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  1. Just want to report that we were booked for the March 24th Sydney to Singapore Azamara Journey. We booked directly with AZ on board last year and we put in our request for the refund officially at the beginning of April and we were paid in full in two payments (Mix up with Canadian dollars) by the end of April so we are very happy with how AZ handled our reimbursement. We are looking forward to booking AZ when it is safe to cruise again!
  2. Canmilitary Wife! Enjoy your balcony! Ours was worth the wait for us!!
  3. BONNIE, Just read this article... Definitely should be a consideration in the discussion of where the Journey is going in April... Singapore Airlines to cut flights as coronavirus epidemic hits demand 3 MIN READ SYDNEY (Reuters) - Singapore Airlines Ltd will temporarily cut flights across its global network in the three months to May, it said on Tuesday, as a coronavirus epidemic hits demand for services to the Asian city state, as well as through the key transit hub. https://in.reuters.com/article/china-health-singapore-air-idINKBN20C0C9
  4. Thanks Bonnie for looking into this, even if AZ can’t make an informed decision yet, it would be much appreciated if they would give everyone on the Journey on March 24 disembarking in Singapore on April 11 and the next cruise to Dubai a TIMELINE of when they are going to make a decision. Here’s my suggestion... perhaps AZ could offer early disembarkation with some compensation in the last Australian port (getting off in Bali we would probably have to go back to Australia anyway) if the ship intends to continue to Singapore or head directly to Dubai as the Celebrity Constellation just did, since there is no guarantee on a day to day basis it will be allowed to dock in Singapore once it gets there.
  5. We are on the March 24 Sydney to Singapore Journey cruise and leave for Australia in two weeks. Someone on our cruise called AZ but they had no information yet, but it would be nice to know sooner than later ... am reluctant to book private shore excursions in some of the later ports because we just don’t know when we will know where we are going! I doubt Singapore will be allowing cruise ships if the situation worsens... but this wait and see situation will have everyone scrambling at the last minute.. we run what if and where to scenarios but I would really like Corporate to let us know sooner...I’m happy to stay in Australia and avoid the worsening situation in Singapore!
  6. I checked regularly for months with no assignment but then hadn’t looked for a couple of days and someone posted their assignment and we all checked and we were all on the 6th floor in a Spacious Balcony and I quipped that we all might be in the same room, but I now know who has the room next to ours (but not the connecting one!) so there must have been a block that had just gotten released. Does anyone know what percent of rooms they offer for GTY??? And how they adjust inventory throughout the booking process???? Always assumed that the bad locations were what would be leftover!!! Very happy with our first GTY... as long as they don’t change it!
  7. We did a GTY Balcony and last week were assigned a Spacious Balcony — 6B on the March 7th Voyager of the Seas... A couple of others on this cruise were also assigned a Spacious Balcony... all of us on the 6th floor. It was about 30 days out when they made the assignments!!! No notice from RCI, but by logging in the room assignment popped up! Ours is a connecting room but wasn’t expecting the bigger room in a great location... 🧜🏼‍♀️
  8. Do some research on the ports on the itinerary through Cruise Critic and pick up a copy of Rick Steves Mediterrenean Cruise Ports. We like to start in one European city and end in another so we can spend some time exploring further. A Med cruise is different from a Caribbean cruise, but it will be much more memorable!
  9. I have used Alla twice and can highly recommend them... we saw and did a lot more than a ship’s tour! Also don’t miss the Faberge Museum... as everyone is saying TJ and SPB are also highly rated... but a private or even small shared toured is worth it in St. Petersburg!
  10. Used these when I had hip surgery... might work on the loungers if they have feet not runners... definitely something to ask AZ about... These are lightweight and would pack easily. if link doesn’t work or isn’t allowed ... try googling chair extenders... https://www.amazon.ca/Slipstick-CB652-Storage-Furniture-Supports/dp/B004X1R0I2/ref=sr_1_11?crid=39A7U351ELAIJ&keywords=chair+extender&qid=1572807067&sprefix=chair+exrender%2Caps%2C366&sr=8-11
  11. Cloud Dome is amazing! Definitely a must do in Singapore and as I was reading your post I was hoping you made it there! Flower Dome is nice but not as spectacular as the Cloud Dome!!!! Hope to make it to Raffles for a Singapore Sling when we are next there in April off the Journey!! So much to see and do in Singapore! Enjoy your cruise and looking forward to your blog!
  12. 😅In the heat of SE Asia, decomposed seemed to be an appropriate malapropism!😅
  13. Our major online TA took our Celebrity Elite status, signed us up in Crown and Anchor as Diamond and gave us the RC balcony discount after we booked. I was impressed with the service! It was within the 24 hour booking window! Didn’t realize we would be eligible as one of the reciprocal benefits but TA happy to do it!
  14. Sabrinab... We were on the Infinity last December and I picked up a Christmas pointsettia garland at the Dollar Store and used magnets to attach to the door... it was quite big and noticeable so I could always find my door!!!! But you have to figure out how to attach things... magnets are the easiest and don’t cause any destruction... Usually I pick up a souvenir magnet when we are in Port and put that on the door! When we were on the Summit for Halloween a couple of years ago, there were a few doors that were very creative, including lights!!
  15. The way we did it was the first group had the cabin hosts and led the way to their cabin in the order established, staying for the next group, and at the end the hosts joined the final group to all end up at the last stop, hopefully a generous suite owner who provides some food and drink but I do like the idea of going to lunch in the MDR... I think you should plan on a lead organizer and then a final group leader to gather the hosts and keep things moving along... you don’t want people to overstay their visit... it could get crowded in a small cabin... I haven’t planned one but have participated, showing what I called an oversized OV... one of only 8 on the ship.... so would suggest that the organizer try to find the oddball cabins to show... especially the forward or aft cabins... it is all about the view sometimes!
  16. We bought Blue Curacao in Curacao for Xmas presents last year and was booked on a side to side cruise on a RCI sister line in Ft. Lauderdale. Had it in a separate bag and brought it over to be officially checked in and tagged... Took a picture of the open bag... we had a couple of gift sized bottles ... and a picture of the person checking it in... it arrived in our stateroom the last night no problems. The only issue was that when security “found it” they got excited even though I tried to tell them that I had liquor bottles and knew that I had to check it... just know the rules and you will be fine even if the security people think you are trying to bring it onboard to drink!!!
  17. Thanks for the link... starting to look at places to stay...
  18. Hadn’t put Canberra on the list... not sure we have enough time....Sydney has so much to offer... and we have 5 days planned for Melbourne, but the first one is a “pillow stop” ... according to travel guru Rick Steves after a long flight, the first day should be a day of relaxation and not trying to tour... We are renting a car to go to Bateman’s Bay as our unrelated relative (inlaw of inlaw) doesn’t drive and JR has no problem driving on your side... so we will get to see the countryside and visit with our charming Aunt N. and her sister... Haven’t even looked at where we are staying yet, but DH has a great eye for finding interesting places to stay... We just stayed at the Portuguese version of Fawlty Towers... nothing was quite right but it was wonderful!!! And the view of the ocean was fabulous!
  19. Many thanks for the great advice... When we travel we are open to any suggestions ... we are planning on seeing penguins in Melbourne... missed them in SA... I love art so will look at local museums or galleries... JR loves buildings so the Opera House is on the list... JR also loves cars and is disappointed we didn’t plan better as we will be cruising when F1 is in Australia... We have been to eclectic car museums around the world... As I am a landlocked mermaid I seek water...thus the South Pacific cruise but will consider beaches everywhere... and will swim in COLD waters... Plan to visit a relative in Bateman’s Bay... Hope to do some wineries and tour the countryside in Melbourne... sometimes just wandering around and staying in off the beaten track places is what we do... Our leaves are already turning in Alberta and we will see snow soon!!!
  20. We love to just hang out in the places we travel to and not be rushed and are looking forward to spending time in both Melbourne and Sydney ... Melbourne looks like a delightful place to visit with lots to of things that interest us.... and Sydney has so much to offer... we are cruising the South Pacific so I get my beach time and then cruising Northern Australia to see more of your beautiful country! Living in northern Canada we have an idea of how big your country is!!! Any recommendations for must sees in both Sydney and Melbourne...
  21. According to my husband, I am risk adverse... but if we miss the cruise it will cost a fortune to catch up with the cruise!!! But going up to Sydney for one night before takes up a lot of touring time!!! Love your line drawing of your dog!
  22. Many thanks for the good advice...never considered fog ... We are touring Sydney when we get off the ship for a few days so we are still leaning towards arriving on the same day... This from someone who usually arrives DAYS early!!! And after watching a family waiting for bags for their first cruise in Florida last year after they were delayed a full day for a missed connection and it was getting towards mid-afternoon... (I explained that they might miss the safety drill and would have to go to a make up session...) I think I was more worried than they were! Looking at taking public transport from the Sydney airport to the cruise port... we are on RCI so we will be going to the Overseas Terminal... is this a good option? We are used to dragging our bags and try to travel light... Once again, thanks for all the great advice! Looking forward to finally touring Australia!
  23. Local opinions welcome!!!! We are going to Melbourne in March and then flying up to Sydney to board our RCI cruise and are wrestling with the question, can we fly into Sydney early on the Saturday the cruise leaves or do we have to be overly cautious and fly in on the Friday. We would book a very early flight in case of delays, but what are the odds that we might miss the cruise??? Looking at the Melbourne to Sydney flights and there seems to be commuter flights with frequent service! Weather in Canada where we live is always a concern... no matter what season... so we need to know what the locals think... before we book our flight... Thanks! Mary aka Turangi!!!!
  24. Thanks for th clarifications.... Guess poor design of information... but glad to know i can get my latte all day!!!
  25. From the RCI brochure... small print... Room service Loyalty program???
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