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  1. I assume you are now being chauffeured by your wife then, a bit like the Lincoln lawyer.
  2. Where did it drop you off wowzz, is it at the old town harbour, and is the area wheelchair friendly?
  3. OK, I did check the Sport24 schedules and the Greman GP is listed for the 19th June so it should be, satellite reception permitting.
  4. Our local BP station is now 187.9 for petrol and 189.9 for diesel. I don't know if that is a genuine differential, or just that they are expecting a diesel top up at a new price shortly. I filled up at Sainsburys in Town on Monday at 179.9 for diesel
  5. Should have gone to Specsavers!!!!
  6. David, did you happen to notice if last weeks F1 race was shown on the Sport24 channel.
  7. Your scheduled time leaving the ship will depend on the time of your return flight, giving you adequate time for check in. P&O will arrange this in liaison with the incoming flight time, and will delay your departure from the ship if there is a significant delay.
  8. I just tried to do the same, but found that the testing fluid in one of the little twist neck fasteners had virtually disappeared. I hope it was a just a faulty one rather than a general problem.
  9. Oops sorry, I thought you were on B215 which goes this weekend, and our October cruise is on Iona, so not this year.
  10. Zap, if you fancy a drink, and a chat about cruise critic, then keep an eye out for Paulines wheelchair, its black and silver, and has orbit on the side panels, I will be the guy in glasses pushing her.
  11. Do cruise ships have to pay to drop anchor in a bay?
  12. Unfortunately Mr Google does not do a very good job of synthesizing the billions of bites of data about everything, into a concise and precise tourist guide for cruise ship passengers with only a few hours to sample a ports delights.
  13. You have to pay, but you can get a fit to fly home test kit for £12pp.
  14. Nothing for Palma Mallorca, Marseilles or La Spezia, which is 50% of the ports on B215.
  15. And not all the current ports are listed, and the B215 specific cruise would not load when I tried to access it. It's fine using new technology but with P&Os IT track record one wonders if this is not a "bridge to far".
  16. They no longer test at the port, which is why you have to arrange the pre cruise test. So no one would know unless a passenger volunteered that they felt ill.
  17. I thought the production of the show was excellent, the lighting and drone show was amazing and the sound quality, in the main, was superb, and I enjoyed most of it, even the more modern singers who I had never heard of.
  18. I followed a link to supposed new protocols and saw the same, but I suspect it's just that P&O IT have not yet read the internal memo.😉
  19. I have never seen a pending amount on my credit card in all the 30+ cruises I have done, or have I not looked in the right places?
  20. Her 500 strong backing singers certainly made up for her lack of range nowadays.
  21. Yes you should have received an e-mail with the confirmation booking as an attachment, have you checked your spam folder, or checked that they have your correct e-mail in your data?
  22. Damian, I had looked at this on Google maps satellite and wondered if this might be a suitable stroll for Paulines wheelchair. It looks as though you could walk alongside the marina all the way to the Cathedral?
  23. We like Ventura and even Azura, despite the glass house on the latter not being a patch on Ventura's "Ramblas" layout. But as we now spend a lot of time in our cabin the minuscule TVs on these 2 ships really is a turn off for us.
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