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  1. So pumpkin how does the virus actually die out? Old age? No, it is through immunity in the population or perhaps mutation to a less infectious form which still requires immunity.
  2. The only way we get to herd immunity to control this virus is a combination of: 1) high number of infections with recoveries, and 2) effective acquired immunity (vaccine).
  3. There are different types of T-cells. Most people think of "killer" T-cells (ie, CTL's or cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes) that help eliminate infections. But there is also a type of helper T-Cell that is elevated and produces support (helpful cytokines) to help prime and then aid the development of antibodies. After an infection, the circulating IgG antibodies might wane over time and even become non-detectable. But the antibody response will be primed and ready, aided by the helper T-cells, to come back if the antigen (virus) is encountered again. Helper T-cells also aid the immune response of the killer T-cells. So a vaccine to be most successful you would hope to be able to induce antibodies, helper T-cells and CTL's against the virus. It is highly likely that vaccine clinical trials are looking at all of the above and comparing these to the levels seen in infected patients who recover.
  4. I would still like the option of getting one even if I send it to junk mail.
  5. I love it! Back to normal discussions on who liked Edge and who did not. Yes the good old days! A discussion with no mention of The Virus. (oops just mentioned it- damn!).
  6. And of course all "reality" series are completely scripted.
  7. I am in the same boat. I sign up for emails. I get one. Then I never get any more. Have gone through this multiple times and now I give up. The only emails I get from Celebrity are the ones reminding me if a payment is due.
  8. Yes it is a nice blend of actual historical events with fictional themes to create a compelling series for watch-ability. Not a documentary. But even documentaries are in the eye of their creators too.
  9. The more experts from different interested areas that are assembled on committees, panels, seminars, whatever, to discuss recommendations to get cruising going again, the better. The US CDC has its hands full in our country just trying to deal with the overall pandemic. They are not focused on cruise ships- nor should they be - when our infection numbers continue to increase in certain regions of the country.
  10. FL is a long way off for the herd immunity to slow the infection. The epidemiologists seem to suggest it needs to be anywhere from 60-70% of the population (the herd). The herd immunity can come from natural infection or be from acquired immunity (vaccine). https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/herd-immunity-and-coronavirus/art-20486808
  11. I just commented that I enjoyed watching the series. I know it is not completely factual. Nothing on TV, in Movies or in the Media is completely factual. I personally am a fan of historical shows and historical fiction. So why the comment?
  12. Not sure what happened but you actually quoted and agreed with phoenix_dream in post 50. Not me. Just wanted to give credit.
  13. Pertinent to this discussion in the US, there is a new online tool called Key Metrics For COVID Suppression by a consortium led by the Harvard Global Health Initiative, Rockefeller Foundation and others. State level and county level risk assessments. Pretty Interesting. It clearly shows AZ, FL, SC, LA worst with a lot of the north and northeast in pretty good shape. So, much of the US (area wise) has handled the pandemic in an OK way. But certain states are driving the current numbers. You can also see country risk assessments worldwide too. https://globalepidemics.org/key-metrics-for-covid-suppression/
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