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  1. Yes they could and I hope they will.
  2. That is the CDC number, not Celebrity’s plan.
  3. Ok hopefully the CDC will apply the exact same guidelines to cruises. Anybody want to bet they don’t?
  4. Yes it is up to each state. They have capacity and mask rules for indoor and outdoor dining. Most states if not all allow indoor dining with no mask while seated and eating. Just when you are walking to/from table or restrooms.
  5. Yes that is what I was thinking too. The appeal process will last longer than the pandemic.
  6. Did you have to submit proof of vaccinations for the online check in?
  7. The CDC has come under pressure in the past day or two from politicians and medical experts too. On their inconsistency on masks in particular. I can dine on land in an indoor restaurant without a mask at a table. I am vaccinated. Indoor dining on land does not have any distinction on vaccinated or not vaccinated. So I am at more risk on land dining indoors than on a fully vaccinated cruise ship. And my risk outdoors is pretty much zero.
  8. So if the CDC gives wiggle room (ie, 95%-98%) does that give the cruise lines some cover for the inevitable law suits? Yes I am very excited for the use of mRNA technology for other vaccines like influenza and for other therapeutic applications. It has the potential to be quite transforming in medicine.
  9. We are in Maine this week and took my FIL out for his birthday at an indoor restaurant. No masks needed at the table when dining. It almost felt normal!
  10. Yes unfortunately that is true. We have discussed this a few times. Places like the Philippines use that vaccine. At least one cruise line (NCL) specified the vaccines they would accept for crew. They did not have any of the vaccines from China on their approved list.
  11. I would say that even if “only” 95% of the people on a ship are fully vaccinated that is still a much higher percentage than what you would find on land at restaurants or grocery stores or churches or whatever. Even in a highly vaccinated country like the USA or UK. And a much higher percentage than a public pool on land at a hotel or any outdoor activity on land. So a 95-100% vaccinated cruise ship on board would be one of the safer places you could be.
  12. Ok all well known for transmission rates for Covid. But the transmission rate to and amongst fully vaccinated people on a fully vaccinated ship is the relevant thing that we are talking about.
  13. You can ask for a portable extra bed or the sofa might be a sleep sofa on some ships. Or just use the sofa unless the child is too young for that. Somebody at Celebrity should be able to answer this question for your cabin and ship. Also you can talk to the onshore suite concierge and arrange everything you need in advance.
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