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  1. Couple months ago the deposit was $398 for each week of our b2b cruise Seaside YC June 2020. MSC wouldn't let us move our cruises already booked on board seaside last year. We had to get our deposit refunded and then pay$398 per week deposit instead.
  2. I suggest you give as much luggage to porters as possible. There is a pretty good walk to get on ship. You check in on the lower level. Walk to elevators and go up a level to check in. Goto checkin the walk back where you came from then outside the building. Go back down a level to clear customs. Then wait in an area to board ship. Also there was no c&a area for the different levels to board. Port personnel boarded on a first come first on principle. That was my experience on Radiance on our July 12 sailing out of Vancouver.
  3. I did not post or ask what stateroom you were in. You posted that there was one inside YC room left. Here is what you posted that brought about my question.
  4. Thanks, that is what I recall also. I am wondering as this was posted
  5. I didn't think Davina had inside Yacht Club rooms. What is their booking category?
  6. Allure had helipad sail away and Oasis had the suite lounge reception with officers. Or it was the other way around.
  7. Just my luck. Will be on Liberty for 14 nights in Oct. Was hoping to try the limited lunch menu and how it compares to CK on the Oasis class. Heres hoping they go back to a limited menu for lunch by Oct.
  8. That seems like the same upcharge items from 2018. I am happy with the I cluded drinks and don't need to upgrade to premium plus. I drink New Amsterdam Vodka from Royal so the included Grey Goose is fine for me. What about the crepes and milk shakes from Venchi? With regards to the Nov changes, I wondered why my TA said MSC would not move the deposit over to new dates. I had to get. A refund of our on board bookings and leave a new deposit. So lost out on $200 OBC per cruise because of that and I take it a slightly less All Inclusive drink package? What is the difference between the pre Nov drink package and the post Nov drink package? Thanks
  9. Yes no muster drill for b2b cruisers, even if you are not in the same cabin.
  10. Watch out it is very addicting! We mainly cruise Royal and after our first b2b 4 years ago, we our now hooked. 7 days just gets us started into the vacation mode. Sailed Seaside July 2018 b2b and our next cruise this coming June will be b2b as 7 days is just not enough.
  11. We had Lezzle for two weeks July 2018. He adopted our son like his brother. My son messages him every so often. He said that he will be on Seaside till Dec as he just started his new contract a month or two ago. It is important for my son to have him as our butler this coming June.
  12. Ok. If you get the Freedom I would trade it. Thanks
  13. I have a Radiance block to trade for a Freedom block. Thanks
  14. Hi there. Sailed our first Seaside YC cruise in July 2018. Will be back on in July 2020 and have read about some changes. I just want to know what has changed in regards to getting drinks at Venchi Chocolates and the Gelato Bar by the Miami Pool? I used to get some cocktails at the Champagne bar, are they still included? I also read that YC guests have to pay to zipline now. How much is it and is there still a cabin price for the cruise? Just want to be sure what is included now with the changes. With the book before Nov 2018 grandfather clause, I understand why MSC would not let me move the deposit to different sailing. I had to cancell for a refund and leave a new deposit. Thanks for your answers.
  15. Sorry the previous passengernparty had been gone for about 2 years. They just have a loyalty party now for platinum and above.
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