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  1. Thanks for the photos. It looks like a smaller version of the Retreat Sundeck on Edge.
  2. JKHawaii, Unfortunately many people in life use the IGNORE button when it comes to the facts about almost anything. Thanks for trying.
  3. We were there in Jan. The preferred currency almost everywhere was $USD in cash.
  4. The way this thread is going, some would come to the conclusion that: 1) suite passengers often dine in Blu and, 2) suite passengers are not satisfied with Luminae. While both of these statements can be true for any individual, they are generally not the case for the majority of suite passengers.
  5. I spent a good part of my career in R&D developing vaccines. First how does it follow that a widespread coronavirus leads to a vaccine?? That really is extremely optimistic and highly unlikely. Even if there was a potential vaccine in hand today (there is not), it would take a very long time to test its safety and efficacy. Those tests might be initially limited to a population in a part of China where the disease has a high enough infection rate to generate enough human data to test the efficacy. China would need to develop it or allow its testing. That is also not easy. It is misleading to give people hope about a quick vaccine fix.
  6. Yes there is a chance that you can be infected by airborne Norovirus if you are in very close proximity to somebody actually vomiting who is infected by it. Or touching a surface with their respiratory droplets after vomiting. In general it is passed around on surfaces.
  7. I'm very sorry that you think I was harsh. I sympathize with your personal situation and I also would be upset about these events. You are of course free to criticize them and some will agree with you. But as for me, I really believe that Celebrity has mostly acted responsibly to a rapidly changing and a very unfortunate set of circumstances. I truly hope everything works out for the best for you and others caught in this situation.
  8. The arm-less armchair is a carry-over. Not very comfortable. I was hoping it would be replaced.
  9. This is an interesting article and poll on how people view the news media. http://www.digitalnewsreport.org/survey/2019/what-do-people-think-about-the-news-media/
  10. I agree that some folks on this board enjoy and flaunt their Captain's Club status with Celebrity and others for whatever loyalty program they belong too. But I believe in the majority of cases CC members do not flaunt their status from what I have seen anyway, whether on these boards or on ships. Captain's Club members have earned benefits, not status.
  11. Not sure if there is any precedent for having different Captain;s Club benefits for certain ships. It is a fleetwide program. But who knows?
  12. If it were me I would not cancel a Caribbean cruise. Very little risk and a lot of extra screening in place. Understand why you and hubby are a bit anxious and your decision of course. Is your Caribbean cruise 14 days??
  13. Last month we used Defrantur Tours in Buenos Aires both for tours and also for transportation from Cruise Port to Hotel and later Hotel to Airport. Highly recommend.
  14. Also does not apply to suite categories.
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