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  1. If there is a gap in the curtains just use on of the hangers with the skirt/pant clips
  2. We had the brunch a few days on our fall transatlantic. The first day caught us by surprise. We prefer the breakfast and lunch times.
  3. I had done a lot of research last year because we were parking in Boston for 22 days doing a b2b cruise. Nothing worked out for me ahead of time. Blamed it on being from Canada. Where I thought we could park was beside the port, Nope. Where we parked without booking ahead was the edic or epic lot across the street from the port. It was great. Parked there and walked to the Hampton where we stayed the night before. Forgot an item in the car and was able to retrieve it. Walked across the street at the end of the cruise to get the car
  4. We went to gros morne park. It was beautiful. The town itself is quite small. If you go to the town hall there is a roof top area with a great view
  5. Saguenay is very small and walkable. We were there last September. A nice welcome with lots of people demonstrating pioneer type activities. Sorry, don’t know about their Canada Day activities. Sometimes places in Quebec are not very enthusiastic about the holiday but a google search may help
  6. I have been to both and both are excellent! Quebec City has a very European feel. I think it would be better for a bigger variety of things to see and do. There is a funicular that you can use to go from the lower part of the town to the upper. Corner book is a very small town with gros morne park about an hour away and there is also nice trail walk through town. There are excursions into gros morne.
  7. Hello! Thanks for all your interesting posts. I just found this thread today. we will be joining you in Fort Lauderdale to travel up the Atlantic coast
  8. We have stayed a couple times at the Godfrey. It was nice and the location was great. Last August we stayed at the Hampton inn Boston seaport which was right beside the port, so convenient! so much to see And do in Boston! There are lots of walking tours, markets and history! We have seen and done different things every time we have been there! The north end had great restaurants, many with a fixed price menu. enjoy!
  9. We are looking for recommendations for group transportation from the Montreal cruise port to the central via train station. Thank you
  10. Taking the sky train from the airport to downtown worked well for us. We have stayed at the fairmont waterfront, the paradox and the auberge hotels. All were very nice and we walked to the port from all of them
  11. Sorry, I don’t know about private transfers but the sky train is really easy if you can pull your bags a block from the station to the hotel. Also it’s a really nice hotel right across the street from the cruise port
  12. The town is quite nice. We were welcomed with costumed locals with displays and activities and food samples. There is a board walk both ways from the port. It was nice to walk on The sand when the tide was out and watch it disappear when the tide came in. There is a pretty church. We found a small artisan market near the church
  13. There is an old market in the downtown area that is interesting and a park and old cemetery close to the market too. The reversing falls are worth a look at, although I would recommend seeing them at both high and low tide if you can Uber to the small town of st Martin there are a couple of quaint shops and two covered bridges right there. There is also a rock beach with caves close as well
  14. We have used airtime limo for years. Very reliable!
  15. We bought and ended up making a claim manulife coverage in April 2022. It was the only company that had Covid coverage at the time. We have since bought and made a claim with CAA. Both worked out well
  16. Hello. We were just at the falls on Monday. The adult entrance fee was $8+ for the park/falls. The cable car was $17+. We were there on an excursion and saw the signs. It also was the long weekend and packed with people! It has changed a lot since we were there a few years ago.
  17. Yea. It’s on my “ to do” list for summer 2024. One for Europe and one for Great Britain
  18. We hired tours by locals a few years back. Saw so much! Made sure car could hold luggage
  19. Thank you to you and all who work at the port. We just embarked the Queen Elizabeth yesterday and all the port staff that we came into contact with were friendly and helpful! The lines were long but kept moving and the process went well!
  20. As recently as this past April and I will again this week
  21. I have always taken packaged snacks across the border on the planes and ships. There is no issue.
  22. We have travelled out and back into Yyz 4 times over the last year and had no issues. Hopefully it will be ok in a week!
  23. You will be given a boarding time on your boarding pass
  24. Hello. We are trying to research parking for the black falcon cruise port. We want to book the C 1 lot but it seems like the park abm app won’t work for Canadians? Any suggestions? thank you
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