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  1. Those computers, always making mistakes. I'll be glad when this whole online fad ends.
  2. Just check a few of the big online agencies. They show all available cabins in real time.
  3. I use whatever card is from whatever I'm doing. On my last SS cruise, I used United CC on United flight, IHG at the IHG hotel, and American on AA flight. Wish I had an SS card for the cruise. I use a Chase Sapphire Reserve otherwise. People seem to be saying here if the had a SS card the would feel they had to use it as their regular card, just put the SS card away until you book your next SS cruise (or cancel it). Oh I just realized most of you use a TA and maybe book D2D so can't do what I was suggesting.
  4. I don't think your argument applies in general
  5. Did you miss the part about the one time credit...just get the card and don't use or cancel after. You can have a CC that you don't use all the time
  6. If they had one, getting it seems like a no brainer...get the spending credit, maybe use it to pay an existing cruise balance, and then put it away until booking your next SS cruise.
  7. I think the new pricing structure that has been put in place for all cruises will be fine tuned/adjusted on a cruise by cruise basis, like lowering single supplements on some, in the near future.
  8. I was available on the in room TV for much/all of the cruise.
  9. If you like small cabins on old ships there's really no contest.
  10. Anyone able to verify it's authenticity?
  11. You wrote "Speaking as one of the many Crystal “fossils”... the only time fossil is used in this thread is when you called yourself one...
  12. 100 days a year...and explora ship had more than 150000 cabin days a year. The big picture is your money is chump change. Your entitled to your opinions, but you frequently make it sound like you are relaying what most people think, whereas, even it this thread, that's obviously not the the case.
  13. I'll be interested to hear about 6088. I have wondered why it is a classic veranda while the other aft facing verandas are premium. It does looks a little different on the deck plan.
  14. What cruise dates and cruise ships are you using for comparison?
  15. One thing is the size of the cabin. Bigger cabins means few cabins on Explora then Vista. Many things are priced by area. Houses, office space, etc. I guess I don't get how you don't understand that some people want larger cabins.
  16. I can understand Canadians being price conscious as $500USD is ~$680CDN
  17. The 2 ships are basically the same size, but Vista has 150 more cabins by making them smaller. I agree, generally, the smaller the cabins the lower the price.
  18. So you waited until all the sales were over, or are you using CDN.
  19. I have 2 Explora cruises booked as a solo (so a higher pp than double occupancy) at $420 and $463 per day and both in OT2 cabins. They would have been $363 and $370 pp/pd double occupancy and less in an OT 1.
  20. This is a P2P solo, I did not pay in full as the discount was only 5% (25% deposit), and I was booking more than a year out. I paid with chase sapphire reserve which offers good cancellation insurance free with use. So, I ended up in an aft facing prem veranda for $479/nt.
  21. Just mention one more time, I book direct.
  22. see post #10 i.e. US (FL)
  23. Keep in mind larger only mean deeper.
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