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  1. We did just that this past July. We were doing a S2S (side to side)Ovation and northbound on Radiance. Instead of disembarking in Seattle and then driving back north to Vancouver, we left the ship in Victoria. You have to arrange it in advance as the ship needs to notify Canadian immigration. We also could not disembark until 11:30am. Then you have to go through Canadian customs at the pier. We toured Victoria until the afternoon then took the V2V high speed ferry to Vancouver. Ride was very smooth and seats were very comfortable. A little wider than domestic first class seats on United (non lie flat). Ferry was empty and service was friendly and attentive. Great sightseeing.
  2. Where would you recommend? Wife and I will be staying northend of ocean in south beach from Jan 31 to Feb 7. We have would like to go to restraunts where the locals eat. Most of the eateries we have been to over the years is within walking distance on Collins Avenue and Lincoln road mall. Willing to drive also as we have a vehicle. Like to enjoy non touristy places and love steak. Thanks
  3. Hi there Dennis. Make sure to report back as we will be stopping at OC in June. Actually twice as we are on a b2b. Enjoy your cruise and time with your wife.
  4. Got off Liberty last month. There was breakfast every morning in Giovannis. For lunch you could sit in Giovannis with your plate windjammer. There was no lunch being served in Giovannis. Or was it Chops? It was the eatery to the port side as you enter windjammer.
  5. Congrats. Did you get the benefits on the cruise you made D or the cruise after?
  6. Glad they have a section for YC passengers now. When we sailed last year there was no reserved seating. I figured it was an Italian thing and MSC didn't want to follow the other lines in regards to reserved seating in the theatre for their YC guests.
  7. 5 blocks and have never received one at the top tier party. Even on Radiance this past July when there were very low numbers of d and above onboard.
  8. I agree. You can cut the alcoholic drinks at Venchi and no lobster tails at the pool grill but I enjoy that mini bar. Everyone has different priorities in what they want out of YC experience. Dont think I would pay to upgrade to premium plus so I can raid the mini bar. For $17 per person per day I can bring those snacks onboard. Also fine with included alcohol to YC passengers and no need for the upgraded liquors.
  9. Hope there is still stocked mini bar when we board in june for 14 nights. Might be something small but my son and I did enjoy it while sitting in room late at night and just wanted something to munch on. Enjoy your cruise on Seaside!
  10. That's how it worked when we boarded Liberty a couple weeks ago.
  11. Going on Meraviglia? Hope you two are doing well. We will be on Seaside from june 13-27 if you are looking for a cruise 😉. Couldnt change the next cruise booking that we booked onboard last year. Rep said the only way to change sailings(we sail 2 weeks earlier) was to cancell and rebook. So lost the $200 obc (for YC booked onboars)and cost about $1100 more each week. Still cheaper than sailing royal junior suites but MSC shoreside service is horrible. Hope to cruise with you and Jose again.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. Will report back in June when we board Seaside again. Glad they have fresh pasta at the pool now. Pic above is the Seaside YC director (forgot his name). Is he still onboard Seaside or did he move to another ship?
  13. I take it that Venchi gelato is not included in YC any more unless you upgrade to Prem+? Keep hearing different things. Last year cruising Seaside we had no problems getting gelato from Venchi. But we did have problems getting crepes the first week but were able to the second week. Will be cruising Seaside in a few months so just wondering. It could also change by the time we cruise in June. Thanks
  14. We were also on that cruise. Great Halloween costumes and party on the promenade. Unfortunately or fortunately we did not have any water problems for the 2 weeks in our cabin. That is a pretty good NCC for not asking over some water that didn't really affect you. Enjoy your future cruise with that credit! Wish one of our bathrooms had a leak of fresh water.
  15. Before our first Seaside cruise last year we have only done Royal. We enjoy MSC for their product of YC. The only thing Royal has comparable to YC would be Star class on Oasis and Quantum ships. For the same price I would rather cruise 4 weeks in YC balcony than 1 week in a Grand Loft suite. The YC balcony is comparable to the size of a JS on Royal without the walk in closet. However the YC shower is very nice. Not as nice as the crown loft suite showers on Oasis class though. You have the right attitude of being open minded and enjoy MSC. Do not go around comparing it to Royal. We look forward to boarding Seaside again in June after 2 years of cruising Royal. Enjoy your cruise and come back to report on it. If you see butler Lezle, please tell him we look forward to his great service for 14 nights in June!
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