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  1. I have a buy limit set in the upper $20's. Dont need more RCL stock but at that price, would be worth buying more. Stock market is a legal form of gambling for us folks here in the 50th state. Although you can do your research on companies and make an educated guess. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. I cant believe the stock went from $19.50 in March to the prices we have today. Aren't we all happy to have bought on this price drop? Never in the past 5 years would I have seen RCCL or any cruise stock sink to the lows in March. See you all onboard when the sailings resume! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. I think NCLH has the best balance sheet of the 3 (CCL, NCLH & RCL) in terms of reserves and cash burn. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. Waiting patiently on the side for a drop. I believe the 3.8bn in credit line propped up the stock for now. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. I'll just wait patiently. Waited all these years to buy because I was not going to buy RCL in the triple digit range. There were other companies with better PE ratios and dividends. At these price levels, I am willing to take a small gamble and hope the company rebounds. If not, then we will see RCL declaring Chapter 11 in about 18 months or so.
  6. Bought some earlier and have a buy limit order if RCL drops to $14.50. Still waiting and cant believe that the stock is so high right now. That 2.2bn infusion and feds saying economy stimulus plan is causing these swings up. I will just sit patiently and wait. If not and I an wrong, I was able to buy RCL and CCL shares at a low point. Now I can get my shareholders OBC on both lines. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. Bought some shares this past Thursday when a buy limit hit $28. Have another buy limit at $16.50 for RCL. Went to the dark side and invested in CCL also.
  8. only on oasis and quantum class ships. OP what ship are you sailing on? but either way I say keep the GS and lose the Key.
  9. Yes. Would need 200 sharws in joint account for 2 cabins to get discount.
  10. If you have at least 200 shares that have both persons name on it, you can get credit for two seperate cabins. As long as there is a shareholder in each one. Ie cant have both shareholders in one cabin and get credit for a different cabin.
  11. Luminous Cruise out of Japan filed for bankruptcy this past monday.
  12. I haven't been on Grandeur and Enchantment for years(about 4). But I remember the Grandeur had the DL in the back of the south seas lounge and on Enchantment the DL was above the VCL? Maybe the CL are the same and in that small room off to the port side of VCL?
  13. He kept apologizing and saying that it was a directive from Miami. I am pretty sure it was awkward for him to kick out the couples that had lounge access the few cruise before the directive from Miami. Then he had to go and ask them to leave on the Jan 10 cruise when they had access the weeks before. Pretty sure that the way it was handled for those D+ cruisers was not gracious and left a sour taste. It does for me. So I will vote with my wallet. Will be doing 2 weeks on Seaside YC and another 2 weeks with NCL Haven. Instead of me taking those 4 cruises with royal will be looking at others. Pretty sure Royal will not miss my $$. Also buying Royal stock if it drops to my buy price.
  14. Hi there. Let me guess you got cabin 9256? 🥳 Yes Mario was very nice and pretty frustrated of the directive from Miami. Still loved the cruises especially the southern Caribbean to Colon, Cartagena etc. as we have never been to those ports. Then Junior turned a bad situation in the DL during HH into and awesome experience.
  15. My favorite Warren Buffet quote that I have used as my investing principle. "Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful". Has worked very well for me. Used it for the first time when I started investing in stocks during 1990's. I also only invest in what I know. With that last statement, I missed out on some great companies like Amazon but did ok with Ebay and others. Unfortunately first cruise was in 2015 so missed out on Royal stock in the single digits. Although one of my best investments has been buying Costco at $6 a share back in 1996 pre split. Last used this during the 2009 recession and housing collapse. What has worked in the past does not guarantee future returns. Though that principle has worked for me these past 30 years. I am also waiting to buy Royal stock if it drops into the 50's. And I am thinking if this covid19 lasts, it should happen.
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