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  1. Just remember all communications about price changes, non Royal Ad upgrades, etc will have to be by the agent. Royal will not talk you.
  2. I'm sure Lloyd will have something posted soon.
  3. Old thread about the rear stack. It looks square. Might be for kitchen exhaust. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/1518233-oasisallure-second-smokestack/
  4. I've found Alamo to be pretty quick from the PE location. They have 3 or 4 shuttle buses working and are the closest and most convenient , being on Eller Drive. The only knock is that the kiosk there doesn't work and you get the hard sell from the agents. It's a shame that the freeloaders killed the Alamo free shuttle between FLL and PE.
  5. It appears that they are combining multiple funnels into one big one at the top. The old stack. https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-oasis-seas-funnel-image37474231
  6. I think the last one they did was the Sovereign. They shifted to secret agent and Jenny McCarthy nonsense.
  7. My question would be if you booked after the itinerary changed, the port fees would have been included in the price already. Royal would be losing nothing on those passengers, instead they would be making money.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's in the contract that they have to refund the fees for missing a port. I wouldn't stress over it. The per passenger fee was $10.75 in 2017. Don't know if it's higher in 2019. http://www.portofhalifax.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2017-HPA-Tariffs.pdf
  9. I'm guessing the snowbird voyage? $300 is a lot of port fees. How many stops?
  10. We were flying in 2 days before a cruise out of Miami. It was an early evening flight to Fort Meyers because we were stopping to say hi to some friends. The flight took off 2 hours late and only made it to Nashville because of a fuel pump problem. Hung around in a closed Nashville airport for hours. Finally a flight from DFW arrived and the plane and crew were shanghaied to take us to Fort Meyers. When we got to RSW, the pilot tried landing twice but bailed out due to fog. We diverted to Miami and after deplaning in MIA were told your flight is now canceled. This was at 6 AM. After deal
  11. I glad you decided that your first post in the Royal Caribbean Board was to revive a almost year old thread.
  12. Never understand doing laundry in the sink on vacation. Royal gives me a free bag so I'm going to use it when necessary. If they lose it I guess they'll be buying me new underwear
  13. Try going out on ships for more than 14 consecutive days and your perspective might change. We plan on using the wash n fold instead of washing smelly undergarments in the sink. You can only pack so much when flying in.
  14. The Indy just has a totally different vibe to it, though Joff was good. Maybe because it was across the pond so much. Might have been the home port or itineraries that led me to book/like Freedom. I won't book anything out of Galveston until they fix the rental car options. Certainly don't like the taking of public space and turning it into cabins that is happening nowadays.
  15. They must have forgot to update their website. Alamo/National had the last shuttle service to FLL but the amount of people freeloading for a ride to the airport/port, killed that.
  16. I get it. Greatly prefer the Freedom over Liberty and especially Indy, but still go on them.
  17. Check the carry on in before you board. Or, Royal will also take your carry once aboard and will deliver it to your cabin. It's called The Key, but it is a daily fee, which also includes lunch on boarding day in a reserved space.
  18. This is good news for me. Thought the shows were closed already on my sailing.
  19. 25 years ago the Majesty was the newest biggest cruise ship on the seas, being just 2 years old. She still beats the pants off some of the old junks Carny has out there. That being said. she's not a kids ship.
  20. What are the attached fees ? Hotwire fees are getting out of hand.
  21. The principal keeps everybody focused.
  22. I'm pretty sure I saw a newer Coco Cay review saying they had kids PDFs by the pool.
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