street on Chosin Few Way, the first right turn will put you on Avenue E and only a few blocks to the turnpike. Easier than using 440.
  7. It was changed to LPC on the Infinity. I believe there are no immediate plans to changeover on the other M class ships. This is a good thing IMHO. DW, friends, and I have always liked Qsine. Can't see how Celebrity would think that LPC would be anything but a one and done experience.
  8. The Turnpike extension (14A-B-C ) is part of 78. It is still the best way to get to Bayonne when coming from south or central Jersey or PA.
  9. Uber or Lyft. It takes about twenty minutes best case scenario. Earliest I would recommend would be noon. Other people might say 11 and it would be totally makeable, but it wouldn't take much to mess that up.
  10. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't even tell anyone to try it on the weekend. Too many risks.
  11. There is a lane shift in both directions, but as of now, there are two lanes open each way. The current construction is in the middle behind barriers. Not much delay anytime anyday.
  12. As I have said many times, with three ships in for the summer, parking is still guaranteed, but it may not be in the garage. It may be surface parking.
  13. I have never taken issue with someone's opinion on CC, but for someone who has had a group smoking on the balcony next to us, I alerted my cabin steward at the first opportunity. We could smell the smoke in our cabin at times. When this failed to get results, when it happened again on the second day, I contacted guest services. I paid extra for a balcony, and expect to be able to use it whenever I want not fearing for my health and safety. They were also obnoxious with their language and overall behavior. That I can live with by just telling them to cool it. There are reasons these rules exist. After we alerted guest services, the smoking stopped (at least while we were on our balcony or in our cabin). They made remarks about us, after that calling us 'narcs', but that is only words, and I couldn't care less about words. By the way, congrats on four years smoke free!
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