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  1. Fleet wide wine packages no longer exist. Depending on the ship, they may offer a package.
  2. The photo did not come from her or anyone associated with her. I doubt internet fame was her objective. I seriously doubt she expected a photo to even be taken much less posted on the internet.
  3. Agreed. They did a great job with the nightly event there. I think it was called the Colony Club.
  4. I’ve always heard how nice the Brilliance CL is and we were hoping to experience it on the May TA to Amsterdam but due to the large number of D+ on that sailing, D+ was excluded.
  5. You get one “buy one get one” coupon on your sea pass card for a glass of wine or beer. That coupon was there at gold status.
  6. Emerald gets you a welcome back drink (water or soft drink). That was about the only thing worthwhile.
  7. Not quite. The key may get you some suite like benefits but not all. It doesn’t get you access to the suite or concierge lounge. Personally, I don’t think the key is worthwhile but that’s an individual decision. Some people obviously think it is worth it.
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Sorry to say, that is just the way the C&A balcony discount works and always has. It is not combinable with many promotions, including most OBC promotions. You have to choose which promotion works out better for you.
  9. I’ve never seen anything like that in terms of attendance. The M&M on Brilliance in May and Adventure in September both had well over 100 attending. Maybe it’s a ship by ship or itinerary by itinerary thing. I don’t think one such experience is enough to conclude M&M days are about over.
  10. The best time to book for many itineraries is when the itinerary is first released.
  11. When were you told this? We were on Adventure last month and they did still have wine and Champagne as raffle prizes.
  12. I don’t believe it is based on the ship but the port. We’ve sailed out of Cape Liberty twice, once on Anthem and once on Adventure, both had sea pass cards at the staterooms.
  13. She meant new policy of not being in a sealed envelope or a lazy crew.
  14. That is totally up to whoever is organizing the slot pull. In my experience, it doesn’t matter because the slot pull occurs when the casino is not busy and smoke is not an issue.
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