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  1. It changes on night one and goes back during the last night. Labadee is Eastern time, but the rest of the cruise is Atlantic. Since Labadee is controlled by Royal, it makes sense to change the time right away.
  2. FYI, I got a pretty good wifi signal from the ship on the Columbus Cove beach.
  3. From the CD thread: Does anyone know who will be CD on the Ovation from 30 March to 17 April? The list here says Joff will be on till the 30th, his wife said they'll be on vacation from 17 April.... so that leaves a gap of 17 days. Hopefully the CD won't be Angelle.
  4. Hopefully I didn't invade on the OP too bad. Only saw one big hit two weeks ago for $21,000. The winner said she sunk $4000 into it.
  5. The casino is 95% new machines. Only a hand full of old style slots left. A bank of 4 old school machines were off and were going to be replaced.
  6. Old post from the Chief: There are two different AC systems in use on the ship. One is like a window AC unit at home, that merely takes the cabin air and cools it while recirculating it back to the cabin. This is what is controlled by the cabin thermostat, and by the balcony door interlock, if fitted. This system is designed to recirculate 80% of the cabin's volume each hour. The second AC system is the one that is affected by the balcony door being open, and that affects the cabins around yours when you leave the door open. This system is not controllable from the cabin, and can not be shut off. This system is designed to bring fresh air into the cabin, about 20% of the volume per hour, and is balanced by the bathroom exhaust vent, which removes about 20% per hour. This system takes outside fresh air, cools it in a large air handler (in those big white spaces down the middle of most cabin decks), and supplies this air to all of the cabins in a particular fire zone (between those pesky doors in the passageway) for one or two decks, meaning one fan and cooler handles 30-50 cabins. Now, this air is sent to the cabin at a higher pressure than normal HVAC systems, for one reason. This "overpressures" the cabins, forcing any leakage at the door to go out into the passageway, not the other way around. This prevents any possible smoke ingress to your cabin in an emergency. Now, what happens when you open your balcony door? You replace the 2" diameter bathroom vent, and the 3/4" x 3' crack under the door that maintains the pressure balance in the cabin, with a 3' x 6' opening to outside. This immediately drops the cabin pressure to atmospheric, and the fresh air supply AC system sends all of the air to your cabin trying to rebuild the over pressure. This means that the other cabins lose much of their supply of fresh air (cooled), and also their overpressure safety feature, and now air is drawn back into their cabins from under the door, from the passageway (warmer). Therefore, the other cabins in the zone lose some of their AC capacity, and start getting warmer air supplied to the cabin. How can you tell if this is happening? Real simple. I used to do it daily when I worked on cruise ships. You walk down the passageway, and listen for the air whistling under a door. 99 times out of 100, I would find the balcony door open in that cabin. Also, if it is your cabin with the door open, when you open the door to the passageway, you will create a wind tunnel, that blows everything out of your cabin. It doesn't do this when the balcony door is closed, so the door being open obviously has an effect on the AC balance in other areas than your cabin. Your humble opinion may think it is BS, but I've worked on ships for 42 years as an engineer, 35 as Chief Engineer, and I have intimate knowledge of shipboard AC systems. Yes, there is a proven effect on others from having your balcony door open, and I've had to deal with it constantly over the years I worked cruise ships, when we would get whole banks of cabins complaining about their AC.
  7. They save a big block of good seats on the port side of Studio B for the "key" people. These seats open up to everybody at 10 minutes to showtime.
  8. They are changing the color to a dark gray. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-teenage-boy-climbing-artificial-rock-wall-onboard-royal-caribbean-20127769.html
  9. That was part of the problem too, had a splash of tonic so pretty much straight up Drano.
  10. I broke down after 6 nights of Jack and ordered a NA. One sip was enough. My own unscientific observation was that the NA was not a big "seller" in the DL.
  11. From what I heard about Ken Jones, we got the better of the two.
  12. The MDR is pretty quiet for the 5:30 seating this week. Also, as it turns out there is a partial charter going on this week. The followers of the Presley Family of Branson are on board.
  13. Ken Jones is not on the Adventure for the 02 Feb sailing. Cian Mac Cormac is the CD.
  14. The Suite Lounge at 25 is nice, but Royal wasn't serving drinks.
  15. No Edge today? Thanks for the info.
  16. You would be walking in the street most of the way. No sidewalks Just providing the OP with actual facts so they can make their own informed decision when the time comes.
  17. Got another email yesterday. Six days out. Booked with a T/A.
  18. I'm doing them to FLL this week. 34" seat pitch in economy too. Great fare from ORD-FLL.
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