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  1. Same experience I had on Seaside in 2017. Had to wait in line and put down deposits for 4 more cruises. There was no rep in YC at that time to do a booking with. A few months ago, I had to move two cruises to a few weeks earlier than booked onboard. MSC would not let me move cruises to the new dates and keep the onboard booking deposit and OBC. MSC said he only way to do this was I would have to cancell my bookings made onboard and put down new deposits. I dont care about leaving a larger deposit as we have to pay in the end anyhow. But I wanted the $200 OBC from booking onboard. MSC rep said that I would not be getting the OBC since this is a new booking was not done onboard. So even booking onboard for the perks, you might not get it if you have to move sailing dates.
  2. Did not know that. My child has never had his card punched since he started cruising at 8 years old. But we did not start cruising till 2014 so royal must have stopped doing that.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Especially since my son has 260 points in his own right. I can see not giving perks based on parents status. But if children have enough of their own cruise points, they should get the benefits. Of course they would not get the alcoholic and gambling benefits because of age. But internet, laundry and 3 non alcoholic drinks should be loaded on their seapass.
  4. Booking onboard with MSC future cruise gets $200 obc for YC bookings.
  5. Even if booked in the US you would not be able to get a price drop without cancelling. You are within the 90 day final payment date.
  6. We were lucky and sailed this on freedom when she added those cabins about 4 years ago. I loved that cabin because I could see the ocean go by in the comfort of ac. Our favorite non suite cabins on freedom class ship. I am like you and dont use balconies often because of the heat. Room is a little larger than balcony rooms but loved the views the most. And with it being $500 cheaper than a balcony is a no brainer IMO.
  7. Once we arrive at the embarkation terminal and drop off our luggage.
  8. We love the art facing CLS also. Favorite is 1730 on Oasis and Allure. I should have taken John's advice and wrote a complaint about noise directly above us for a couple nights during our 2017 halloween cruise. Found out from stateroom attendant that Halloween decorations were stored above our cabin. Maybe I would have gotten some FCC 😈 for being woken up at 3am a couple of times.
  9. Worse is the drive from Orlando to Port Everglades or Miami and back. Did that a few times since we are theme parks enthusiasts. Flying 11k+ miles roundtrip we try to do multiple things in Florida.
  10. Yes, now 36 years later, you answered why I didn't use Compuserve. As a kid that didn't have two pennies to rub together, I definitely couldn't pay for online access. My first computer was a hand me down vic 20 and peripherals donated by my cousin when he upgraded. Brings back great memories and a much simpler time.
  11. I pay about a week before final payment. If it is b2b then I pay the second cruise same time as the first cruise. The second cruise I could be paying 3 weeks in advance on a b2b. As others have said, I would rather have the money in my pocket until I have to pay the cruise line. Now if Royal had the same pay early deal and get $200 OBC from 2 years ago, I would be paying early all the time.
  12. Glad to know that if we make it to P I would not have to buy the Surf and Stream package.
  13. Do P members get the plain surf or surf and stream? Just wanted to know. Sailing Sky class get surf and stream but wonder what P members get when not sailing GS or higher. Thanks
  14. Wow you were high tech for he 80's. I remember starting off with cassette tapes as the storage media. Having a computer with 64 kilo bytes was living large back in the early to mid 80's. I remember upgrading to 5 1/4 inch floppys as the best. Didn't have to wait forever for the tape drive. I remember going to my friends house and seeing his apple 2c and thinking he has got it made. Dont remember a hard drive being around those days. But we were middle school kids who could only dream and definitely not be able to buy those kinds of peripherals.
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