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  1. I’ll think about it but I’m not a video person it is easy underwear in first followed by swimsuit and swimsuit cover then shorts x2 then 8 smart/formal tops then 8 day tops then 2 extra tops just in case I change my mind on what I want to wear then skirt rolled to fit the length of the case to fill in the side then 3 other smart formal pants 2 casual pants one extra outfit for travel day back then RC toiletries bag at top with tote flat pull straps over then place sun hat to keep in place shoes I bought soft leather top formal shoes so they are not overly bulky and go in slots on inside of case top bulky items like sunscreen we pack in my husbands formal shoes to take up less space my husband then packs bulk items in his back pack and it is a true back back not sea bag or duffle we take enough stuff we always run out of hangers it’s about how you fold and utilizing the gaps at the sides
  2. Suitcases make us laugh. We were on a short cruise and the cabin next to us had 7 cases. Like seriously- I really don’t get what some people take - I personally travel on a 7 day cruise with 3 pairs of shoes plus water shoes, 2-3 outfits per day and toiletries bag, hats etc and DH likewise wrt clothing as well as noise machine, evening purse etc and we fit everything into 2 carry ons and 2 small rucksacks. I guess over the years we have learned how to pack and fold well 😁
  3. She had better still be sailing as I have her booked. I won’t be happy to turn up to no ship 😉
  4. It is so so random these days. Me and DH sail monthly hardly any offers, DD (who spends way less in casino) gets more offers and better cabins. Go figure 🤷‍♀️ I actually get better offers from cruise lines I have not sailed with since pre pandemic
  5. Yes open for lunch but we preferred al fresco by the pool
  6. Yes but there are several options to choose from.
  7. You might also want to check the pool bar. They serve lunch out by the pool as well.
  8. These are the YC tags that get added to your luggage
  9. You also get a sticker which helps butlers and staff know you are in the Yacht Club
  10. The line to the left is YC no one in it except the lady at the tent in purple - the long line is non YC. So YC bypass the line.
  11. Yes but they put additional gold colored tags on them at the tent. They get priority service onto the ship and they ask how many bags you have.
  12. We took our luggage with us. They tag your bags YC at the tent. we got our info # See post #15 Thanks to JAGR https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2909601-port-canaveral-yacht-club-lounge/
  13. When we parked we went straight into the parking garage. To get to drop off you have to keep going past. Here are photos from the garage so you can see where to go and how it is not very visible from there
  14. When we went the tent was right at the entrance at the bottom of the elevator. It was not visible from where we crossed by where we parked. It might be visible as you approach entrance but when queue is very long you might not be aware of it especially if you are a first timer. We did not drop luggage we parked and walked our luggage over so did not pass it. Miami is a lot more visible than PC.
  15. Agreed - their commission is very competitive compared to other lines. I am also finding the service at the mainstream lines severely lacking lately with 2-3 hrs to resolve simple issues. a customer will not stay with me if I decide to pick and choose what I will / will not book with them. in addition I had a first time cruiser that I made an MSC booking for. After their experience with me they went on over the next year to book 2 group bookings with over 50 cabins. You never know what one small booking might turn into.
  16. Just make sure to look for the YC tent outside the terminal. The last time we went out of PC it was right where the line started at the bottom of the elevators and was not easy to see from the parking lot.
  17. Honestly from our experience it’s a waste of money. Been there done that won’t do it again unless we get a Royal up. Our genie was not interested. Priory’s seating at comedy show was her idea of giving is the most uncomfortable bar seats ever. We have had far better suite experiences on Celebrity and MSC. My honest opinion is get Sky class (better than sea due to internet and CK access) and pay for the UDP or any other dining package and save the money. that’s our thoughts based on our experience. hope that helps
  18. Provided you are not using a fraudulent card to pay your bill lol!! I can’t believe Royal somehow let that family book 22k in cabins using fraudulent credit cards then had them arrested at the end of the cruise. Like if they know it’s stolen cards why let them board in the first place?..????
  19. You misunderstood I wasn’t being defensive at all. I’m just saying that group refundable rates are not always available. There are lots of sailings that are closed to group rates.
  20. When I spoke to C&a to check our options (I tried to update on our last cruise but surprise surprise had not been updated) I was advised toiletries bag was one but totes came in a 2 pack????. I was also advised that what you receive is based on lead guest so me and dh picked different options so when we book in future we will switch between lead guests to get more variety without have int to call in every time.
  21. Looks very much like ours. We still use it - was good quality and lasted us years.
  22. Hey you are lucky - when I called in today all I could hear was chickens in the background - I kid you not the entire call I heard chickens.I have no idea where they were .
  23. I actually have some from years (and I mean more like decades ago years lol) that we had as c&a gifts.
  24. The group rates are fine if the ta actually is able to book a group rate for that specific sailing. They are not always available. I am talking about every day refundable vs non refundable rates not group rates as they are different. Oh fwiw I don’t need a TA 😉
  25. By the time you reach final payment and can try to reprice the fares are way more than you get booking early. I have cruises for 2024 booked that are already 3x more that the rate I booked at.
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