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  1. In February I bid $150cdn to upgrade from a balcony to a spa balcony on 10 day cruise on the Breakaway. $135cdn was the lowest you could bid. We got it😊
  2. We are flying direct from Toronto on American Airlines to Miami in a few weeks. Paid the deviation fee to come in the day before.
  3. Upgraded our 250 min internet package to unlimited with streaming online. Also upgraded our beverage package package online.
  4. DH worked everyday on the Breakaway in February - couple hours in the early morning and couple late afternoon. VPN connection , video, emails, large contract files etc. Sea days were not good for speed and I know he had to sign back in a couple of times. Port days were great and he got a lot more accomplished in a shorter period of time.
  5. Never seems to go on sale. We always upgrade our 250 min perk to unlimited to soften the cost.
  6. We got upgraded in February to a spa balcony on deck 14 on the Breakaway. Never heard a peep of noise from above.
  7. Had a disappointing experience at Cagney's on the Breakaway in February. Food was either cold or cooked incorrectly. Service was as if everyone was in training. Food to wrong tables, topping up water glasses with tap water when our glasses had bottled sparkling water in them. We cancelled our other reservation upon leaving the restaurant. We are back on the Breakaway in a few weeks and are going to give Cagney's another chance, however I am not holding my breath from the recent reviews I have read.
  8. Yes there are wines by the glass included in the regular beverage package.
  9. We are flying in 1 day ahead of the cruise. We are booked on American Airlines both ways. Depart YYZ @ 1pm landing at MIA 4:18pm Depart MIA @ 8:30pm landing at YYZ 11:44pm Not thrilled with the flight home but it does give me a good shopping day😊
  10. Not reliable at all. They are just placeholders our there by the air travel team. Our original place holders were Toronto- Atlanta- Miami and reverse for our cruise this October. Got our air assigned last week and we are ticketed round trip direct from Toronto to Miami.
  11. A Thank you note and an email to a superior would be appreciated. Be careful if trying to send a monetary gift. Depending on company policy employees may not be able to accept them.
  12. Yes NCL changed final payment to 120 days awhile ago. So if you are within the cancellation window you would lose your $250 deposit.
  13. Just received our confirmed flights for our October 13th sailing. our placeholder flights had us connecting through Atlanta our actual flights are direct to Miami and back home to Toronto.
  14. With that many people I would be the person to drive the 15 hours to the port. By the time you pay the deviation fee, the luggage fee and possibly the seat selection fee it would be cheaper to drive. Parking at the airport would be a similar cost as parking at the port. Use your credit card points for hotel stops on the drive down and back.
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