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  1. They do have "cover" bands who play a wide variety of songs. Might be able to request some Dead songs
  2. We did it on the Royal in Sept and had a great time. Best CD and found places to watch the scenery.
  3. Amazing how often you do not even get a little thank you.
  4. They have made it rather difficult to figure who is getting what. A few years ago Carnival decided to add guest services and entertainment staff to the mix and wonder if Princess managed to sneak them in as well.
  5. We were also on the Sky 21 days from Rome to Ft Lauderdale. There are a bunch of same old on the Enchanted and doing that one but the Discovery was too much of same old for us. If the previous one before the TA would have done Turkey we would have considered but Discovery TA didnt do anything for us.
  6. It would be nice to know who actually gets what in the tip pool. Would help in deciding how much extra to give say DR staff.
  7. I have never seen a passenger tip an entertainer.
  8. They were supposed to come out with replacement for BOGO but for some reason never did.
  9. We are notified by email forwarded via TA. Would be nice if they actually gave us a reason for the change. And yes I know they can make any change they desire.
  10. Hopefully someone from Princess is listening to this and decided to get some folks from the head office to actually try them.
  11. They had this set up quite a while ago. We booked this cruise Shanghai to Singapore and back December of last year. So for some reason they decided to make major changes without thinking of informing their passengers as to why they are doing this.
  12. We were there and participated several times. Was a lot of fun the way Alex did it.
  13. Would be nice if they told us why instead of just change in deployment.
  14. Also elite and they deliver canapes and most of them get tossed. Or if we intercept phone call we tell them please do not send them.
  15. A good CD can certainly turn up a cruise a notch or two or three. Understand Matt O will be joining the Grand but do not known when that might be
  16. It is a fun game and one hell of a challenge. Have done it about 8 times and won 3.
  17. We had E444 an obstructed balcony on Sky TA and it was totally covered. Could not see down into the water but great view of the ocean.
  18. Henson show was funny but also didnt think it quite qualified as a production show.. Thought most of the flyons were pretty good but overall we were kind of disappointed with entertainment as well. We are booked on Enchantment and Rock Opera and 5 Skys also on that ship. Would have thought they would have something different.
  19. That is considered the third production show. It is shown in the Vista Lounge. We were kind of disappointed in 5 Skys. Nice special effects and staging but not thrilled with story or music
  20. We just did Sky TA. Crooners which was the piano bar is gone and they did have a guy playing outside Crown Grill. Very noisy area and piano guy only played no singing. They had only one daily lecturer often they have two. Found stuff to do.
  21. Best Caribbean itinerary there is
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