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  1. Thanks - from the UK, we usually get a poorer deal! Although on this occasion it worked out well.
  2. Thanks for that, but I definitely remember upgrading to the Premium package (now you mention the name, I was just too lazy to Google it and find out!). Our deal (from the UK) just included the Standard drinks package. The butler seemed to indicate it wouldn't normally include the minibar, but since I was on the Premium package, he might as well let it ride (or words to that effect). I wasn't sure if he was doing us a favour, or if it was just like that anyhow. It turns out then, that he was helping us out! Thanks.
  3. Earlier this year (happy days....) we did a Caribbean cruise on a Sky Suite with the enhanced beverage package (we paid the $10 pppd) and we were told by our butler that the drinks in the minibar would be covered by that (not huge selection, but welcome nevertheless - Beer, water, soda, small selection of spirits etc). Is this standard across the X ships, as we have a B2B on Apex next July in the same room with the higher drinks package included this time? Thanks.
  4. Yes same. We have had aft balconies, both as a suite and regular cabin, and they are usually much bigger than a standard cabin, plus you are away from the main noise and traffic of the ship. The only downside is the noise of the engines sometimes early morning on a port intensive holiday. Usually you are awake or up, but sometimes if you fancy a lie in, the noise can be a bit frustrating. Weighing it up though, we still book them time and time again!
  5. Cruise on the Enchanted July 1st, cancelled in the previous wave of cancellations. Got my first lot of refunds 3 days ago, and my second lot yesterday, all to my bank account direct, not my credit card. Odd, but I am pleased at last to have all my money. Plus they gave me Out Of Pocket expenses for a cancelled flight which was not their fault, that I had paid separately for. Cant fault them for that!
  6. Hi, from the lovely Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos. Lovely.
  7. Just amazing. I love sunsets and have many gorgeous ones, but I wouldn't to bore everyone else!
  8. First 2 Caribbean, then Cabo in Mexico and last 2 Alaska, Tracy Arm Fjord and a sunset at 10.30pm!
  9. Hi Credit where credit is due (excuse the pun!) - our Enchanted maiden voyage was cancelled this July 1st and as a result we could not utilise our 1-way flight ticket home (we cruised out, had to fly back home). We had booked and paid for it separately (Ryan Air, for UK people) and direct. When Princess advised us of our cruise cancellation, they attached a form for other associated expenses whereby I completed our flight details. Six weeks later, I received an email just advising they had agreed our claim, and a further week later a cheque arrived in the post today. Still awaiting my cruise deposit and tour/other payments back, but Princess certainly did not have to refund this flight back when the airline would not, it was not Princesses fault and was a COVID issue, and Princess have got enough to worry about, so I was very impressed that they agreed to do this. Keeps you loyal I guess, but nevertheless a kind a valued gesture.
  10. Thanks for all replies - I think I got a good deal on aft Sky Suite 10267 for both the 7 nights on the Apex, with the free Premium drinks, wi-fi, gratuities and $1000 OBC which I thought was good. Just a shame I have to wait over a year now, but I guess we are lucky to be cruising at all! Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the reply - I think aft deck 12 sounds good then! I also note the new name for Michael's Club, which seems to be part of the new theme. Am I correct in saying there is a 'Retreat' only pool/sun deck area for suite guests? If so, was it busy (like the main pool area), or more comfortable and relaxing? Thanks again.
  12. Hi We are Princess loyalists (top tier), but are looking to venture out and try something new. We did an amazing Caribbean Cruise on the Silhouette in January (just before lockdown) and had a lovely Aft Sky Suite - spacious and a nice wrap around balcony; we loved the specialist lounges and restaurants and we had a superb time. Unfortunately our Enchanted Princess July cruise has been cancelled this year (brand new Maiden Voyage trip, so we are sad about that, but with everything going on, we are just grateful to still be able to cruise). So, we have seen 2x7 days cruises (back to back I guess, but billed as 2 different cruises) next July on the Apex around the Med, taking in Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo etc., and it looks a great itinerary. I am rambling, so my questions are: - I think this is quite a new ship also; would people still recommend the same type of Aft cabin (we loved the privacy of the Aft cabin, its private little alcove entrance, portal, decent size room and big balcony), or perhaps one mid ship; similar size and layout? - I have the options of deck 9, 10 or 12 for the Aft rooms on both cruises, any particular deck for the best room / size / layout/ balcony etc - I heard the Lumiere restaurant and Michaels Club differ from previous ships; anyone had experience; is it a significant uplift? - The main draw is the new ship (that we missed on Princess) and the new 'floating deck' - do you need to pre-book this ashore, or can it only be done on board? -I believe we get all 4 perks (Premium Drinks, so no upgrade needed, as last time we had to pay $10pppn for an upgrade I am sure), wi-fi, gratuities and onboard spend. Seems a good deal. Any other tips worth sharing for the Apex and room or benefits etc? Sorry for a lot of questions, but trying to get excited about cruising again, and this cruise seems something to get excited for! Thanks all. Best wishes.
  13. Thank you, and wise comments I feel. Personal finances over corporate finances, I guess! I noticed the prices, when checking, were 25% higher than what I payed for my cancelled cruise, so I am loathe to book anything just yet. I too am a loyal Princess fan and am so sorry for the everyone affected by the awful COVID, but also the cruise industry and the people who have saved/planned/have special anniversaries or birthdays celebrations in the making for the last 18months or so, that they cannot fulfil their dream cruise. Of course, it is a very trivial thing compared to the 'real world' put there where lives are at risk every day, and we can just hope that lives and cruising will be back to normal, some day soon. I for one, cannot wait! Stay safe all.
  14. Sad to receive my (expected) email from Jan Swartz around our maiden voyage on the Enchanted on July 1st being cancelled. It was a unique opportunity to sail on a brand new ship from my home country (UK) on a maiden voyage and I don't think that will happen again very quickly for me as circumstances like that don't often align! But it is all very understandable of course, and for the greater good. They did say for the Enchanted, 'until July 31st' - I wonder, should I pay my balance (it still says I can), and then transfer that 125% cruise credit to a sailing in August, say? Or just take the $1500 odd already paid deposit and rebook separately; or are the odds stacked that the Enchanted won't really be ready by August, and just hold fire? I know it is a tiny concern compared to what is going on in the big world, but just a personal interest question - thanks.
  15. Thanks everyone. I know in the grand scheme of things it is quite insignificant and there are far more things to worry about quite rightly, but it doesn’t look that hopeful. They’ve delayed final payment for a month, early May, so I will hold off and see what happens. Thanks again, hope everyone stays safe, and you all manage to get your cruises sorted out at some point in the future.
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