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  1. No dedicated food venue but last month on Liberty they did have some portable buffet tables that had food items on sea days around lunch time.
  2. Royal did the same thing the last time they raised the gratuities.
  3. The credit allowed is equal to two 24 hour periods of surf but you can buy either surf or surf and stream. Obviously, if you buy something that costs more, you are charged the difference. I thought that if you bought surf and stream for your first day, it would still be free, the credit left just wouldn’t be enough to completely pay for another 24 hour period.
  4. It needs to be able to fit through the scanner.
  5. I did not know a GS guarantee even existed, I've never seen it, only the suite guarantee category which I did book on Liberty a couple years back. If that price for the JS is per person, not good, but if that is total for 2, that is a good price. You know, for the price difference you could easily afford the drink package for both of you and still be paying less. You won't miss the nightly cocktail hour at all if you have the drink package. Maybe tell them you'll except the offer if they'll throw in the drink package.
  6. $9.95 on the last two ships I’ve been on, Liberty and Adventure.
  7. You only get charged for roaming if you roam on another carrier. On board that means Cellular at Sea. WiFi is not roaming.
  8. If a passport was actually required at any port stop, I suspect a passport would then be required to cruise or you at least would be warned ahead of time.
  9. We’ve done a Western Med and a Greek Island cruise, loved them both. I thought a day in Santorini was plenty, my only complaint was crowds but that likely happens year round regardless of how you visit.
  10. As long as you stay in airplane mode and don’t even connect to WiFi. I always change my phone time settings to manual vs automatic.
  11. Price on Liberty last month was $19.99, so perhaps $20-$25.
  12. My sister downloaded the app after boarding Liberty in Galveston over Royal’s free WiFi, no problem.
  13. We typically tip extra our cabin steward, waiter and assistant waiter on the last night.
  14. I’d say you pretty much have everything covered except for any extra tips you may wish to provide to any specific crew members or if you are interested in specialty dining.
  15. In other words, yes you need the Internet package to message one another unless you are on a ship that supports messaging through the RCI app. Be aware that SMS and MMS texts require being connected to your cellular provider. That means Cellular at Sea or your phones must have WiFi calling activated. If you are not connected to your cellular provider, you must use an alternative messaging system such as iMessage or Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.
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