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  1. Do you think the planned Sept/Oct 2022 transpacifics from the West coast of N America to Sydney will be a go by then? Or wait until they go the other way in April 2023? Don
  2. You can still purchase the same coffee card as you used to - it just is not a physical card anymore. It will be assigned to one of your medallions. Only one person needs to purchase it. We do this all the time. My wife likes to drink tea, so she gets the teas for free, and we share the 15 specialty drinks. I don't like coffee, but I do like the frozen coffee mocha blended specialty drinks. There are some nice chilled fruit flavoured drinks that are part of the specialty beverages, and they go down real nice after a hot day out in the Caribbean sun. Don
  3. I paid off my cruise early (very early - it was a promotion last summer to give 10% off and extra OBC). When I went to make EZ air reservations, I was also charged immediately for flexible fares. When I asked, the answer eventually given was that once you have made final payment, even though made a year plus early, EZ air flights were automatically charged at the time of the air booking. Not sure if that is your case, but just one more possibility. Don
  4. You guys are all paranoid and gun shy! (But not weird). I check my cruises everyday not because I think they might get cancelled from under my nose, but rather just to daydream about our upcoming cruises. It's been a year and a half since we last cruised and I need some fantasy time to keep me going. I am sticking with the "Not weird" assessment. Don
  5. I don't understand. Why would Princess care if I had cancellation insurance? If I cancel, I am responsible. Or is this about them cancelling? or a 3rd party - like a foreign government shutting down tourism in a country? Don
  6. Pistachio pudding from the International Cafe and lunchtime noodle bowls on the Caribbean Princess from Steamers. I am a MUTS must do - if the movie is anywhere near half decent. Popcorn, blankets, warm Caribbean evening, deserts from the buffet, stars above you (and the odd shower forcing you to switch chairs to a covered location) during the movie - its all good. Also, Monday Night Football on MUTS is good. Don
  7. ***** (5 stars). Makes me count the days. (7 months, 13 days) Don
  8. Hmm, According to that article, which is 2 weeks old, CB and Enchanted are projected to begin cruising in May and Ruby in June. Princess has cancelled all sailings until July 1st, so they are already wrong on those 3 anyway. Don
  9. Noted a very slight decrease in the cost and port fees of one of our upcoming cruises. Called Princess and they confirmed, the Canadian Exchange rate dropped one point to 1.26 yesterday (Mar 16th 2021). Had to make a new booking to take advantage of it and cancel the previous. Doesn't save a ton of money, but hey, a few bucks is a few bucks. On our other 2 cruises, the cruise fare has increased so no savings to rebook at the lower exchange rate. Seems they are now adjusting the exchange rate by small amounts at a more frequent pace, so keep watching your fares.
  10. I may ask for a different room if or when I need to call Princess on other matters. Not really dissatisfied with our view compared to most of the others. Maybe could increase the scope of the unobstructed portion of the view a bit, but our view is functional. The ones in the 100 block do appear to offer more of a view. A few that look good on the Princess ship diagram actually look into a utility room rather than directly outside. Glad we didn't pick one of those ones. Don
  11. fantastic - thanks. But our room view is not as good as I had hoped. But you can see some of the water and sky from it - so you can see the weather - which is probably good enough for us. Don
  12. My wife's family has a similar concern to the OP. My MIL is 82 and has had bad reactions to the regular flu shot in previous years, and so does not want to get the COVID vaccine. She is not a cruiser but has friends in nursing homes and a vaccine is required to visit, so she is torn if she should try it or not, but really wants to be able to visit her friends. She will likely try the first shot in April. My wife and her sister have both also had some negative reactions to past shots, and so are also wary of the COVID shot. It seems to run in the family. I think she will gauge
  13. Can you provide the link for the website that shows the views from the obstructed windows? We are in one for November and have just picked based upon the room map on Princess. Not sure how a site could have views from all the rooms unless someone has access to all the rooms, but anything might help. Thx Don
  14. 8 months and hopefully we will be back to Princess Cays. We will see but hope is growing.... Don
  15. thanks - sounds like you can get wet and lie down in it, but maybe not truly swim. Better than simply a wading pool though. I am one of those who likes the pools and hot tubs on board. Especially in the warm Caribbean evenings when everyone else is down on the lower decks. Don
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