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  1. They've also rang me in my suite to get a time and restaurant preference for the first night.
  2. To be honest at first we didnt think we would like the bigger ships, but we have now done many 3000-3500 people and it is no bother whatsoever. Many a time my wife and I have remarked to each other (whether walking down to dinner, from a show to our room, off to breakfast etc), that where is everybody?! I am not exaggerating to say sometimes we feel the ship has lost half its passengers! Of course it is busy and you see most people by the pool (at sea days), at dinner or in a show, but that aside I feel you might be pleasantly surprised at how unaffected you become by the apparent number of people on board. It can be exciting having a bit of hustle and bustle and watching the people go by, but with a large amount of people comes large ship and enough places for people to go off to (and disappear!), so I wouldn't worry too much. We still wonder where everybody is!! Hope that helps 🙂
  3. I think its week long cruises +, subject to demand. We were on a B2B last July in the Med, and on both legs we put our name down, but on both occasions there was not enough interest. We were very disappointed, although we have done it twice before, we would want to do it again. Hopefully on the Enchanted next July 🙂
  4. Alaska - overall it was a good cruise made mainly by the destination and scenery. We had a leaky roof in our room, someone was airlifted off as they were seriously ill, and we had to miss Juneau....notwithstanding this, we still (eventually, after the leak was fixed, 3 days in another room....long story and have posted already!) had a good cruise. Enjoy the Caribbean.
  5. Nice to see someone else going on! Not sure what (if any) extra things will be going on, or to expect anything else? Probably just another cruise, however it will be nice that everything is brand spanking new. Just come off the Grand, and the balcony furniture was creaking and rotten lol.
  6. Thanks, exciting. We are on the maiden voyage next July so cannot wait!
  7. We were in a suite and had one above the bed and one in the seating area. I did see a balcony room and they had them too; I would guess they are ship wide.
  8. Thanks - Yes, Sanctuary is $40pp per day - you get fancy thick matrassed sun loungers and a nice afternoon tea, but it is expensive as you say. Priority seating sounds nice, as sometimes you are in a rush from dinner and all the good seats are gone. Do you need to make reservations for Luminae or just turn up? Thanks again everyone. 5 months away, but getting exciting now!
  9. Thanks for your replies, it reads well! We too are Aft, room (deck 10) 1405 I think, looking like it is on the corner, so I am guessing a bit bigger and nice balcony. Free drinks - really?! Not something you get (apart from mini bar set up) on Princess, so that will be good in Michaels Bar. Cocktails too? We have the standard drinks package, but I guess these drinks will be over and above the quality included on the package? Luminae sounds right up our street, and enhance version of Club Class in Princess perhaps, so looking forward to that too. I will look at the menus of the speciality, but it seems we don't need to stray too far off Luminae. Thanks again, I think we might be wowed!
  10. Hi My wife and I are Princess regulars (Elite tier) but we have booked a Sky Suite on the Reflection next January around the Caribbean. When on Princess I am at ease with it all, I know the score, what is good and not so, where to eat and hang out etc., but for this I won't so much. When on Princess (usually a suite) we would get free speciality dining the first night, Club Class dining in the MDR (set aside area, walk-in, slightly enhanced menu and head waiter does tableside preparation on a couple of bits), we could go to the (adults only) Sanctuary area of the ship for enhanced sun loungers and greater privacy and so on. We also get a 'Mimosa' breakfast purely for suite guests, all made to order in a private restaurant. This time we were also escorted on (nice touch). I know I won't get a lot of my Princess perks on here, and the Sky Suite is the most (as I understand) lower class of suite, but could you advise me what to expect and where to eat? I understand I get access to a suite only dining room on board - is it worth dining there? Do they do breakfast as well, should we eat there all the time, or should we try the MDR and (just for breakfast) the buffet? I know there are some good speciality restaurants on board; we both enjoy a nice steak and a decent bottle of wine - any recommendations? In essence, what would you say are the best dining options to include a bit of variety. Is there also a Sanctuary type area (we had to pay for it on Princess) to laze a day by? Any other (Sky) Suite perks that are worth looking out for, or any other tips? Sorry for the questions, but looking forward to a change from Princess! Many thanks, Ian.
  11. Glad you had a leak free vacation! Hope you had a fantastic cruise, mind you, how could you not on that itinerary! Welcome home and glad you enjoyed.
  12. Just came off the Grand last week - large flat screens, but with no VOD (demand) TV, just the basic (usual) channels. It was channel +1 pushing the button up, each time you wanted to change channels, so 21 to 41 took a lot of presses! There are far more modern versions out there.
  13. I don't think anyone would know! But yes, we have got a beer, taken it top deck and enjoyed a nice birger and salad!
  14. Were are on Dolphin 121 on the enchanted, most forward. Balconies look tiny compared to yours (M107/108) 😞 Oh well, it will still be good.
  15. Hi Just came back from the Grand (Alaska) and they were honouring them. I had an unused one and still have three left, but they will now be invalid. Only one crew member questioned it with a supervisor, but the rest knew what it was. I think they run out soon though.
  16. Also agree. Appeared very scripted at times, disinterested and distracted. One of the poorer ones.
  17. Funnily enough, Ketchikan was gloriously warm. No-one could believe it (there last week), and we took advantage of light sweater (taken off at times) and shorts!
  18. Just come off the Grand to Alaska. In my view (and wife's) all the restaurants were very warm indeed. We were always hot, I didnt think the AC was working at all! It is all very casual at dinner, and from my view you would be OK for summer clothes while inside the ship. Outside was generally cooler and blowy, although we had a couple of 'shorts weather' days.
  19. Just come off the Grand, no Courvoisier Cognac, 4 bottles of Whiskey. Swapped them over! Our steward thought they had stopped doing the cognac all together. Shame, although the VS was never great, it was good to have!
  20. Nice to see someone else on our cruise! It was good, wasn't it? Shame we missed Juneau (although I had been there before), but Tracy Arm more than made up for it! Our second/substitute room was Caribe deck, 422!
  21. That's because they fixed them all last week on our cruise! - no exaggeration, our room aside, I saw 5 blowers across 5 different leaks in the last 4 days! I wouldn't have noticed or paid much attention to them, had it not been for our issue and we were a bit more 'in the know' lol. Glad you are all safe, sound and dry :).
  22. I also agree - wow! Thanks for all the comments, and yes, whilst Juneau was cancelled, we did our own thing in Ketchikan, did a river/jet boat and wildlife cruise in Skagway, and a city highlights tour of Victoria Island - all very enjoyable, and it was good to get off the boat at these times! I agree, the ship should be retired. Whilst the steward said he had never seen anything like it, I have since heard there has been quite a bit like it, and most days we saw blowers on somewhere in the ship!
  23. Hi We have just came off the Grand having done your itinerary (my posts are to do with a leaky roof in our suite, and a general review), so it is nice to compare and contrast your observations to ours. Agree with you re Stardust, got a bit bored tbh! We kept being asked to sit at the rear of CC but I said no, we wanted a (near) window view and he did accommodate us happily (no kids), but it was never offered to us a first choice. Strange. Our first formal night was disrupted by a passenger being airlifted off, so it fell flat, but the second one was as you described, almost as semi formal, with different interpretations of that! Most CC were smart to be fair, with jackets abound, though little DJs to be seen. Tess was 'interesting'.... Enjoy Juneau, we never got there! Though were lucky with a Tracy Arm fjord substitute. Have a lovely cruise.
  24. Thanks. A few people have said they though we were exaggerating a bit, but there was quite a bit of water captured from the 7 various leaks, across the 2 days! I think you have to be positive. It was circumstance and no-ones direct fault. Me shouting and raving wasn't going to speed things up and as upsetting and frustrating and inconvenient as it was, it was handled well and the outcome, albeit 3 days away from our room, was good. It's life I guess, and comparing it to the poor passenger who was airlifted away, these things happen, in the grand scheme of things it was a small issue, and life goes on. 🙂
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