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  1. I have always taken packaged snacks across the border on the planes and ships. There is no issue.
  2. We have travelled out and back into Yyz 4 times over the last year and had no issues. Hopefully it will be ok in a week!
  3. You will be given a boarding time on your boarding pass
  4. Hello. We are trying to research parking for the black falcon cruise port. We want to book the C 1 lot but it seems like the park abm app won’t work for Canadians? Any suggestions? thank you
  5. I cruised out of Vancouver twice last year. One was the very first trip from Vancouver and it was chaotic. The second was in September and it was much better. Perhaps there is a learning curve for the staff each season and it takes some time for the wrinkles to get ironed out
  6. We stayed at the riverside hotel in March and really liked the location. They have a nice happy hour for food and drinks with tables right on the water
  7. My old passport arrived 3 months after the new one. I had to sign for it
  8. Thanks. Good to hear since we will be there this June! we have also stayed at the fairmont waterfront and the paradox. Both of those were very close to the port and very nice I don’t think any of the hotels offer a shuttle to the port it is really easy to take the sky train to the downtown area from the airport, even with luggage!
  9. That’s what we used to do when we lived in London. Worked well
  10. We just got our new passports this week. DH on Wednesday, mine today. I had a call from them wanting to know why I was applying earlier than a year, DH didn’t even though everything is the same on both. We went into a service canada office January 17 and waited 4 hours in line. We were told that the passports would be mailed on February 14.
  11. We went into the passport office near us in Ontario today. It was a painful 4 hours wait! We should get the passports back about a month
  12. Yes, indeed! We’ve booked porter Toronto Pearson to Vancouver for june
  13. We have found WestJet and porter to have better fares lately.
  14. Hi! I would book something I really wanted to do as soon as possible. I’m going on HAL in January and I noticed things are already sold out. I have already begun booking excursions for our cruise at the end of August
  15. Just an fyi. We bought manulife insurance because it was one of the few coving Covid. We were doing a b2b and we’re tested in between cruises in April. We tested positive and ended up in a Vancouver hotel near the airport. We have not yet been reembursed By manulife. It seems every week there is a different issue. We thought we were getting part of the reembursement last week but they had the bank account wrong. They have been hard to communicate with. For our fall cruise we are going to try caa and see how that goes
  16. Hello! pre-pandemic I was taking the via train often between Toronto and Ottawa, a five hour trip. There was rarely tipping happening. I did hear people say keep the change a couple times. I always had my own food with me. Enjoy your trip in our beautiful country!
  17. I think my husband does a percentage on the credit card machine when he pays. The price had gone up slightly when we used them in April. yes our only worry in the spring was Covid and isolation, which we ended up with. For our September cruise it’s the flights and we may try to just have carry on.
  18. We are in Aurora and use airtime limo service to get to the airport. Have been using them for years and they are always on time and great service!
  19. We tested positive on the kongingsdam after cruise to Hawaii at the end of april. We were taken to the Sheraton airport hotel in Richmond. Would not recommend it. We are still waiting for promised fcc and other re-embursements
  20. Hello. Thanks for all the info. We also were in quarantine at the Sheraton airport Vancouver hotel. We thought it was dated and not the nicest. We didn’t order from their menu but used slip the dishes. The geese and birds woke us up as well! I felt like we were treated well onboard the koningsdam. But the follow up…there’s been none. I have emailed HAL and our TA and haven’t heard from either. Calling HAL is next
  21. Hello just an FYI we had b2b2b booked and tested positive on the second leg. We were on HAL and we asked to stay onboard for our quarantine but we were told we had to quarantine off the ship. Not sure if that was from HAL or the Canadian government.
  22. Hello. Sorry you are in isolation. We went through a similar thing on the koningsdam. We were escorted off ship by stewards in full on hazmat suits. We ended up in a Vancouver airport hotel for 8 days, 2 days quarantine on ship. We have since heard nothing from HAL and don’t see the FCC on our account yet. We have been home for two weeks. We had the exact same letters as you did. hope you have a speedy recovery and get home soon
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