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  1. Sorry to post this, but I tried looking at the website and it was confusing and no help. My DD and I are both flying into this MN/St. Paul airport and connecting to a flight going to CA. We both arrive in concourse C and have to connect at concourse F. (Both in terminal 1) My question is do they have a tram we should catch, walk??? We both have an hour and a half layover. Someone told me that airport is huge. I have been watching the flights and some days mine is late so just want to be prepared on what to do when we deplane!! No, we are not catching a cruise so no worries there, but I do have grandchildren who will be disappointed if I don't deplane in California!!:D Thank you for any info you can give!! Appreciate it.
  2. sunlover5

    Flight question not for a cruise

    I have a voucher to use. I need a one way flight. It is double the cost of my voucher, but a round trip is less than the voucher!! What if you buy the round trip but just do the first leg.??? Do you just not show for the 2nd leg, or do you cancel and just not worry about using the credit since you would have a rebooking fee with it and it would not be worth it. But at least get the flight you want without costing anything!! I know this is probably confusing!!:confused: Sorry!!
  3. sunlover5

    Cozumel Water Sports

    I had some problems with Mr. Sanchos. I posted them, but they seem to remove them, so hopefully this post will not get removed. I booked through Cozumel Water Sports. I heard from them this morning refunding my deposit that Mr. sanchos would not honor. I am impressed and know they offer many different tours and would not hesitate to book with them. Great customer care. Does not change my opinion of Mr. sanchos though.
  4. sunlover5

    Mr. Sanchos/Cozumel Watersports

    Paid for deposit & booked Mr. Sanchos ATV. Got there and they would not honor our 20.00 deposit made through paypal. Waiters were not good for our day there. Had to go after them for our bill, which we only bought 1 drink because they wouldn't come around. ATV's were a joke. Rode around in circles on their property. Didn't even go out on the beach. Went to Paradise Beach last year and much prefer that.
  5. sunlover5

    Coral Breeze/Hammerhead Watersports

    We just got back and did the Bannister Island/ Snorkling. We booked through Coral Breeze, but Hammerhead actually conducted the tour. No complaints at all. Not much time on Bannister Island but we were more interested in snorkling. It was excellent. They broke us up into small groups to keep track of us. Our guide was Mr. Big and he was great. Next time we will do the sting rays and definitely book through them. I know there are concerns about their boats, getting back in time etc. They did an excellent job. We had time to shop and also get a drink and still made it before the last tender.
  6. sunlover5

    Mr. Sanchos & Cozumel Watersports

    We were in Cozumel last week and booked Mr. Sanchos through Coz waterports. We got there and they were very unorganized. I asked for Oliver and we had scheduled the Atvs and the cooking class for us ladies. Since there were only 2 of us it would be 71.00 pp extra for cooking.. Too much so us ladies were going to enjoy the beach. My Dh wanted to see if I could ride the Atv with him and they said yes for 20.00. I paid a deposit of 20.00 so I went back to Oliver and said you forgot to deduct the 20.00 for the cost of the ATVs. He said to try and get it back from C. watersports. Ya, fat chance of that. The waiters acted like they did not want to wait on us. Finally got a drink, but didn't spend much since they wouldn't wait on us. Not crowded at all. So we actually paid an extra 20.00 for ATVs. They would not honor our deposit. I emailed C. watersports twice before our trip with questions and got no replies, so I am sure they won't help with the deposit. Facilities were clean, pool looked nice. The one drink we had was good. Beach was not as nice as Paradise Beach. Lots of hard shells. I would just be leary of booking anything with them. No fixes or good customer service if there is a problem. Lesson Learned!!
  7. Just got back and thought I would post a few things about the Dream that many and I had questions about. There were 4 of us traveling together. Food: Absolute best we have ever had on a cruise. This included dining room, deli, burgers, everything. My sister and DH did the steak house and said it was excellent. Lines in Lido, deli, were no longer than any other cruise. We did not feel it was crowded at all and we sailed full. 4400 people!! The sewer smell was there......everywhere!! Worse of any ship we have been on. When I walked in the track and the last sea day when we played putt putt it was terrible. We were on Deck 7 and we were in an aft wrap. Everytime we walked to the back elevator and got to the cabins toward the end....the smell was awful. If they had that problem in their cabins I would not be happy. We did speak to a family that had the cabin with the 2 bathrooms and could not use one shower that it stunk so bad. They called maintenance & they said nothing could be done. We did not smell it back by our cabin. We smelled it on all different decks, at different times during the day too. Our cabin was aft 7454. Very disappointed. The room was fine. No problems there, but the deck was definitely not worth the $$. My sister and her DH had the L-shaped beside us (# 7448). Definitely I would get that cabin. At an 8B price that deck was worth it. Staff was excellent. We did anytime dining and requested the same team. Only time we needed a pager and had a long wait was the first elegant night. Never had a problem finding a sun lounger. We were up and out by 9 am. Lots of chairs being saved. Seems there were some always open. Last sea day we went out by the aft pool. That was nice. Slides were a lot of fun. What shows we saw were good. We loved the comedy clubs. Todd was ok as a CD. Nothing great, 2nd time we have had him and no improvement from the last time. Embarkation/Debarkation great at Port Canaveral. They know what they are doing there!! Very easy, efficient. All in all a great cruise.
  8. Does anyone know which ship this is on the front page of CC?? It looks like a beautiful ship. Thanks!!
  9. sunlover5

    Orlando Avis Car Rental ?

    We have a car booked from Avis. I thought I read where Avis is right in the airport?? but I can't find that thread anymore.... Also, have read many places of long lines at MCO for rental cars, we are avis preferred and do they have a line for preferred members??? Thank you!!
  10. My sister and I would like to do the cooking class at Mr. Sanchos on Monday, March 22. They said there has to be at least 4 people. The cost is 38.00. If interested please post!!
  11. Just curious if anyone has done the Barrier Reef snorkle at Turneffe?? Which beach do you go to???? Can't decide between the ship and Coral Breeze?? Worried about missing the ship.
  12. sunlover5

    Cozumel Watersports ?

    We made reservations through them for Mr. Sanchos. They said we would need more people for the cooking class as we were the only 2 signed up so far. I have emailed them for the last 3 weeks trying to find out if anymore signed up for the date we did. They were so quick to email when I was asking for info and made the reservation. Anyone know if anything is going on with them???????????? If not we would like to maybe consider a different cooking class, but I cannot get a reply.
  13. My DS and her husband's 1st cruise and they would like to try the supper club. I know when we were on the Liberty and tried it, we picked a night that was not "formal" night. Does anyone have suggestions for which night was best on the 7 night dream western caribbean cruise??? Thanks you.....I searched and couldn't find any info!!!
  14. sunlover5

    Caye Caulker & Coral Breeze

    I didn't realize it was a 30 min. or so boat ride to Caye Caulker...we will be on the Carnival Dream. With the tender & then going on their boat and doing the excursion of snorkling and Caye Caulker and getting back to Belize, is there time for all this??? We will be in port from 8 a.m. to 6 pm (ship time). Thank you, just a tad worried about missing the ship.:confused:
  15. sunlover5

    Southwest Terminal ? at BWI

    I have a flight this Thurs., (Not for a cruise) but I have a layover of one hour at BWI. If my first flight is ontime, is a one hour time frame enough in this airport.??? Looks like I might have to go from terminal A to B. Southwest occupies both according to the airport map. Thank you for any information. There are 4 more flights after mine,, but just curious. Thank you again!