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  1. I basically book all of my own trips. I then transfer the, to my TA. I do this more out of loyalty as I have used this person for at least 20 years. This person stuck it out all through COVID, not getting paid and handling my cruises. I am currently in the process of confirming another booking which will then be transferred to her.
  2. I have always prepaid that way any charges to my onboard account are highlighted. I have found this makes it lest complicated. YMMV
  3. This is normally my sweet spot for a balcony although with current price trends this may be a good deal. I have just booked two TA (inside) for the fall at approximately this price point for the fall. Orlando to Lison and Barcelona to Orlando for a similar price.
  4. The beginning of the post was somehow lost.
  5. all CCVI am sure RCCL is analyzing CCV around the bars to see where the booze was coming from. I am saddened by this but unfortunately this is where we are as a country and society today. I think we need to start taking vare of each other even if they are strangers.
  6. Did people actually miss the ship? Reading this thread I am not sure.
  7. DW and I were on L of S from 10/31 to 11/10. the trip was fine although the MDT food was inconsistant. Ice show best entertainment.
  8. We arrived in Boston September 24.
  9. DW and I just returned from the 12 day repositioning cruise on Seranade of the Seas. We were able to pick up and Uber right outside the terminal in Boston.
  10. I have done this on many trips since the restart. I have stopped as we are now Diamond and I have been able to make do with the 8 drinks I get for both of us. You do have to call.
  11. I have been able to get Sprite Zerlo on Seranade which did not have the machines. You have to ask at any bar.
  12. DW and I are on SOS for the first time on the Tampa to Boston repositioning cruise. I an interested if they will doing work during this trip.
  13. =I have use them on my five cruises in 2021[2022 and most of the crew liked them or made no comment. I had I bartender on Anthem that loved them as he had a collection of over 600. I use them to identify myself for future visits.
  14. Dw and I were on Oasis in July. We also were disappointed in the quality of the food in the MDR. The service was not good as the staff was overworked and undertrained (lots of new people0. We actually went to the WJ for dinner one night and someone recognized us an asked what the problem was. We told her our concerns and she invited us back to the MDR the next night. They improved after that. Our best meal was playmakers food and service outstanding. I thought the ship was too big and too crowded. I am looking forward to our next trip 12 days Seranade Tampa to Boston.
  15. DW and I are booked on the repositioning cruise Tampa to Boston in September. I would not think any work going on that trip. Our first time on Seranade.
  16. I and DW went through Cape Liberty 5 times last year. They checked my two bottles twice once they looked at the caps and once they found a knife I had on the cruise before when I had oxygen bottles in my carry on. YMMV at Cape Liberty 220 days to my next cruise. Tampa to Boston.
  17. I would like to know how many of the cabins each room steward has is more than two people?😂
  18. My experience is that you drop your luggage and whomever is with you then you drive either to the garage or to outside parking. DW and I have used a travel service for precruise hotel stay which includes parking and car service to and from the cruise port. This has worked for all our cruises this year.
  19. I am on the Serenade of the Seas 12-night repositioning cruise from Tampa to Boston September 2023. This is also my next cruise after five this past year.
  20. DW and I were on the Oasis in July. The library was open and had a good number of books.
  21. I have booked Enchantment for an 8 niter out of Baltimore in March of next year. I have used Trinity Reservations for sailings out of Bayonne several times this year and have had a very positive experience. I will be using them for this upcoming cruise.
  22. I have just booked the 12 night repo cruise on Seranade Tampa to Boston September 2023. I have a JS for what you would normally pay for a balcony.
  23. I have used Trinity Reservations service three times this year. They offer a package rate for one night hotel stay, parking and car service to and from the cruise port. I drove from RI and was very happy with the service. The hotels were not close to any eateries.
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