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  1. Good news... it is raining here in Munich ... but I can´t tell you whether and how much it will influence the river levels of the Danube river ... we´ll have to wait and see... steamboats
  2. Here you go. I wrote "sort of closed" as the article mentions that many river cruise ships can´t continue. steamboats
  3. Augsburger Friedensfest - the only public holiday in Germany which is limited to one city. I didn´t try to call my collegues there yesterday :'). notamermaid, NID and HND websites are operated by the Bavarian authorities so I assume they are accurate ;). And as there is only one river gauge measuring the water level all websites should have the same database. steamboats BTW, no rain in Munich yesterday. Let´s see whether the thunderstorms are coming today...
  4. According to an Spiegel online report (German new magazine) the Rhine river is sort of closed to traffic above Mannheim. steamboats
  5. The Dresden steamboats still try to keep up an hour schedule for the sightseeing cruises. But only the Leipzig and the Dresden are able to run at all as they have a lowest draft of all steamboats. August 18th is the annual steamboat parade. So far I can´t see this happen. steamboats
  6. It´s a 20 min walk from Largo della Pace. But Largo della Pace is farther Noth than the 12bis dock. It´s also app. 20 min from 12bis to the train station. Been there done that - both walking parts. I do a lot of walking so I might be fast. Add 5 or 10 min to be on the safe side. But it´s a bit shorter from 12bis than from Largo della Pace. steamboats
  7. I´d say doable if nothing goes wrong. Would I do it - no. steamboats
  8. I hope that Augsburg is still on the Lech river ;) - but at least the Lech river is draining into the Danube river. We had some rain and thunderstorms yesterday in Munich but not enough to get the river level of the Danube river up. Pfelling currently shows 167 cm, 166 cm for yesterday and 162 cm for Monday. Not sure where the PNP got the 158 from. But this might have been for a couple of hours. The data given on the NID website is the daily average. steamboats
  9. So far it seems that only Viking is affected. Their ships draw 1.90 m. steamboats
  10. There´s only one pier she can dock. The cruise port is Môle Léon Gourret / Terminal B, Porte 4. Symphony docks at the outside pier. steamboats
  11. Actually you don´t chose anything from the menu. The waiter asks for allergies. And then he just gets you something from the menu. With a group of 10 you pretty likely get everything. You share the dishes. We had the two nights package for first and second night and had no problem to get Hooked on the first and Wonderland on the second night. steamboats
  12. The HOHO bus is at the Columbus Column and from there you have to take the Port Bus (3.50 Euro single ride). The HOHO bus does not go to the various terminal buildings. The only terminal you can use the HOHO bus it the World Trade Center (WTC) but not for Moll Adossat. steamboats
  13. notamermaid, as far as I remember the Viking longships draw 1.90 m and are the ships with the deepest draft on the rivers. steamboats
  14. The shuttle is still up and running. Sorry, I had a private transfer but I saw the new bus stop when we passed by (May 2018, Symphony of the Seas). RCI asked for 18 Dollars for their shuttle. steamboats
  15. The Scenic Jasper made it from Budapest to Vienna (where the ship is right now). So I can´t see any closure of the river. steamboats
  16. At least they´ve left Budapest yesterday and are currently approaching Bratislava (according to Marinetraffic). steamboats
  17. Not sure which deck plans you´re talking about. On the US website I can see deck plans Aug 5th, 2018 - April 27th, 2019 and May 4th, 2019 - April 25th, 2020 and both show Playmakers on deck 6 / Boardwalk. Same for El Loco Fresh on deck 15. And this has been on the deck plans for months now. I´ve been on for the pre inaugural by the end of March and once more in May. And Playmakers has been on the deck plans by then and in real life on board. steamboats
  18. This thread is about the Helios Class ships. The first ship to come is AIDAnova. AIDAperla and AIDAprima are Hyperion class. But yes, some trips sell pretty fast. Back to AIDAnova... Naming cermony is August 31st in Papenburg. Prior to that the ship will leave the building hall but no date yet except for "midAugust". The river authorities have published that the Ems river will be backed up by September 22nd. So after this date the Ems river conveyance may start. steamboats
  19. No, although the crew does speak English too the onboard language is German only (except for security announcements which are in German and English). As there are rarely any non German speaking guests onboard there won´t be enough people for a tour in English. steamboats
  20. Sabor was never on the Symphony but Playmakers from the beginning. El Loco Fresh replaces Mini Bites / Wipe Out Café. It´s not comparable to Sabor. steamboats
  21. Date is not yet published. But the TA ends Nov 9th in Miami. And I assume the naming cermony will be during a 2 nighter out of Miami. steamboats
  22. Quantum went on a TA to NYC from Southampton (the infamous one as there was a lot of construction still going on). Naming ceremony was in NYC on Nov 14th, 2014, with Kristin Chenoweth as godmother. Anthem was named in Southampton during a pre inaugual cruise on April 20th, 2015, with Emma Wilby serving as godmother. After this pre inaugural the first cruise with passengers followed. steamboats
  23. Free roaming won´t be available for Montenegro as it´s not member of the EU. All other countries are good! steamboats
  24. English Voyager, The video does not show any cruise ship (of any size) but obviously a private tour on a yacht out of Longyearbyen. You can do any kind of tours out of Longyearbyen. But with a cruise ship you´re not allowed to go on land to watch polar bears. BTW we were on the MS Bremen in August 2015 and it was the first trip they were able to go all around Svalbard/Spitzbergen. With a maximum of 200 passengers and crew on land I don´t want to encounter any polar bears but be back on the ship immediately. steamboats
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