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  1. Ulsteinvik Talk about putting a spanner in the works That changes everything for me Cruisefan2012
  2. @Ulsteinvik Please could you list the itineraries for the following 4 cruises Debating my options for 2022 - I cant wait for the 3rd November to see prices Aurora Baltic Cities from Southampton, 24 May 2022 (16 nights) Baltic Cities from Southampton, 8 July 2022 (16 nights) Arcadia Baltic Cities from Southampton, 1 May 2022 (16 nights) Baltic Cities from Southampton, 2 August 2022 (16 nights) Thank you so much Cruisefan2012 xx
  3. Ulsteinvik, Iceland from Southampton, 21 June 2022 (14 nights) Guernsey Getaway from Southampton, 5 July 2022 (3 nights) Could you please kindly list the complete itineraries for both the above cruises ? Debating between this cruise and a similiar one on Arcadia for Summer 2022 Thank you Cruisefan2012 x
  4. Thank you from me aswell Iceland on Arcadia it is then !!
  5. I'm already going to those ports on Iona (hopefully) in Feb22 ... Thank you
  6. Are you able to find the itinerary on Britannia October 2022, last Cruise before the caribbean season.. thank you x
  7. I wont quote the picture but thank you 👍 I recall the Australian cruise website & recall it being accurate but dont recall the name nor could I even help or hint at its name...Sorry people 🤔🤔🤔
  8. Could you list the intineraries for both Auroras & Arcadias Iceland cruises please Thank you x
  9. Any news on Vancouver / California for Summer 2022 ?
  10. I`m alright then, I`m south of Stoke on Trent and north of Watford !! Now wheres my passport......
  11. Loving this idea for a thread !! My happy story was December 2009 about to board Arcadia on my first ever cruise and seeing Arcadia at Ocean Terminal in Southampton and WOWing to myself at the size of her - I phoned my parents and had to tell them that the ship is HUGE - Been on bigger ships since but I was WOW`D at the size On Azura (my 2nd ever cruise) in Flam in Norway, I was stood in the "clam shell" at the bow of the ship, as Azura moved away from the dock and turned around to head out - I didnt even realise we were moving until Azura turned around in the Fjords to head out to sea.... Also when docking in Flam, I`d got off the ship and was in awe of the mountains 3rd Cruise, 2nd time on Azura also in 2012....... Med Cruise this time, One day I was in Spain, next day France, next day Italy and a few days later I was in Portugal So many incredible places, too many amazing stories to tell Heres hoping cruising can continue in the future 7 Cruises, 5 ships, 15 Countries, 17 ports, 2 cruiselines
  12. I sailed the Baltics in 2015 on Britannia, I loved it and would happily sail it again !!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have an amazing time
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