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  1. Luckily I have a Surpass free weekend night certificate 😉
  2. Great post. As a cruiser on royal and having cruised on seaside for 2 weeks, I would have to agree with your assessment. I found seaside in the non YC area to be very crowded. Enjoyed MSC and the price point enough to be cruising her again in mid june for a b2b. As you mentioned, when the YC value is not there, we will reassess then.
  3. Ok thanks all. Will check out the Conrad when we are in Miami on our Jan/Feb trip.
  4. On the new MSC ships that are to be YC only everyone onboard will be. I didn't set the number of days to cruise on MSC to get Black status. Just put into perspective the number of cruises we would need to achieve Black status without match. Which is 50% less cruise nights in a suite to achieve Diamond on Royal (which is the 3rd highest tier).
  5. Hi there. I will be sailing out of Miami on June 13 on MSC Seaside. There is just 3 of us and we have the Conrad Miami booked. Would any other Hilton be a better choice? We will be flying into MIA the afternoon before and will just Uber or Lyft to hotel. Have never gotten a hotel near cruise port. All of our previous Miami trips we have been at the Hilton Grand Vacations South Beach Mcalpin location. Just want to stay in the Hilton family of hotels for this night. Not price conscious for this one night just want to have a nice room. Shopping within walking distance would be a bonus for the wife. Thanks for your help.
  6. You could have joined us in a cabin on deck 17 😉 The Crown Loft are amazing if you are ok dealing with stairs. Will be back on seaside on june 13 if you want to join us. There are still YC1 and YIN cabins available. I wanted to book the royal suite but it was only open for one week. Wife said she will not switch rooms for a b2b. My son asked me to email msc to request the same butler. Son still messages with him from time to time. We even booked the same room on deck 16. I like being just a few doors down from the top sail lounge. Have a great cruise on whatever ship you two choose!
  7. We were on seaside last summer for 14 nights. We tried butchers cut for dinner one day and for lunch another day. There were 3 of us in the cabin but all three are black. There was no charge for the 3 of us eating in BC.
  8. To make it to black card status does not take very many cruises. You book 1 week in YC you get 1500 points. Book 3 more YC 7 day cruises onboard and you will have 9000 more points. Agent told me double points for on board bookings. So four 7 day YC bookings will get you to black card. That is assuming you spend nothing else onboard. With the massages, tours booked through cruise line and other onboard spend we got almost half way to black in 2 cruises.
  9. Keep the ship in good good condition as we board the following week! Ser you on board.
  10. I think getting from D+ to Pinnacle takes forever 😀 If we keep the same level of cruising on Royal it will take us 5 more years before making it to Pinnacle.
  11. My son is 13 now and he still wants to go with us. Wife and I have been doing cruises every jan/feb without him for the past 4 years. He thought he was missing out until being on Radiance this past July. Told me that the ship was boring for him. Reminded him that mom and dad have been sailing on sister ship Serenade in jan/feb. Mentioned he was glad he was not on board with us for those cruises. Said that he would be bored out of his mind for 3 weeks.
  12. That is a great price. Would have done it in a heartbeat if we didn't have to fly almost 6k miles one way to board Allure. Actually checked and our airfare roundtrip would have been more than the cost of the suite. Hope to sail with you and your wife again.
  13. Will be on a b2b also. Will be boarding on Oct 20. What dates are you on board?
  14. Got mystery charges on CC when we used to leave CC. 35+ cruises later since we use cash account and have not had a mystery charge since. We prepay our grats, internet and ships excursions so have minimal charges to pay for onboard.
  15. Great prices you have. Since our YC sailing in 2018 the prices have gone up. This coming June, on Seaside YC, for 3 is about $6k a week. In 2018 sailed b2b in July for $8500 for both weeks. Granted my son is now charged a fee instead of sailing for free but that is only $450 more each week. Total about $3500 more than a year ago so about a 40% increase in price.
  16. Ok just tell me when to mail it out. I have it here sitting on my desk. Our next block will be on Serenade in Jan.
  17. I like my diamond plus perk of $250 off a 7 night sailing on royal in balcony or higher. Free laundry bag for those 11 night cruises comes in handy also. Drinks during happy hour is also something I value weather you drink alcholic deinks or not.
  18. Since you are sailing YC, a lot of the black card status is not needed. You will still get the free dinner for in specialty restaurant, bottle of proseco and invite to black card party. Will only get one chocolate ship and one free pic instead of 2. Not missing out much in my opinion. All three of us are black card members by D+ status match in 2017. But after this summers b2b cruise we will have made black status without the match. Took us about four 7 night cruises in YC. Not as hard or long as accumulating 175 points on royal. Would only be emerald on royal taking four 7 night cruises in a full suite.
  19. We are halfway to Pinnacle and had our first non Royal cruise last year on Seaside in YC. Since sailig on Seaside we have been on 7 Royal cruises and have another 5 more before we board Seaside again in June. MSC is a great value compared to Royal for sure. What we paid for a crown loft suite last Oct would get us almost 2 weeks in YC at the same time. The YC1 cabins are about the same size as JS on royal. The food in YC dining room was better than Coastal Kitchen and the pizza on MSC is way better than Royal. There are lots more to compare but go with an open mind and enjoy yourself. Dont go onboard and compare everything to Royal, MSC is different but the same. I am sure you will enjoy yourself. If we didn't enjoy our first cruise with MSC, we wouldn't have another 2 weeks on Seaside in June. Also we had the best waiter ever in all our cruises on Seaside. We were lucky to have the infamous Arthur.
  20. Wondering which ship this was on? Have been on Seaside for 2 weeks and the sports bar charged for food.
  21. Unfortunately no they do not. The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge looked rather nice from walking around. Also the little pizza parlor next to the main building is not bad. Definitely nicer than the place where we stayed with Royal.
  22. We have cruised Alaska on Explorer, Ovation and Radiance. I will say they all were good and it depends on your family. My son enjoyed Explorer but loved Ovation. He was bored to death on Radiance. My wife and I loved all 3 cruises. They each had their pluses. We just did a northbound Radiance with 6 day land tour. The land tour was SPECTACULAR! We got to go the farthest tours were allowed into Denali. And it was a great clear day and lots of pics. It was so good that we are scheduling our 2022 Alaska trip. Will be going to Vancouver and taking whatever ship north. Then doing our own 7 night land tour(planning to stay a couple nights at a hotel all the way in Denali Park). Then end it by taking a southbound cruise back to Vancouver. Great minds think alike 😉 Did a couple of awesome ATV adventures, ziplining, white water rafting. Had a tour to the artic circle scheduled but it was cancelled due to the fires. Since it was cancelled at 6pm, got a rental car and drove to Chena hot springs to spend the night. It was a beautiful 80 mile drive at 11pm with daylight. Got to see a lot of wildlife on our fairbanks to anchorage drive than the train ride to Denali from seward.
  23. Told my TA that instead of going back to Seattle and driving back to Vancouver day of departure. We would like to just disembark in Victoria and make our own way to Vancouver to board Radiance the next day. Told our TA 2 months before sailing and they said they would get back to me after asking royal. Forgot about all of this until we were in California and at Star Wars land (about 10 days before cruise). Called TA and they contacted Royal. TA said that they were told for me to see guest services on board. First time on Quantum class and went about exploring on boarding day. During happy hour wife reminded me and instead of going to GS, I asked the concierge. She told me me she would take care of it. 2 nights before docking in Victoria, concierge hands me a letter on what to do and she says we are all set. She got a nice tip for her assistance.
  24. Hi there fellow DS! The weather here has been surprisingly HOT and HUMID the past 2 weeks. Lack of trade winds adds to the heat index. We are at low to mid 90's but with the heat index it is up to 97&98 degrees. How is the cruising on the land yacht? The Ovation CL was pretty empty this past July. Never a problem for seats and there was another D+ couple in there most nights. On the Radiance there were 6 P and we were all in the CL for happy hour. But it was never crowded and pretty much just the bartender and concierge by the time first seating for dinner started. On radiance and ovation it would have been even more of a ghost town without the d+ being in there. In another month, I was will see how busy over the course of 2 weeks the SL gets. Will also take that loooong walk over to the starboard side of the VCL and visit the DL also. Whatever fine folks we meet and have conversations with will determine where we go for happy hour. Wonder if liberty has a high contingent of d and above during October?
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