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  1. They could but seriously doubt they would do it
  2. JH encourages people to ask for free stuff. I will admit to taking part in this every few cruises and do not feel bad at all for asking.
  3. Guess I should have read the entire thread before posting but do stand behind what I posted.
  4. When they took away free drinks at the capt party they set up the farewell party. It was announced the first day to be held like 5 pm the last day of the cruise, and than never again. It was a very nice party but few people remembered about it and went and a year or so later Carnival discontinued it. IMHO it was set up to fail.
  5. But easier on the waitstaff when you order all at once, saves them trips to the galley
  6. Probably we will never know but would not be surprised if crew member did it on his own to reduce workload. Of course someone should be watching to make sure cleanliness started are upheld.
  7. Would have been nice to have that opportunity but oh well
  8. Wonder if any heads will roll. Failure of management for sure
  9. Our first cruise with Princess was on the Royal and still think the Royal class has the best buffet on the seas. Walk around and see what is there not confusing at all
  10. Remember if you do use it for obc, for some reason they call it nonrefundable, use it or lose it
  11. 7 mile beach is a nice beach not that crowded, every 1/4 mile or so a bar on the beach renting out chairs
  12. They have been talking about changes for years and when they do make changes they are not for the better.
  13. I have tried that and generally you are lucky if you get an extra ring. I did ask the MD in charge of lido about why it is so hard to get extra onion rings and he had no idea and said we should be able to get extra, but apparently the people who run Guys Burgers on the ship do as they wish.
  14. We have gotten the coupon book a few times and have never used it. BOGO for specialty restaurant but we prefer to meet our table mates and waitstaff the first night so do not use it. Last cruise we did give the BOGO to a friend made thru the roll call.
  15. Can get onion ring but they do not like putting on two or more for some reason. Rings better than the burger
  16. Bus system is excellent, would buy daily pass for each day you are there, can do bus and water taxi.
  17. I would ask a cruising friend for recommendation. That is how we got our last two, they do seem to leave suddenly.
  18. Aruba, Curacao and Amber Cove would be beach days for sure. San Juan take a stroll to the old forts
  19. And typically he will leave before the end of the cruise, that happened twice when we did a journey cruise with him.
  20. Just off Sapphire princess and they had a shelf marked take one leave one. So left one and took one. It did have a very small quantity of books in there for lending.
  21. Royal class has best buffet we have ever seen on a cruise line
  22. Freeport for sure. If we ever went back it would be a port day for us
  23. Looks like he will not be doing any journey cruises. When they announced the Hawaii cruise out of San Diego last year he said he expected to be on it. Nice fellow but if you book a cruise because he is on it be aware his plans change all the time
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