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  1. Yes we sure do 😉 I believe I have met her and her husband on a previous cruise. Does she live in Las Vegas with her husband? Can't remember if I met them on Oasis class or Serenade last year. Did you meet them recently?
  2. Royal will rename Diamond Lounges into Concierge Lounges. That would follow the evolution of changing CL into SL. That way Royal C&A are not "taking" away benefits from D cruisers.
  3. Sorry only poker table I saw was the 3 card poker. There is texas hold'em and black jack.
  4. Sorry and I stand corrected. If we meet on a royal cruise, I'll buy you a drink.
  5. Ok thanks. Got it. Sometimes I have seen people giving those people hell. Dont understand that, you are D or above and have access or do not. What is there to argue with the door checker about?
  6. Were you a room steward? Just wondering what diamond doors mean. As a D+ with over 350 points I don't refer to myself as D++. To the young man that gets questions about access to DL. Sometimes when people ask me I just say that I followed someone in since the food looked good. Or more than not, I just ignore them and look for their reaction when concierge greats me. Not a cruisers place to police the lounge. Also had it happen to me in CL and SL so it is not because people have attained D. Some people are just busy bodies and like to stick their noses in other people business.
  7. Windjammer and parc cafe has iced tea. Decent is subject to interpretation.
  8. Saw 3 card poker last night. Will check if there are any others.
  9. There is a sign at exit to safari lounge saying there is no removal of food or drinks.
  10. First time ever for me in DL, CL or SL there were onion rings for happy hour. Very delicious and enjoyed for the first time onboard without going to Johnny Rockets. Bartender mentioned that it was from JR but there is none on Serenade. Has anyone else encountered onion rings for apps during happy hour?
  11. Glad I didn't get it then. Didn't want to drink as I did happy hour on ship till we got off at 7pm.
  12. Why not? Sitting in aruba at Lucy's bar and grill eating a burger with Serenade across the water. Got in at 430pm and wanted to get a flame grilled burger. After 15 nights on Serenade, eating burgers in windjammer, I was craving a burger cooked with a flame!
  13. So now we know who to blame for losing access to the CL 😉!
  14. I have had to fly across the pacific for every cruise I have taken. Dont even want to count what I have spent for flights, car service, rental cars and pre cruise hotels for our cruises. But I have enjoyed every cruise and am lucky to be able to cruise 60+ days a year.
  15. I have spent at least that much on our cruises with Royal for our family of 3. We tend to cruise in suites but when it is just the wife and it has been everything from insides to suites. Just depends on what we feel what is a good value.
  16. 15 days on Serenade and no mozzarella sticks at happy hour. The travesty of not finding those deep fried cheese nibbles!
  17. Mac hope to see you and your wife on Royal or MSC. Havent cruised MSC since 2018 but will be back on this June for 2 weeks on Seaside. Cabins are definitely smaller than CLS but the service and Yacht Club enclave makes up for smaller stateroom. The match status is great as you get 5% off.
  18. Thanks I do. Just got off two weeks on Liberty and enjoyed the suite lounge for two weeks. On ships that have SL I have booked them for the past 3 years as a D+. Those with CL I have used my C&A perk. When I booked Serenade it was not called a SL.
  19. Why not just say access for D+ in suite lounge on select ships? Then send out letters that say to enhance your cruise access will be restricted? In your mind it would be fine to promise and not deliver because you have an exclusion. Right to do it to customers, yes, but it leaves customers upset. Problem is almost all US sailings as of Jan 10th have banned CL access to D+.
  20. Listing DL access as D and then CL access as a perk of D+ presents a choice by royal. I know that they can change the terms and CONDITIONS as it is their program and we are just members. Well just take away access to CL for D+. This is where I have a problem. CL access is still LISTED as a perk for D+. Dont list it as a perk and then send out letters to passengers on myany US sailings stating to enhance our cruise you get a coffee and loss of use of CL.
  21. I am enjoying the overflow in Safari Club on Serenade. Superior location to CL by all means. I will adapt and be fine with no access to CL like the SL on other ships. What else can we D+ do but accept the verdict. Does not mean I will have to agree as they still tout that perk. Just don't like a perk that is advertised and now taken away sneakily. Would rather Royal say the perk is gone then send a letter saying they are enhancing my trip by deleting access to CL. Worse part is they keep the letters coming sailing after sailing on the same ship.
  22. Dont worry as we feel very different about this situation. You are ok with the empty promise of a perk, while I am not. To each their own.
  23. If you havent done status match yet and plan to do it. D+ is no longer matched to black but to the MSC middle tier Gold status. This changed sometime last year. It used to be D and higher got black status match. Now it is D and D+ to gold and P to black.
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