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  1. Yes that has been my experience. Security at ports we have cruised is handled differently. It might not even be Royal Caribbean personnel or policy. It could be the port authority. So why is this being blamed on a presumed perk being taken away?
  2. Very detailed and thorough review with easy to follow categories and ratings. Outstanding!
  3. Sorry fstuff1 but your post made me chuckle just a bit. If you have spent so much money on Celebrity casinos to reach the penultimate Sapphire level, why do you care about an extra bag of laundry?
  4. zltm089 your review and photos are well done. Much appreciated here!
  5. Thanks. I had opened it but I did not get a warning.
  6. I hate all of the paper inserts, invitations and propaganda they generate. But they seem to draw a crowd and their auctions seem to be attended. Maybe some want the free crappy champagne. Who knows? Not for me anyway. There are better uses for the space they exist in on ships. But I'm sure there are fans out there too.
  7. This proves that the Celebrity web site is the Bermuda Triangle and poor Connie just entered it.
  8. Nice photo's! It looks like a fun day!
  9. I have heard rumors here about maybe some glass partitions installed at the rail? We will see. We had a rail table and after a few minutes we asked to be moved to an inner table.
  10. Lots of dedicated fans here for S-Class including me. I did enjoy Edge too but agree that some furnishings were poor choices. Most of the S-Class ships still need to undergo the Revolution and get needed updates. But what is not needed is for them to be Hoppenized with uncomfortable furnishings. It would be nice if Celebrity adopted a strategy of "Modernization without Hoppenization" after reading the comments from a lot of passengers. Surely they can find comfortable and functional contemporary furnishings.
  11. We are going on Celebrity Eclipse and we are on a private Punta Tombo tour in January so I will let you know.
  12. THANKS to all for keeping us updated. We leave in a few short weeks for Santiago.
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