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All Things EARTH... part 2


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Anita, you seem to handle these things so well.  I can imagine you feel at least some stress with the whole process.  I feel badly that your husband's job situation took a turn for the worse.  I'm in a kind of similar situation, to a degree.  About 5 or 6 years ago, I let it get the better of me and I ended up going to the emergency room with what my husband and I thought may be a heart attack.  


I was fortunate that it was not, but my high blood pressure, which was under control without medication for years, was back.  They determined that it was stress.  I had to make some decisions, and I opted to stay put in my job, but to take a different perspective towards things.  It isn't a bullet proof process, but after 40 years, I also didn't want to leave a job that I had given some much time, energy, sweat and tears to.  I feel very...tired.  I love my work family, and love the business where I work.  It was a change in management that created the problems.


This is different, I know.  I think it helps me to relate though.  I'm currently looking forward to, and heavily planning, my retirement.  It is part of the reason we are so focused on the house.  We have a time frame in mind, and that means getting things done.  Planning for the future we want is kind of like planning out a vacation - it gives me energy and makes me feel positive about what's to come.


This is an exciting chapter for both of you.  I especially love that you will be closer to your parents.  I miss seeing Pam pop in and chatting with us.


Being able to cruise Alaska without a drawn out flight saves a lot of money and time.  Plus, you won't have to make the time change adjustment!  That was a bit rough on me when my husband and I took the one cruise from San Diego.  We wished that we could have at least been able to spend a half day there to explore, but we got in later the night before, and our body clocks were all messed up.  Then we had t readjust when we came back home.


On a positive note, we went to a local place that has a "remnant yard" for quartz, marble and granite yesterday.  I was armed with the info on what we had chosen.  When I saw the sample in store in real life, I wasn't as smitten with it but I did like it still.  We headed out to the yard to see if they had any pieces that would fit.  They did not.  That being said, I found one I like even better.  It was less expensive as well, since they already had the piece.


Time wise, it will throw off my process a lot.  I can always do things out of order, but I also feel the need to paint by the end of next weekend. I can certainly paint the room after the countertop is installed, but the idea of removing the Formica that is in there and then painting prior to the new countertop is installed is a much better idea.


I can't believe that what I thought would happen in January or February is now going to be completed the day before Thanksgiving.  This is good though!  We are leaving to get the paint shortly, which means I have to commit to the color.  It's kind of bright, so I will see if I make a last minute change in store.  I am finding lately that colors are not as muted looking when I put them on the walls.  This is intended to be cheerful, but we will see how that ends up.


BEHR PREMIUM PLUS 8 oz. #P450-3 Rainwater Flat Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Color Sample B310016 - The Home Depot


I should add some photos of the drapes in the mudroom, to help see how the two rooms will tie together.  There is an open doorway there.  You walk into the mud room, and the laundry room is straight ahead.  It is visible from the family room as well, but not very much of it.  



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Laurie. I know what you mean about colors looking different. When we first bought this house we had to stop the ugliest wallpaper off the kitchen walls (yellow wallpaper with orange & brown daisies). We decided on aqua. I went off to buy the paint. The guy mixed tge print & showed me, I opted for a little brighter. Guy asked if this was trim. I said no a kitchen. Hmm, should’ve been my first clue. Got it home, Les puts the first roller of paint on the wall & looks at me & said 2 or 3 shades. I said 2, maybe 3.  He said, you’re going to live with it. It was brilliant turquoise. Never had to turn on lights bright. Two years later we were doing a little renovation & the contractor asked if I was married to the color. I said almond sounds good 🙄


Anita, sounds like you have a good move plan. Pack that  car tight!

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That looks fun, Margaret!


Peach Fuzz...hm.  that's a pretty nice color!  I used to have a lot of that color in my summer wardrobe.  I remember a tonal cruise outfit I had once with this really neat infinity scarf.  I learned rapidly that scarves don't mix with warm weather cruises. I don't have the card any more, but I tend to purge what I'm not wearing much.  I'm wishing now that I had kept it.


I have been paying a lot of attention to paint colors.  I always go with what appeals to me, but it is fun to see what is trending.  I'm a bit smitten by a color called chestnut by Benjamin Moore.  It isn't right for my house, but I still love it.


My house is feeling festive!  We had a super busy week and a half and we also have an event to attend later today.  After that it quiets down a bit.  I like that...it allows us to enjoy the holidays more when we are not rushing through them.







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Your house is so festive Laurie. I can't imagine putting up so many trees! 


We have lights on the front porch pergola and two little trees with white lights along the path. Since it's dark by 4:30 now it's nice to have some light out there to look at since our front doors are glass, and it's just a big black void out there this time of year.


I'm busy this week wrapping and boxing up presents since we won't be going to Michigan for Christmas as planned. My sister will visit MI the first week of January so I'm going to visit then. Sadly DH can't come since he has the holiday week off (his company closes) and  he can't be gone for another week just then. Some friends have adopted us for Christmas day and we have long standing plans for NYE in the city. So it will be fine.


Our next cruise is in April and I really need to start planning. We don't even have flights yet, but NYC to LA is a busy route with lots of choices. I did book our precruise hotel early though since there aren't many choices in San Pedro.


We've had snow twice already but it didn't stick. It's been foggy and rainy the whole weekend so I'm getting a bit stir crazy!

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My middle daughter, granddaughter & I went to a rug decorating function last night. I had a great time. Lexy painted my border as I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. She also painted my Grinch. 


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Melody, that is so cute!  I really couldn't find what I wanted.  I should try something like this.  What type of paint do you use?


Margaret, the decorating process is time consuming with all these trees.  I use vacation time to do this, and we have to lug everything up and down the basement stairs.  I did most of it myself.  I treat it like a once a year hobby, lol.


I haven't done much cruise planning yet, but I have quite a while to go.  My TA has told me to prepare for sticker shock with the airfare.  Yikes!


She gave me a recommendation for a hotel in Fort Lauderdale that I will look at tonight.


I already have a few things in mind though to wear!!!

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We changed the way we put away our decorations last year & we’re so happy we did. Upstairs decorations went in a tub in the hall closet. Downstairs decorations went downstairs in the closet under the stairs. Les said, why didn’t we do this 20 years ago!!!  Outdoor decorations have a corner in the garage. 

we went to a local brewery & they were doing this as a holiday event (good beer too). 

we like Enbassy Suites on 27th & Cordova in Ft Lauderdale. Cooked to order breakfast & managers reception included. We’re staying there in February before our Celebrity b2b. Melody 

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Here are the other 2024 colors. Not a lot of joy for us EARTH ladies. I hope Mushroom is a good neutral for us, and Brush might be a possibility too. Rooibos Tea might work if it doesn't manifest as too pink. I'll start seeing these colors in January when the spring fashions hit the stores in NYC.





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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!  It's been a busy few weeks, and I stopped getting notifications again.  I'll have to check the settings.


Your granddaughter is beautiful, Melody!  Being a senior in high school is so exciting.


I hope all is going well with Anita and her relocation!


Any big plans for this holiday weekend?  Today is typical for me, meaning cleaning and errands.  I'll be making desserts and watching football tomorrow. In the evening, I make a spread of appetizers that we eat while watching Christmas movies.  It is rather low key, but peaceful for us.


Christmas day we will have my grandson over as well so that will be fun.  I do lots of cooking then too. 


I'll try to get some pictures to share.  I still need to share pictures of all the projects we have worked on as well.  I just noticed that with the picture I posted previously of my snowman collection, you can see where I have spackled spots in the stairway.  Lol.  The hall will be finished after the holidays.

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Well Holland America cancelled the Panama Canal portion of our 21 night October cruise. We’ve gone ahead & cancelled. I’ll find a different cruise


hope Anita’s move is going well



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What a beautiful young lady, Melody. Sorry to hear about the Panama Canal. What a strange thing to do, cancel a canal cruise. Was it a full transit? We just booked flights to LA for our April cruise, LA to Fort Lauderdale through the canal with a special stop somewhere in the Pacific Ocean to view the total eclipse. We are very excited about that. In hunting around and talking over ideas for a fall trip, I stumbled on a good deal for a 10-day on the Sapphire Princess in early November, which will coincide with our anniversary, so we have that on the books now too.


Our Christmas Eve and Day plans were upended because the friends we were going to spend them with have Covid. So, we will be home by ourselves, which I am not happy about. I will be going to visit family in MI the first week in January (my sister will be there from Seattle) but DH cannot come since he has Christmas week off and then has to go back to work Jan 2nd. So it's a weird holiday season this year for us. Ugh.


Covid seems to be everywhere in NYC right now. Other friends who were planning to see their 90-something grandma tested beforehand and they also were positive.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Stay healthy!


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We’re doing our soup extravaganza today (Eve tradition). I’m making pasta fagiole (by special request from all the grands…little do they know the two oldest are getting handwritten recipe cards with some family favorites & huge crockpots…they all like to cook). Oldest daughter is making lemon chicken orzo soup (the Panera recipe, yum!), middle daughter is making squash soup (all from her garden) & son is making Swedish meatballs (no soup for him!). There’ll also be about a kagillion cookies & desserts. 

Christmas will be traditional roast beef & individual Yorkshire puddings & the rest of the fixings (plenty of gravy) here with Les & Erick. The guys requested blueberry pie (easy dessert)


hope everyone has a Happy Christmas & a safe & healthy New Year. Melody

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