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  1. I booked my, now Florida, trip when my March cruise was canceled, I've had 9 cruises canceled, rebooked, canceled, blah blah blah. If (when) my May cruise is canceled I am going to diligently research and consider rebooking Cancun again. Thanks for helping me feel better about doing it.
  2. Thanks teknoge3k, we changed to Florida when we canceled Cancun, going to Clearwater Beach. We were in Cancun (Akumal) in July the first week our resort opened backed up. It was nice having the resort almost all to ourselves, but there were lots of amenities that were still closed.
  3. I wish I were that confident, I may seriously consider it for May. Just curious, how would you handle it if just one of your party tested positive? Would everyone stay the additional days? My travel party consists of 4 ladies with all different situations that would be affected if they had to stay the extended time, jobs and/or kids.
  4. Are y'all concerned about the required negative covid test to fly back? I canceled a trip to Cancun next month because of that. The resort I had booked was offering the test, but I have little faith in the testing itself and just feel like I don't want to take the chance 😏 I think they are also saying to quarantine for 7-10 days after returning.
  5. I also have one in October that I’m hoping, just maybe, a slim chance it will go.
  6. I'm afraid you are correct 😪 I still have one booked for May 8, 2021 that I'm sure will be canceled in the coming weeks.
  7. I've had several canceled (by Carnival) and chose to rebook to future dates and did not have to pay any additional monies at the time of rebooking.
  8. You can’t get pat the select a cabin option if you try to book any of the 3 listed.
  9. Glory and Pride are showing for March 14?? I’m sooooo confused!
  10. Still holding onto hope that my 3/7/21 on Freedom will go, if not then it will be 4/3/21 on Vista.
  11. My offer is RU3 which says "free cheers for you", so if it doesn't apply to hubs it isn't worth the additional $250 that the cabin would be. Especially since we're currently booked under a casino rate which has DOU for both + casino $$, and we have the $600 OBC because it's a rebooked cruise.
  12. I finally got the free cheers package email 😃 has anyone been successful in adding the promo to an existing booking?? I'm waiting for my PVP to call me back.
  13. Curious as to how long Carnival will leave the cruises to Key West on their website?? I've got one booked and would love to know what they are going to do, replace it, sea day?? I hope I have the change to cancel or change to another cruise depending on what they do.
  14. Looking forward to your review, I'll be on the Freedom March 7, 2021, fingers crossed!
  15. Yes, it is on the last one port side. My PVP told me the beds do not go together to make a king, which is fine, I'm cruising with a friend, but on the pictures I found online it doesn't show where the window is or really the layout of the room. I was just curious.
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