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  1. Is 100 shares what it takes to get the OBC?Do you get the same amount of OBC no matter if you have more stock? What site did you buy thru? I have mutual funds at fidelity, probably just call there?
  2. The covid 19 virus testing is increasing as it becomes available. The reason there are more people testing positive. Only those with symptoms of it or exposed to someone already diagnosed with it are being tested right now. Still most serious or fatal cases have been from nursing homes. The governor cancelled large gatherings of 250 people or more until at least the end of March because we have huge stadiums in Seattle for soccer,football,baseball and indoor arenas for concerts and conventions. I hope that I will be able to leave our state in April to fly to NYC for my cruise, but I don't know...yet!
  3. Unfortunately, there are still assaults whether on land or sea that are never reported. So it is OK to be overly cautious or peculiar if it helps someone feel comfortable traveling as a solo! When not cruising solo, I liked having a magnetic photo on our cabin door....but a few times someone moved it to a different door!! There used to be a cruise critic template to copy onto a magnetic page and then fellow cruisers who had been posting could find each other. Amusing when walking down those long hallways!
  4. So,have you ever done a booking like that?And no penalty when the second pax didn't show? Do you just say "it was after final payment and you couldn't find a replacement"?
  5. I am considering a "nearly" comp on a Holland America ship. Where can I find out which ship is most recently refurbished in dry dock? Thinking of Eurodam or Oosterdam out of Seattle to Alaska. Thanks for any info.
  6. We were on Harmony OS in November 2019 and had lobster tail with a smaller langostino served on our last "elegant" night dinner in the main dining room. The waiter spooned butter over it before taking the shell off....and I think the langostino was the more flavorful. There was no extra charge.
  7. Well,I live close to an intersection of a busy 4 lane road....so I am so looking forward to a solo cabin!! Whatever noise there may be, it sounds wonderful!😊 Thanks for posting the photos and the details,my first solo cabin cruise is the 21 day Panama Canal in April .
  8. I celebrated my retirement this past August/September 2019 (also my 66 bday!) with a Princess connoisseur Alaska land tour first (8 days) and then 7 day cruise southbound. It was wonderful!! Highly recommend it!
  9. I suggest you look at the large online agency that offers quite a few escorted single cruises. I can't name it here(begins with V). I went on two of their cruises and found it was a good way to meet other singles and solos. The TA told me the majority of the groups are over 50 yo.
  10. That won't sway me! I believe most of the negatives were from when it first opened and when people are mad they are taking the time to complain. I am only staying there one night pre-cruise in April and only @18 hrs. I want to see it, and I think it may be my only time staying there since I would prefer something in Manhattan if I had more time.
  11. We were on RCCL Harmony OS in November and they served escargot AND lobster tail with a langostino next to it...pouring butter on it if wanted! In the main dining room. I also had salmon that was cooked perfectly in the MDR. Now I am thinking of researching where the best seafood restaurants(in ports) for seafood will be on my Bliss cruise thru the Panama Canal in April,since it doesn't look like I will get enough seafood on the ship! On the Princess ships that I have cruised the last several years(2019,'18,'17,'16)both Alaska and the West Coast trips, we enjoyed The Crabshack as a specialty restaurant. They serve a bucket of King crab legs and shrimp.
  12. Nancy,I think your "I"ll be right back" sign is great! The fact that you do come right back shows that you are considerate of others. So I think it is thoughtful. My friend and I were on a recent Princess cruise and left our books on the table by the window, thinking that would make it obvious that we were in the buffet line and were coming back. We weren't gone long and when I came back, I did a double take...did I forget which table? No, someone else sat down...because the tables around still had dirty dishes! But then they apologized for not noticing our books!
  13. Or you can get a reservation for a day room at the TWA hotel at JFK airport.It is interminal 5. As you know everything takes longer to get to because of traffic and security. They have a pool on the roof and maybe? a hot tub plus there is a Constellation aircraft for a bar! Check out the website, they may have a baggage check without getting a room also...
  14. I went on two of my solo cruises thru the agency that offers escorted singles cruises. The first one I paid for my own balcony cabin because i really couldn't picture sharing a cabin with a stranger(in my 60's). I had a good time but didn't spend as much time in my cabin or balcony as i had when traveling with my family. The second time I decided on the roommate match and also had a good time. The agents somehow did a good job with that. I believe there were around 250 singles in our groups (mostly females and most over 50 yo). Dining tables were reserved for our group (open seating) and private parties and excursions...all optional of course. I am widowed and not looking to get married again but I met a gentleman on my Alaska singles cruise who also is a widower and loves to travel! We have been dating for 5 years now and have been traveling and cruising together! I am going on a solo Panama Canal cruise this April. i think my friend might be "cruised out"....if there is such a thing!
  15. Wow! WYB! I am impressed with how well you figured that out. I will keep your info in hopes to do something like that in my future world of cruising! Are you renting out your house while you are gone for 41 days?
  16. Try calling the NCI reservation phone number. I live in the USA but got this credit card thru the res agent transferring me to that dept when I finished my booking. The new card arrived a week later! Maybe it IS because the cards are thru Bank of America.Ask if they have a Canadian equivalent since they do have cruises in and out of Canada.
  17. I am also considering a studio cabin. Is there a closet and can you slide your suitcase under the bed? Thanks!
  18. My thought(sort of kidding) is to get rid of all the lounge style chairs around the pools because they are a safety hazard, but allow cruisers to place their towels on the hard deck and then have attendants available to help those who can't get back up after they sit down! I would like to "people watch" that! Ha,ha!
  19. I have been doing weight watchers also and losing slowly, up and down the same two pounds...not quite getting to a 10 lb loss with a 25 lb goal loss. I have had a number of trips that keep distracting me from my goal weight. So, now (3 weeks ago) I decided to try fasting 16 hours and then eating my points during the remaining 8 hours. It is working for me. I have lost 3&1/2 lbs! Next week we are going on the Princess Connoisseur Land and Cruise Tour (2 weeks)and I will get back into the WW lifestyle (remember it isn't called a diet anymore!) So, during the fast, you can drink non calorie beverages and of course also include sleeping. I am not working, so I have been doing fasting from 9PM-1PM but could change that timing if I want to. good luck,and even if you lose .04 lbs, it is still a loss!!
  20. I am doing the Intermittent Fasting for five days this week,beginning today! I have been yo-yo dieting while trying to do weight watchers and am tired of losing the same 5 lbs up and down! "Delay, Don't Deny" was out of stock,(except for Kindle),so I bought "The Dubrow Diet" and am doing their red carpet ready phase 1 to jump start my metabolism! I will be home this week so should be able to focus on this! I will fast (except water or no cal beverages are allowed)from 9PM-1PM(a 16 hr fast) and then 1pm-9pm refuel with food and a protein shake. I could change the hours but am trying what the authors suggest for my first time trying this.
  21. i guess I walked further than I remembered two years ago!
  22. Also there is a Walgreens pharmacy across the street from the terminal...maybe a block to the right. Large wine section and any toiletry or souvenirs.
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