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  1. If you want to see corona virus information from around the world: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/.
  2. Went on the Breakaway out of NOLA last October. We took NCL transfer back to the airport and it was chaos. Waited over 1.5 hours for a bus and there was no organization. The thing that really ticked me off was the tranfser fee that I paid NCL was more than the UBER I had taken into NOLA when we arrived for a pre-cruise in the French Quarter.
  3. Frustrated and sad here as well. I have no hope for our October sailing and to be honest I am becoming extremely skeptical of out TA sailing in April.
  4. I would not worry. The same thing was happening when I started to try and make reservations on the Reflection for the April 2021 TA. I waited a bit and know everything is showing. I also had the same issue on the Equinox that we have booked for the end of October (wishful thinking at this point) but also have been able to book in all the dining venues. I just kept checking.
  5. Officially will not start cruising until September 15th 2020
  6. I think it depends on when you booked and what you consider to be a good deal. We booked our 2021 TA in November 2019 with 4 perks. Hump veranda on deck 6 for $4500 CDN ($2750 CDN p/p). Booking now with the 4 perks would now be $8800 CDN so almost double. I think with so much FCC in inventory prices will be high for some time as demand is there and Celebrity is also trying to offset the extra 25% they have given.
  7. Have been fully refunded for our cancelled April 13th cruise. Celebrity canceled end of March. Filled out refund form March 27th Refunded to CC on May 13th in different chunks but the total added up to the correct amount.
  8. Sorry.....That was the only screen shot I took. The document had been taken down by the time I went back to it😞
  9. That is exactly what I think will happen. I was booked on the NY to NOLA repositioning cruise and changed it a few weeks ago when I no longer wanted to cruise from NY.
  10. Even if used as a guideline it just goes to show how long a process it is going to be to get all these ships ready to go again. From getting crew back on board , Maintenence on the ship, provisions for the crew and passengers it is going to take months to get all the ships back in the water with passengers.
  11. It will be cancelled. From a leaked document yesterday the Jewel is not going to even enter service again until February 21, 2021. Staff received an email of when each ship would be staffed again to enter service.
  12. I screen shot it as well. It was posted on the NCL Facebook page. It shows the dates when crew will return to each ship. I will post and but chances are it will be removed.
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