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  1. According to LLP's Q&A recently, very little will change on APEX. But some of the early Edge issues will hopefully be addressed to some extent.
  2. On European based cruises Celebrity usually has an ATM for USD and an ATM for Euro on board. If you use the ATM for Euro's there is no additional exchange rate fee up front- just with your own local bank at home in Canada. This would also be the case with an ATM in port. Your debit card probably does not charge a foreign transaction fee but check with your bank. The usual ATM terminal transaction fees are more on the ship but if your bank reverses them anyway you are good to go. Credit cards are a different story. Use one with no foreign transaction fees and get the best daily exchange rate on your purchases. But you will be charged for cash advances on a credit card. Lastly, if you decide to exchange cash on board in Guest Services or in the casino, it will be the most expensive option as you will be charged Celebrity's exchange rate which is not optimal. There is another option. Carry along a prepaid VISA card. Like using traveler's checks in the old days.
  3. Entitled to compensation on an implied contract? Good luck with proving that in court. Happy cruising on whatever cruise lines that might work better for you.
  4. hcat- when and where are you trying a Sky Suite? I think you will love it!
  5. Yes I have been on many cruises too where no tickets were required. My reference above to tickets really was limited to my experience with Reflection that was carrying a large number of Elite/Elite+ on that particular cruise. That is where I ran into the ticket method and numbers were called - sort of like disembarking at the end of the cruise. The E/E+ passengers got the higher priority tickets. Suites/Zeniths still got escorted by the MC concierge with no need for tickets. Circumstances dictate the method I guess. But this is an exception and not a general cut back as some folks want to believe.
  6. I think it is more of a prioritization issue than a cutback based on my observations. The typical situation is as follows: On every ship the Celebrity tours take highest priority especially the early ones when the ship is first cleared for tendering. Next the passengers who are in Suites or Zenith will get higher priority and are escorted directly by the MC concierge who is in contact with the tendering staff and gets the go-ahead from them. If a ship uses some type of ticket boarding system, the Elite/Elite+ get the higher priority tickets from the loyalty host/hostess. I have been on a large ship (Reflection) where I have waited my turn with the Elite ticket in hand for quite some time early in the tendering process. Not an issue but just following the process. If there are a large number of Elite/Elite+ on board a larger ship at a tender port and everybody wants to get off early and at once there will be a bottleneck no matter what. But this is not a cutback. I personally pretty much always take a Celebrity tour in a tender port instead of a private tour in particular if it ventures a good distance from the ship. That's just me being cautious on both ends.
  7. Ok I understand what everybody is saying but how exactly do you restrict a cruise line from selling to families with kids? - unless it specifically excludes them like Viking? I know that it can be argued that specific marketing to families with kids has caused the issue, exacerbated by holiday periods. But Celebrity has always sold cabins to families. No change there. If you want less kids on board for whatever your reason, if possible go on a longer destination type cruise and go in a period when schools are in session. When we have done this there have been almost no children on board. By the way I have cruised with my own kids in past days - mostly on RCCL which had a lot more activities for them. It is a cliche but up to the parents to teach them to respect other passengers.
  8. This is always an interesting discussion and it is mostly semantics. And misleading marketing. Although called "perks" or "free perks", they are really options for bundled packages included in your cruise fare. You are paying for these bundles. Sometimes they are a good value, and sometimes not. You can try to price the cabin bare bones if possible to see what you are actually paying without the added extras. This is particularly important if you are at a Captains Club Loyalty Level like Elite that actually includes free perks such as WiFi minutes which is my preferred way to use the "perks" term. Some would see that these loyalty perks themselves are not free but were earned by paying for a lot of previous cruises.
  9. hcat- these are pretty much my feelings too. Even though I could get CC points my next step is Zenith which I will never achieve. So not a factor for me. Now if they put in a new level- oh never mind LLP nixed that! I think I would check out Oceania or Silverseas before Azamara.
  10. We sailed RCCL for years and we still do occasionally. But we have mostly shifted away from them to Celebrity. In general Celebrity offers a quieter ship and more relaxed experience overall. Lots of people will offer their subjective opinions on food and entertainment. I will not. We enjoy both lines. One difference is that there is no equivalent to the Diamond Lounge on Celebrity. But as you will be Elite you can get free drinks at happy hour at most bars. Also it is a lot more common to have a beverage package included on Celebrity. But don't expect rock climbing walls, bumper cars and water slides!
  11. As much as I have considered trying Azamara it seems like it is very expensive compared to Celebrity. I would rather do suite class on Celebrity. Am I missing something?
  12. Do you have a photo of an Icelandic horse and how are they different?
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