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  1. We are 62 and 64 and in good health. We had a cruise cancelled in March and are in serious cruise withdrawal...our last one was all the way back in September! Currently, we have 3 cruises booked, August 29,2020, December 6, 2020 and March, 2021. I hope that everything will start back up in late July or first of August this year with obvious changes made. Less passengers, adjusted muster drills, chairs further apart at pool, enhanced screening process to board. We always are aware of germs and wash our hands and carry hand sanitizer with us, I think with some care, cruising will be feasible again soon.
  2. Can you tell me what the gold level coupons are? We are going on our second RC cruise in September and I was curious. Thank you!
  3. We book our dinners first thing, then go to the closest bar and get ourselves our first vacation beer. Then we go to Savor or Taste for lunch. By then cabin is usually ready so we drop off our carryons and head up to the pool deck...mamas got to have her mango meltdown!
  4. Thank you...I'll check them out!
  5. We aren't used to taking wine onboard and we're curious how everyone gets their two bottles. Have you had luck with bubble wrap and packing them for your flight? Just go to publix in Ft. Lauderdale and buy them there? Thank you!
  6. Thank you both! Are there land taxis in town also? And how much should it be to get back via that option?
  7. We are thinking of going on an island tour of St. Maarten and have the option of being dropped of downtown at the completion and get ourselves back to the cruiseport. How far is that? How much would it cost to go back or is it walking distance? Thank you
  8. Love the ideas of obc and a Platinum plus lounge!
  9. 300dtc

    Evening fun

    If we get back off the ship in the evening what are some fun things to do near the port?
  10. We usually sail NCL but we took 2 carnival cruises over the years and we prefer Norwegian. I won't go into all the reasons we like them better but will mention the few things we liked about Carnival. Our waiters were the absolute nicest that we ever had! We liked Guys burgers a lot..can't seem to get a decent burger on NCL and liked the Blue iguana too. Everything else we prefer NCL. Just our opinion...
  11. 300dtc

    Chair rental

    Can anyone give me some idea of how much chair and umbrella rentals are at any of the beaches? Does the rental place want cash or do they have facilities for using a credit card? Thank you, it's our first Bermuda trip!
  12. We just booked a guarantee inside leaving in 3 weeks Boston to Bermuda. Also, received my upgrade bid email. We bid a minimum and don't care if we get upgraded or not, seven day cruise isn't that long.
  13. I am in the middle of a sleep study right now and probably will need a cpap..how hard are they to pack and take on trips? Do all of them require distilled water? Does it take up lots of room? Thanks..just freaking out about dragging one more thing
  14. You can make specialty dining reservations on the Dawn right after boarding in the Orchid garden restaurant (I think that's the name of it). There should be someone there taking or changing reservations.
  15. They did a seafood basket one night. Just got off a 10 day on the Dawn and prime rib was the last night.
  16. There s a live from the Dawn review currently underway, this is a link to day 2 of the schedule. Lower left side has the details of the new and improved (scarcasm) premium beverage package...hope this works... Well, sort of, its post 49
  17. We are getting onboard when you get back! Leaving from Pittsburgh, which I'm sure will look a lot like your departure..Looking forward to your review😊
  18. We usually stop in for a quick appetizer if dinner is a long way coming, drinks are always good, their Ruben sandwich is delicious. Have had the hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy...yum! The brownie cheesecake is the best dessert onboard,except for the Haven carrot cake.
  19. As I said on a prior post, I contacted NCL and while they kept assuring me that they valued my opinion, blah, blah, what they most wanted to know was where I got my information? I directed them to this board and told them that people were not agreeing with this new dollar grabbing plan. When I am onboard in 2 weeks I plan to talk to the beverage director and lodge a formal complaint. Maybe if lots of repeat cruisers do that they may walk it back.
  20. Just hung up with customer service, attempted to find out if the Dawn has changed to the new pricing since we leave in 2 weeks. They couldn't tell me anything of course, but they definitely were interested in how I got my information and where it was being discussed. I told them to tell NCL they need to start reading this thread because people are not happy!
  21. Absolutely agree that this is just another money grab by NCL. They already have the highest price for the beverage program at sea and after years of people asking to include water they are going to upcharge certain alcohols that were included and call them super premium? I can just see someone in a back room somewhere, hmm let's see, more people asked for grey goose, so we will make it more expensive so they have to pay a premium to get it...cut to diabolical laughter...I wouldn't pay the $4.95 if the only other vodka was stolis!
  22. Yep, DH will have to switch..I drink Titos or Ketel one.
  23. We used TJ travel for our Baltics cruise. They had a package deal for all of the ports and it was very reasonable, much less expensive than the NCL tours.
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