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  1. The following is from the MSC FAQs. If any of you has a drinks package it may be of interest to note before linking. If guests wish to dine together at the same table, whether traveling in separates cabins as individuals or as part of a group, is it necessary for them to reserve the same drinks package? Yes, in order for all guests to dine together at the restaurant, they must all subscribe to the same drinks package. This means that if one guest chooses a certain drinks package, all other guests who wish to dine together with them must book the same type of drinks package (Easy, Premium, ...). This ensures a consistent dining experience for all members of the group. This includes minors, for whom the Minors Package must be booked.
  2. Absolutely, we all choose what suits our personal needs, preferences, budgets etc best. As another pale and pasty Scot I avoid too much sun as well. I never get a suntan, it just adds more freckles!
  3. Thanks very much for that. I have just been dumping all the cuttings in at one time so that’s obviously why it’s not working properly. At the moment I have a green smelly mush. Do you use an excellerator? I bought the powder that you are supposed to sprinkle on after adding a new layer but it doesn’t seem to achieve much (could be user error of course).
  4. We enjoy breakfast up there some days. Yes nice snacks and food up in the fresh air.
  5. If you haven’t done it before I’m sure you will enjoy it. If you like little snacks then there are also “surprises” delivered to you suite ever night. There are also snacks left in your fridge, a coffee machine, a full mini bar and don’t forget to select your litre bottle of spirits for the room and your daily newspaper. Room service is complimentry and if you like pizza and calzone then it’s some of the best available on a cruise ship. Don’t be restricted by the YC menus in the restaurant. If you want one of the excellent pastas or risottos as a smaller portion starter or intermediate course rather than as a main then just ask. Any reasonable request is considered. Want cheese after pudding, there is a nice cheese trolley to choose from and add a nice liquor or dessert wine - all included. We only found YC by accident a few years ago when a cruise on another line was cancelled at the very last minute due to an engine. We have used it many times since and always had an enjoyable cruise. I hope you do too.
  6. Well it’s scorching hot here today so I’ve been out in the garden weeding, weed killing the drive way and generally tidying up. We got a new hot composter (refuse to pay the new charge for garden waste collection!) and have been filling it with the grass cutting and stirring once a week. Well I opened the lid today and was nearly knocked out by the smell of ammonia, it stank. I’ve looked up some gardening advice and apparently I dont have enough “brown” material and all “green” like grass cutting will smell. So I emptied the shredder contents into the bin, mixed and watered a tiny bit, several hours later and the smell is gone. Are any of you expert composters, anything else I need to know? (Ps I’m not putting any food waste in as we do get a collection for that and I don’t want to attract vermin).
  7. It depends on the ship you are on. Virtuosa for example has a cold area where they set out snacks that do change throughout the day. Early morning things like small fruit plates, filled croissants etc. . Later in the morning small savoury and sweet snacks like olives, arancini balls, coristi, melon with l’arma, small sweet cakes. Later in the day mini sandwiches and bigger cakes (afternoon tea also available). Night time back to savoury snacks and really pretty Pettit fours and chocolates. On Euribia the snack area was replaced with a massive wine rack. You could still request snacks but they were imo boring and the same all the time. Nothing like as nice. You could request nuts and crisps etc as well. Whichever ship you are on the YC service is great and you will not starve.
  8. @Megabear2 Linlithgow sprucing up just in time for your arrival. This is the Church right next to Linlithgow Palace. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cn0r0v85319o
  9. Mine is a slow cooker version so you can bung it on and leave it to cook all day. I prefer working in the morning. I had trouble getting porcini mushroom powder which I usually bring back from Italy but and eventually got it on Amazon. Hope you enjoyed yours.
  10. That’s a real shame about your Aunt MB, my condolences. You may miss the funeral but you will be there in spirit and can have your own private remembrances on the day.
  11. Don’t know about anyone else but I have been busy planting herbs. Some of the old ones are a bit woody so I’ve put in a new lot for cooking. Just finished making bread and a mushroom stroganoff. My don’t I live an exciting life. Hope you are all having a nice day.
  12. It’s back after about 3 hours however not all the pages are loading properly.
  13. The site appears to have been down for most of the morning. This was not pre announced update / outage. Anyone know what’s happening?
  14. Very good advise from Snow Hill. Look at the fire regulations as well. How will they evacuate from what is essentially a domestic property, is there space for fire escape ramps etc.
  15. I don’t know what the regulations are in England but up here some posts are politically restricted for a period of time, even after holding and leaving office / a senior post. I wouldn’t think it would apply if he has been out of office for quite a while. I sorry to hear this Josy and hope you get it sorted.
  16. Because their onboard offerings are fairly limited and pedestrian. Add to that the change has been made after people have paid in full so customers have no valid choices.
  17. Very few now and generally those who are all ai anyway so you bringing on a decent malt does not affect their profits.
  18. One should indeed expect better food than the local pub on a cruise ship. The food on Aurora was however significantly worse on our cruise a few weeks ago (with the notable exception being Sindu which was excellent). The beer and wines were the same brands.
  19. There is a massive divide both in drinks prices but also in wage rates. A steak is about £16 here and a massive mixed grill with steak, lamb, gammon, sausage, chicken etc £20.
  20. My local pub has a decent bottle of Chenin, Pinot Grigio or shiraz for around £15. Beers like Stella are £4.30 a pint, Moretti £4.60. Cheaper beers are £3.50. Food is £10.25 for a large portion of fish and chips (£8.00 for pensioner portion). Fahitas are £10 for veggie, £12 for chicken and £13 for steak. Steak pie etc around £10.
  21. I would not suggest they are a rip off as we have had the same or more in hotels abroad. That said they are certainly not the prices we would generally expect to pay at a restaurant or pub at home. All things are relative.
  22. Yes another favourite along with the Roads and the Miles to Dundee, the dark island and the song of the Clyde (modern folks think that rappers sing fast, try that song for speed and tongue twisting).
  23. Probably about as much as is “ wasted” on soaps I never watch, overpaid sports presenters I never watch etc etc.
  24. Yes we were on last year as well and there were not any slots. Something new?
  25. https://www.fredolsencruises.com/faqs/on-board/what-type-of-plug-electricity-sockets-are-used-in-the-rooms Official Fred information above. The plug sockets are few and far between so you may want to pack both an adapter and a buzz bar. We also had our own USB sockets as well (some of the refurbished rooms may have these but ours on deck 5 did not).
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