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  1. I am on the other side. This offer is of no value to us as non drinkers. I am concerned this will spell the end of the traditional sales that were of value to us like the 3 for free. If that disappears, likely we will too. We have had some great cruises, but also don't mind other vacation plans, so cruising has to attract us with offers that have value. Don
  2. We are going on a 26 day cruise On the reservations page, it says a 14 day + couples pass for the spa is $429. Is this pass for that price going to be active for the duration of the cruise, or only for a 14 day window within the cruise? Don
  3. There will be plenty of groups there. Multiple bus loads in the parking lot. But guided groups depart every 10 or 15 minutes. You have to walk up the hill to the starting point, and you walk as a group, so you do not encounter any of the other groups who are out on the course. Our group was a ship excursion of about 25 or so. When we got to the start of the water courses, there was a group ahead of us still taking the first plunge, so we had about a 5 minute wait until it was our time, but then our group was in the river, and we didn't get bogged down behind any other groups the rest of the way, though they must have been just up ahead of us. It flows pretty smoothly. I loved it, but did get a few bumps and bruises along the way = as the waterslides are naturally formed worn rock water courses, and if you don't watch your elbows, you can hit the sides. No major damage, but not something for the fragile. We went last year at age 56, but probably would not do it if we were 65 or older. Don
  4. same problem - different airline. It makes me want to ticket early so that I now can deal direct with the airline when there is a change, and they usually try to give you as good a routing as you had at the same price. Don
  5. It may not go up, but the flight can change and they can cancel your booking. Happened to me. Still found another suitable flight at good cost. But I am wondering if I should request early ticketing in case this flight also changes and my reservation is dropped again. If it is ticketed, I am hoping, like with regular airline tickets, they will get you on a suitable alternate flight at no extra cost. Don
  6. We are usually Princess cruisers trying our first HAL cruise this September because of a unique itinerary. We too were disappointed that like the other lines, OBC could not be used in advance to make excursion reservations. It is not the ultimate deal breaker, but it is one small negative for HAL that factors into future decisions as to which cruise line we will sail with. For those who maintain an attitude of "It's called OBC for a reason" - well, that's the kind of business approach that fails to adapt and keep up with the market. "We've always done it that way" is the kind of business strategy that can end up measuring a business for its coffin. Not a prediction in this case, but every company needs to keep an open mind about its business practices. If something is a negative that can be easily changed, why not? Don
  7. We are returning one way from Sydney to Vancouver in October of this year after our cruise. The web based travel sites all have a Hawaiian Airlines flight (with Alaska Airlines connection to Vancouver from Seattle) that is very well priced ($680 cdn roughly $500 usd), and reasonably scheduled, but easy air does not show this flight. Have been patiently checking to see if it shows up, but so far, it has not. Maybe they don't work with Hawaiian Airlines? If it does not show up soon, we are going to book with an online agency. It seems most other scheduled flights show up except this one. Don
  8. Sailed on her once again this past November and loved the ship. Looked to be in great shape in every way. The buffet food was the same as pretty much all non royal class ships, except that for lunch there was an alternating noodle bowl and stir fry area, and that was great. The MDR food was very good - same as other Princess ships. Would not hesitate to sail on her again. Fine ship. Don
  9. We did this excursion through Princess in 2018 - so not sure if it is exactly the same with HAL. For us, it was only the bottom 7 watercourses of the total 27. We weren't in port for a long time, so were not sure we would have time to do all 27, and so we went with the ship excursion which just does 7 so we would be certain to be back in time. We enjoyed this excursion, and it made memories, but I did get a few bumps and bruises. We were both 56 at the time and would say the average early 60s person would probably be ok - but late 60s or early 70s - this is probably not the excursion for that age. You climb a trail that heads uphill for about 40 minutes, but that has a couple rest stops built into the time frame. It was hot and we sweated, but did it without any problem. There are benches for a rest spot about 3/4 of the way up. The first entrance spot into the river is a platform drop of about 18 feet or so into a deep pool in a narrow gorge. There is plenty of room to land safely in the water, but I won't lie = it was kinda scary. You can opt to go around and enter the water safely, but my wife jumped, so I had to.... The bumps and bruises came on one or two of the following natural water slides. Short little slides on smooth worn rock, but I bumped from side to side on one and hit my elbow on another. Nothing major, but it hurt for a while and I got 2 bruises. The river and watercourses are just amazing to see and experience though. Well worth the bruises. Yes, I would do this again and probably tackle all 27, but in 8-10 years - probably no way. Don
  10. I would be in to try it. Size of ship is not our first concern or priority on cruises. Don
  11. We prefer the sideways - for the extra room, but be warned - when you open the door to the room - the bed is in plain sight right up close. Don
  12. Thanks for the info. Our cruise is not until September (arrives in Sydney in October), so plenty of time I would hope for things to settle down. Maximizing time was kind of my priority as well, so maybe going with the taxi to the city with an airport drop off is the way to go. Thanks. Don
  13. We were thinking of driving out to the three sisters and the blue mountains. Realistic idea or not? Thought we would shoot for about a 5-5:30pm return and drop off at the airport. Figured if we could rent a car from White bay and get going fairly early we could have 8 or 9 hours for sight-seeing. Don't really know anything about parking and traffic, having never been in the area before. Don
  14. Our cruise ends at White Bay, and we have an 8 pm flight out that evening. We would like to rent a car for the day, but every time I use a travel website to make a booking for White bay Cruise terminal, the offered company locations are actually listed as being at Circular Quay. Is there a shuttle over there or something, or is there a rental company operating out the White Bay terminal? Thanks for any help. Don
  15. The non discounted price is $39 pp. If you pre-order the "evenings in the pinnacle" package, it is 2 nights in the pinnacle for $70. Only saves you $8 over two dinners vs the non discounted price - but for newbies with no better offers, we took it. Don
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