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  1. I dont get looking at age when entering the CL. It could be a suite guest for all you know. Also my son has never had a problem in the CL. But he has had some nasty looks and comments in the DL. We just brush it off and enjoy ourselves. Have no problems as he has over 250 cruise points himself. I just wish he would be able to get his own D+ gifts. Seems unfair that he made D+ with his own points at 11 and has the same C&A gifts as when he sailed 5 years ago as a gold.
  2. I personally love the aft facing CLS for the people watching. Also balconies are deeper so larger than the side facing cls. Hope to see you and the wife again on another cruise. No oasis class booked so far this year and 2020. Have been sailing the smaller ships with longer itineraries. But have a few b2b 7 day cruises booked this year. Will be in Alaska next month, then liberty in Oct. Then back to serenade next Feb. What is your itinerary like?
  3. Has been pretty consistent for about a year to see the 30% off for d+ members, it is usually off the full price of a n packagae which is i think $64.99
  4. I agree. Have been doing this for almost 5 years now. Priceless in not having to dispute phantom charges.
  5. Same thing for us. After the first cruise, went with cash account. 35 cruises later and have never had a mysterious charge appear after getting off the ship 😃 Works for us.
  6. Have never had a genie. But suite boarding is generally right after or before pinnacles from my experiences. If you arrive that early, the time difference is less than 5 minutes between the first group and next group to start boarding.
  7. Actually it is b2b, pinnacle, suites, etc from my experience. Time difference between b2b and suites gets called for boarding...probably 5 minutes or less.
  8. Is the top pic and 3rd pic of two different rooms? The first pic, there is a larger coffee table and loveseat. The 3rd pic is of a smaller chair and small round table.
  9. We only got one luggage tag for the both of us. No loss as they are pretty flimsy and don't look like they would last long.
  10. For the July 5th cruise Ifly and Northstar opened up May 28 or 29 for bookings online.
  11. Would you mind sharing who you used for the DIY cruise tour? July will be our second trip to Alaska but first doing a 6 day post cruise tour through royal. I know we will be back in 2021. Know that this time we will have a feeling for what we would like to do ourselves so will not be doing a tour through royal. Would like to do our own itineraries but would like the help of a professional. My email is brotherspaintball at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance
  12. Our last cruise on serenade was 3 nights for $69. Was able to purchase it for both cruises of a b2b for $69 for 3 nights. Although the cheapest it has been is $75 for 3 nights on our Alaska cruise in July.
  13. You only get one code when you buy a 2,3 or 4 device package. You only get multiple codes if you buy the one device package. Or sail in a sky or star suite on oasis and quantum class.
  14. The royal burger. Also I have found it on the room service menu.
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