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  1. Will be doing a very interesting SA Cruise on the way to the west coast. Now to talk my favorite wife into booking one heck of a long cruise.
  2. Wonder how they will fill all these cabins. Not to mention the ports in Alaska will be mobbed.
  3. I would take it just for the experience of the mini suite
  4. If total for the cabin would probably take it but two things you are not telling us How long is the cruise and is this the total extra cost or per person?
  5. Its a free cruise what is there not to like. We sail in side cabins mostly and have no problem. Do leave bathroom lights on and close door so as to have nightlite
  6. Go thru each of the lines seeing what is offered on Horizon before making selections. Best buffet at sea
  7. Two chairs and a small table are all that will fit on the balcony.
  8. That was the suggestion made by my TA and unless I get a better suggestion will go that route. Thought that the land tour dept would be a better starting point but unable to find anyway to reach them.
  9. Well could do that next time but now we are back. Very surprised it happened at two Princess lodges
  10. They own the lodges so the people are their employees. Hope someone will know whom to go to in order to address this problem,
  11. No idea where else to put this so leaving it here. Just back from an 8 day land tour of Alaska after 7 day cruise. Overall we had a great time but one huge hiccup that I want to bring to Princess's attention. One of the reasons we booked this was to finally sea the Northern Lights. Tour director advised us to go to front desk of each lodge we stayed at and get on list for phone tree if they came out We im.mediately did this First night in Denali lodge came out, they started to call and stopped after about 20 calls. As a result almost all guests missed it. Complained to front desk and totally uncaring. Second night in Fairbanks got the call at 2 50 am. Rushed to go outside and nothing. Found out the next morning they came out at 12 30 and two hours later they were gone. Want to complain but any suggestion to whom we bring this too? Nothing they can really do for us now but would think they would be better than this.
  12. On late port days they were ok with people arriving about a half hour late for early seating.
  13. Believe they are only available on non Guy burgers ships
  14. Seems like a higher and higher percentage from Eastern Europe. Find it a very interesting mix of people.
  15. Why in the world do people care what others wear to DR?
  16. Eagle beach is nice but lots of great beaches. We take island bus which takes us right there and very cheap
  17. At the same time they added more passengers they reduced the size of the two main lounges. Seems it would make for a much more crowded ship
  18. Between that and the strange drink specials at the platinum/elite lounge they have helped to reduce our bar bill by quite a bit.
  19. Thanks for the review, we sail on the Royal in less than two weeks
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