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  1. Did something change ? I had the same thing happen at the beginning of the year had I got money back. I did use a travel agent for that cruise. This time I booked direct.
  2. Do they give money back or OBC if you upgrade after final payment and the price is lower than what you already paid?
  3. Bob, it happens. The snow didn't get that far South, did it?
  4. Can you get cash/credits directly from the slot machines without the 5% surcharge in the casino on the Allure ?
  5. Then totally useless on a ship. Every provider is like that, why switch to T Mobile?
  6. T Mobile works on Royal? Could not locate this on their site.
  7. They added so many cabins to the Nav that this is probably pretty common.
  8. I do, Royal IT Department. Nobody in our roll call has Ocean Aria showing up.
  9. If I can't get a machine I hit the track and come back. Oasis Class have the best tracks for running.
  10. We're giving the old girl a whirl. I'm planning on a nice laid back voyage. Hopefully she delivers. Read Twangster's reviews for some great input regarding the Empress.
  11. Does it switch smoothly? I remember when Cadillac had the 8-6-4 cylinder piece of garbage. I recently had a Ford Escape rental. Stop more than 10 seconds the motor shuts of until you hit the gas.
  12. Were you able to book Ocean Aria online? Our entertainment opened up today and Ocean Aria is not there.
  13. Maybe you applied for it before they changed the amounts.
  14. I booked direct with Royal, then redeemed the points and sent the email. One $100 OBC in my name for one cruise, and one $100 OBC in the wife's name for a different cruise. I was using online agencies and never was able to get anything, so that's why I tried booking direct.
  15. No, booked 4 cruises last month and got the full stock holder, MyVegas, and Royal OBC. Since it changed in June the agents are not fully aware of this.
  16. I love Mike S. but think his fountains routine is gross and not really funny. Is he still doing it?
  17. That looks like wishful thinking. Their tour dates in November include the City Winery Boston, and a bunch of small towns in Florida.
  18. If the service was great we'll give them an envelope at the end, but if they constantly harp about good grades on the survey they get just the automatic tip.
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