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  1. Lol I should have mentioned Princess as the topic has wandered across the CCL brands
  2. Has anyone found whether the shareholder and Military OBC can be combined again here as it is in the US?
  3. Lol, I got mine but they didn't want my answers when I said I didn't want to say what my income was 😆
  4. Yep, I called them and booked ours as well. It seems that the Hobbiton has cancelled all cruise ship tours this year.
  5. My recommendation for any ship is to approach it with an open mind and remember you are on a cruise, any day at sea is better than one at home 😉 Have fun, enjoy your cruise.
  6. So funny being in one of these cashless venues when the internet goes down though 🤣 Have had the pleasure of being in a cashless store when they had the internet go down and were unable to process any EFT transactions. The amount of angry people holding phones at the register was hilarious, even funnier was the pile of unwanted goods left as customers walked off. They still wouldn't accept the good old folding stuff I had though so my stuff was added to the pile at the checkout. Cashless society ftw.........
  7. That shows you can book on the day we are scheduled to visit. I expect it is likely that they (Princess) are short on busses again like last time we were in NZ.
  8. 105 days out and we just received our tour cancellation from Princess for the Hobbiton today 😞
  9. October 2025 is the Spring sailings and should be out soon the Fall sailings (Mar-Apr) have been out for ages
  10. In this case I am not looking to compare oranges with oranges as I am not looking to compare to my previous experiences. We have sailed mostly with Princess but that is not what I would want to compare it with as we are looking for something different rather than something the same. That is why I frames the question on how others had found their experience on those cruise lines to be not how those experiences compared to Princess for example.
  11. Rest in Peace Mr Gut, may you always find fair winds and following seas.
  12. Oooh Safari suits, now we're talking 😁
  13. I kind of got that impression 🙂 We have been Princess cruisers so far but the last few years we have had enough poor experiences with their service that we are cancelling cruises and looking for new options.
  14. Regent looks interesting, we look forward to hearing about your upcoming cruise 🙂 Silversea also looks interesting but when I look over at their forum it seems a bit of a mixed bag?
  15. We are looking to try some of the smaller lines and are interested in those which are leaning towards the all inclusive. Interested to hear what others have found in their travels to give us some insights as to which lines may suit us best in the future. While looking through the various cruiseline websites it can be interesting to see what seems to be all inclusive at first glance isn't quite when you delve a little deeper. Kind of what we expected but it would be nice to hear some first hand experiences.
  16. Guess the question is how long until the cookies are $$ no matter where you source them? 🤷‍♂️
  17. How does the price compare to the other suites/cabins? Since they never list the Family suite price on the site there is no way for families to get an idea of price comparison so many may not even consider it?
  18. I guess more to the point if Princess is going to offer Free Balcony room offers to Casino guests then they had at least make one category available on the ship regardless of what the lowest category is? Kind pointless offering a prize that doesn't exist on the ship you are offering it on now does it?
  19. Sorry to hear it, seems the next one after yours is still going (for now.......) Guess we will wait and see if ours magically drops off closer to departure 😒
  20. Which cruise are you on Thrak? The Hobbiton is still showing for ours in Jan.
  21. I was wondering about the per cruise addition items and how they represented value based on length of the cruise? It certainly doesn't make a great selling point for packages on longer cruises if there is per cruise items included as you pay a lot more in total for the same benefit compared to a shorter cruise. On the other hand, how are B2B cruises treated? Are they separate and therefore you get an allowance for each like you do for the elite min bar setup?
  22. Not sure I understand this bit? Everything I ever hear about the US is how it is the model Democracy? If the people do not agree with a draconic law why wouldn't it be changed?
  23. Seems about normal for the Aus ones now days. Haven't had a decent one for years........
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