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  1. We Boomers can simply sail on other more traditional (and less expensive) Celebrity ships if we don't like the direction of Edge.
  2. Jazz, It is really hard to beat the CS on M-Class. What a great space! Hopefully on refurbishment they won't change it too much. If they could add a slightly wider balcony and redesign the tub area in the bathroom. I would be very happy. It would be my favorite suite on Celebrity ships!
  3. Celebrity needs to attract a younger crowd for their long-term survival. Get them cruising and establish brand loyalty if possible. Somebody has to replace us older folks over time. We won't be here forever last I checked!
  4. Yes Jazz I agree with you but I usually find music on the ship somewhere to my own personal taste. Other paying passengers apparently do like some of the high energy loud music. I have really no issue with that. I enjoy walking right through the Silent Disco without having to listen to it. I tend to avoid the venues with DJ's. But some of the house bands are enjoyable and there are scattered soloists and duets here and there playing quieter music to my liking.
  5. OK if that is your interpretation of the comments so far, from a few marketing cruises, then you would be not inclined to spend money for Edge since you have come to the conclusion that she is poorly planned. That is your choice and there are other ships out there perhaps perfect for you. I do wish you well in your sailings. All I'm saying is that I'm sailing a regular 7 day Edge itinerary in January and I will decide for myself as well as wait a decent period of time and read all balanced reviews from actual passengers on Edge. Then I will decide if Edge-Class is for me or not.
  6. TeeRick

    Captain's Club Events on the Edge

    Thanks for posting this info!
  7. Agree not a fair evaluation yet. It is based on a few short introductory cruises. A lot of early growing pains. There will be some ability to assess and make changes upcoming. Let's see the ratings after 6 months of sailing regular 7-night itineraries. I think that would be a fair evaluation period.
  8. Jazz and hcat- perhaps you will come back after you have sailed Edge and comment on the perceived noise and glitz. I did understand the comment. I just don't see Edge being in the same category as the activity and noise oriented mega RCCL ships (or Carnival or NCL for that matter). I expect it to be a quieter and more refined experience. But not completely dead either. Celebrity is trying to attract a younger more refined cruiser, so they need to have a balance providing some nightlife and entertainment and excitement. It is evolving. I'm sure you can find quiet on Edge or any other Celebrity ship. If it has evolved beyond our tastes there are a lot of other cruise lines and ships out there. One will provide a product to our liking I'm sure.
  9. I'm not sure if I have ever seen hooks for coats and jackets on any Celebrity ship other than inside closets. Or is my memory failing me?
  10. That seems unusual compared to other ships. Luminae usually is very accommodating and will retrieve whatever wine or drink that you desire. In this case they had the wine in Normandie so it was stocked on the ship. It sounds like growing pains with the service. Again something that could be easily corrected hopefully. Did you relate this story back to the Luminae Maitre' D once you found the wine in Normandie?
  11. That is an interesting observation. No bar to go to that serves nice wines? That does seem to be a major miss but something that Celebrity could correct easily if they are monitoring this thread.
  12. Grey (or Gray)? Almost every new thing is some version of this color these days. No surprise it was used it as a foundational color in the cabins on Edge. In 5 years it will be something else. But we hopefully do not go back to the "greens" that were common in our bathrooms and kitchens when I was growing up. Avocado fridge? If you know them you can guess how old I am!
  13. TeeRick

    Edge Sky Suites - What's the Scoop?

    Jim, we will be in a CS on our Jan 20th cruise. When (or if?) the shore-side concierge contacts me I plan to request one lounger for my DW as she will be disappointed not to have one on the balcony. Let's see what happens.
  14. Did they have any live music at the Sunset Bar at any time?