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  1. So to me the Retreat Host is the concierge that greets you inside the Retreat. They take care of reservations, excursions, guest service issues, but never leave the Retreat- unless they take you to the tender line! They used to be called the Michael's Club Concierge. Much different role than your Butler (or PRH now). The Butler tends to your personal needs actually coming by your cabin every day and is on a team with the cabin attendant. The butler brings room service, coffee, snacks, messages, whatever. They are on call to get you anything you need. They will seat you in the reserved seats in the theatre on Chic nights. Renaming a Butler to a PRH is confusing and unnecessary IMHO.
  2. It seems that some call at just the right time (undefined) and get right through or have very little wait time. Others are on hold for hours. No good answer here.
  3. On the CVS online site you add in your relevant information and they will ask if you want an initial COVID vaccine series or a booster. When you choose booster they will ask what your original vaccine was that you received. It does not matter where you got the original. Then you will go to a "schedule your vaccine" page that shows local CVS minute clinics and their schedule dates and their vaccine choices for those dates. Our closest CVS had Pfizer for the date and time we wanted. Others in the local area had Moderna. We decided that a mixed dose (Moderna-Moderna-Pfizer booster) was the right option for us based on the excellent clinical data for mixed vaccines. But three doses of the same is really very good too. Best of luck!
  4. So the term Butler has met the Cancel Culture. Welcome to 2021.😀
  5. Hi hcat. We had the Moderna vaccine completed back in early April. We just signed up for the booster at our local CVS next week. We will be getting a Pfizer booster. So mixed. Both the FDA and CDC approved mixed boosters and the clinical data supports this approach. If I had the 1 shot J&J, then I would seek to get a booster immediately. Many of the "fully vaccinated" breakthrough cases are coming from that vaccine. I am wondering how many of the crew on cruise ships got that vaccine? Hopefully they will get a second (booster) dose if that is the case. Cruise lines were giving out the J&J to the majority of their crew before cruising start up. When you get your Moderna booster it is a different dose. It is 1/2 the dose of the original.
  6. Well Carnival (corporation) which includes Princess announced testing at the ports a while back. Then they cancelled the program.
  7. Here is some info on Lyme Disease and Covid Vaccines from a good source. Not questioning the medical advice from her doctor but just providing some information. https://www.lymedisease.org/covid-vaccination-side-effects/
  8. Yes I understand the turn around time issue for some. I was just commenting on the thought that going to 2 days eliminates the PCR test that is a better screen for asymptomatic infections.
  9. We paid for college for both our kids. Now it is our turn.😄
  10. @bunnybeethanks for posting. There are many positive experiences with Celebrity that never get mentioned here or posted. Only the negative ones. Much appreciated.
  11. Yes and a 3 day turn-around RT-PCR test is a better option to detect virus than the 2-day antigen "rapid" tests. The RT-PCR will detect asymptomatic infected people. The antigen requires active infection and replication producing antigen. So the safety screen going from 3 days to 2 days has the opposite effect as it forces the antigen test over the RT-PCR test. Of course nobody looked at this.
  12. We were in a CS directly across the hall from Luminae. No noise issues that we remember.
  13. The only waste is Time- if you wait to do what you want to do. No matter the cost. The COVID pandemic has taught me that!
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