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  1. To do a northbound you will start in Vancouver and southbound will be Seward. Seattle and Vancouver are the two ports that have round trip itineraries. On the northbound we prefer starboard and southbound port side. Hope this helps!
  2. We sailed YC on Seaside for 2 weeks in July 2018. It was a great experience. YC deluxe rooms are about the size of a JS on the older Royal ships. But the shower is the second best next to the CLS showers on Oasis and Allure. It was great having a drink package and a quiet area to come back to. Loved going all around the ship and doing things, then coming back to a private uncrowded and relaxing top sail lounge. For a nice swim their is a private pool deck and hot tubs. Not needing to worry about chair jogs is also very nice. Having drink package, mini bar, YC restaurant and lounge is the icing on the cake. Our butler was great and we have asked for him for our 2 weeks this June sailing. Butlers service was great but I cant compare it to genie. We are low maintenance so did not ask much. But the service escorting you off ship for shore excursions and return tendering from grand cayman was very nice. It was a much better experience than we had with Liberty this past Oct/Nov sailing in a suite. If you have any questions just ask away and I will help you out. The value of an MSC cruise cannot be beat. But I have to say that the prices for YC are rising. Prices have gone up by almost 50٪ since our last MSC cruise in 2018.
  3. That is a great price for CLS. The CLS are almost triple that price during July.
  4. That much for the star class suites now? Hope to cruise with you and your wife again. With our son in high school, it makes cruising during the summer in CLS a horrible value for us. We are doing 2 weeks on MSC Yacht Club for about 2/3 cost of one week in CLS on Harmony. Figure a grand loft or star loft for 3 would be in the mid 20k range if not more.
  5. On Radiance and Ovation sailing this past July it was very quiet in the CL. The DL on Ovation had a bigger crowd than Radiance. DL and CL on Explorer in 2018 were also very quiet.
  6. DL on Grandeue is not big but has a good aft view. Where it makes sense is when the overflow is in the South Seas Lounge. Plenty of seats and great view with the SSL.
  7. Yes I have a feeling they aren't tipping $1 a can or order. But to spend thousands to save $20 is incomprehensible to me. A lot of work and you have the chance that a can of soda can always pop and make a mess. Brings to my mind the saying of penny smart but pound foolish.
  8. Some people just amaze me. Two 36 pack of sodas from Costco will run you $20. If you can't afford a $20 maybe they should not spend thousands cruising. I have to fly home so would not be doing this. Also tip a $1 a drink so it would cost more than buying the soda outright and save the hassles.
  9. Just of 3 weeks on Serenade. I would say the DL overflow would give you unopened cans. But this would also be dependent on bartender. I saw people who had no problem stockpiling unopened cans of beer and soda.
  10. We have cruised with Toyal on over 40 cruises and like MSC Seaside.
  11. We had a totally different experience in July 2018 with b2b 14 night cruise. The head butler had the YC guests meet in top sail lounge. He escorted us all down to immigration check in terminal. When CBP were done, he escorted us right back on ship. We decided to explore the ship since it was empty but he escorted the other YC b2b to top sail or their cabins.
  12. No sommelier on our Seaside cruise July 2018 for 2 weeks. Hope there is one to recommend wine pairings when we board this june on Seaside.
  13. Serenade had them for sale on our second cruise on a b2b on day 8. First cruise did not have drink cards for sale.
  14. Wish we were cruising those days. Having started cruising only 5 years ago we did not get the diamonds in December or qualify for conversion. Do get suite points but no solo points so far. Will try booking one in a JS and the other in inside cabin with solo supplement to see if it is feasible for our trips.
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