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  1. They used to make things right, especially when they are responsible and sometimes even when it wasn't their fault. Goldstein was more accessible and a better person.
  2. I would go with the Hyatt Place, unless you have a tower room at the Hilton and some status. This being said, the Hyatt Place has new rules on who gets the free breakfast.
  3. Rent a car, they are cheap in Florida and one way rentals don't cost more.
  4. Priceline Express Deal 01-02 Feb 2019 4 Star Weston/Sawgrass Area Sheraton Suites Plantation $80 $20 Taxes,Fees $100 Total Everybody else is over $200 this weekend in FLL
  5. Until Royal announced the Oasis, I never thought I'd see the day a Voyager Class is called a smaller ship. She still is in the top 30 for now, size wise. https://www.flightcentre.com.au/travel-news/cruise/the-30-biggest-cruise-ships-to-jump-aboard
  6. They would never mess with a Pinnacle. Just us lowly Diamond+.
  7. I love most musicals though I've never seen Cats. I have heard a couple of the popular songs from it and like them. The biggest test for me would be Hamilton. I abhor rap.
  8. Great pics. Like Bob said better than the Epic, and the cabins added to the tops of the Voyager and Freedom Class.
  9. My last cruise was in the spring of 2017 so I haven't check my Crown and Anchor points in a while. When I checked last week in the history my points were lower and a cruise that I booked pre-conversion, but later transferred to another ship was now gone. I'm thinking they did an audit and readjusted the numbers accordingly, and knowing Royal's IT department messed up some of the numbers.
  10. I like your thinking... We're only doing one carry on a piece so there would be no room for all that treasure.
  11. I'll be watching the boards closely to see if I can find some recruits. My goal is to squeeze every last key chain from Royal that i can.
  12. Club Royale has sent me an email showing 7 cruises during the Super Bowl that will have parties and the AD is one of them. More concerned about the M & M. Never been on a Caribbean cruise that didn't have one.
  13. I fortunately/unfortunately booked on the Adventure for a cruise which encompasses the day of the Super Bowl. Didn't realize that fact for a few days, but a cruise is always better than the house in winter, especially. Now I'm in the CruiseCritic run up, digesting the threads getting my sea legs back. Trouble is the Roll Call is very small with only 17 signed up for the M & M, and a handful of posts. Do a lot of veteran cruisers stay on land for the Super Bowl, or is February still considered the slow season? I certainly didn't pay slow season prices.
  14. The traditional dining room is multiple nights of the same people thrown together by a Royal IT algorithm, which usually works out pretty good.
  15. I feel more comfortable sharing a table/seating arrangement with people in the D/L knowing that we have at least one thing in common as opposed to other venues on the ship. That one thing being how terrible Royal treats us.............
  16. In a classic whiny way: Did they have the snacks in the Viking Crown too ?
  17. Thank you for the heads up. My first cruise in over a year and I pick the AD. Just have to use those 3 drinks on the road. Was this the first night ?
  18. Anybody have any feedback on Mercedes ? Last time I was on the AD the CD was Mike Szwajkowski and he left Royal not to long after that.
  19. I disregarded the warning on the shaver outlet and plugged my water pick into it. Ran for a few minutes and died.
  20. https://gcn.com/blogs/pulse/2017/11/facial-id-cruise-ships.aspx An ocean-going version of CBP's Biometric Exit program, the “Sea Re-entry” trial, used IDEMIA’s facial capture and recognition solution to verify that individuals disembarking Royal Caribbean Line (RCL) ships were the same ticketed passengers who boarded at the start of a cruise. The trial, which was conducted at Cape Liberty Cruise Port, N.J., and demonstrated high-quality, high-speed facial matching, also expedited passengers' Customs inspections, officials said.
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