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  1. This goes way beyond whether a shipyard will be open or have the staff. Or if advance deposits have been previously made for materials. Cash flow is a huge issue for all cruise lines right now. Who knows when or if they will start up again and cash is needed just to pay current bills and staff. Even after a re-start later this year, very limited cash will be generated and it will be prioritized. I personally feel that the Revolution is way down on the list for this cash, if on the list at all. How many of you would be upset if they did not issue cash refunds if you qualify and instead used the cash for upgrading ships to The Retreat or on their new builds? Would they really take Constellation out of service this year once sailing again and impact negatively their cash flow even more - just to renovate it? For them having cash flow is to avoid bankruptcy. They do not just generate a "boatload" of cash once cruising starts up again. It will take time to recover. After sailing again they could still declare bankruptcy if they cannot repay the loans they have all taken. Even for those of you who took FCC's the cruiseline has already spent your cash on current bills.
  2. Is there a way to use luggage tags to attach your face mask? String them end to end around your head? Any other creative use for them? Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Thank you so much for relaying your on-ship experience to us. We were on Eclipse for 14 nights in early January. Many people on board were suffering from cold-like symptoms but at that point in time there was no real awareness of COVID-19 and we all assumed we had the common cold or flu. Probably that was indeed the case. But who knows really? Normal for that time of year. Our crew was very attentive and excellent. I feel so bad for what has happened to all of you since then.
  4. Oh Dear Bo- you are teasing! You know I cannot get either scotch or bourbon here in PA. Yes I know you offered to help! The good news is that I found a full 1 L bottle (JB Black- but good enough) that I took home from a previous cruise. You know the larger size you can only get on a cruise ship.
  5. Please keep a minimum of 6 feet away from the ship😀. Sorry I could not resist!
  6. OK I am truly hoping that there will be NO NEED for social distancing once the world decides it is safe to cruise again. Why do we want to continue this practice when life gets back to being relatively normal? I still want to sit at the World Class Bar or Martini Bar and make new friends. Not so easy to do if bar stools are 6 feet apart!😊
  7. My DW ordered from Amazon some hair coloring "for the roots" several weeks ago when the lockdown here in PA just started. Good anticipation then but now out of stock. And I have been trying to order some type of haircut trimmer but all out of stock. I guess I will go back and be a silver haired hippie. Maybe I need to start listening again to Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane. Oh no- sorry. I won't go back to that topic!
  8. David- you are a realist, not a Debbie-Downer (or David-Downer).
  9. markeb, I agree with your answer. Antibodies, either from natural immunity (previous exposure) or from a vaccine approach might or might not protect against SARS-CoV-2. Nobody knows yet. However here is the nice thing about our immune system. It produces a highly amplified response against the pathogen if it was previously primed by an infection or by the correct vaccine approach. Viruses need to replicate inside cells and even a few viruses cause cells to present antigen to our immune system cells to start the amplified host response. This response is generally a mixture of humoral immunity (antibodies) and cellular immunity (T-Cells and cytokines). We just don't know yet what will be effective for protection against SARS-CoV-2. But the world is hoping (fingers double crossed) that previous exposure to the virus, even in non-symptomatic people, gives natural protective immunity- even broad enough to protect against minor variations (strains and mutations) of the current virus. If so, vaccines still might be needed down the road to "boost" this natural response.
  10. Go to this CNN article just updated. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cruise-ships-still-sailing/index.html
  11. Yes check out the US CDC site on Influenza for some numbers.
  12. Human Rhinoviruses cause over 50% of common colds but there are over 100 known serotypes. They have an RNA genome so that is a similarity to influenza and the SARS viruses. If we had a 100% effective vaccine against Rhinoviruses, unfortunately a lot of people would still have cold-like symptoms.
  13. Yes thank you. I have been encouraged by some of the early data on this. But of course time will tell and the collection of a lot more data.
  14. In the US the effort is being funded by the federal government directly or through grant support, and by private and public companies. And by the generosity of private foundations like Gates. All hands on deck. Please do some research on the value and support of the Gates Foundation to worldwide health causes and in particular, vaccines.
  15. We were there in January. We took a private tour (about 20 on a mini-bus) into Peninsula Valdes. I agree that it was very long and mostly unpleasant. We saw some wildlife. But the ride back and forth on unpaved roads with no facilities was a nightmare!
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