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  1. That should help a lot and they look nice too. But this was one of those things that should have been easily anticipated at the design stage. Just like the wind on the Magic Carpet too. Common sense is lacking sometimes,
  2. It might also depend on the ship too. Probably post Revolution, upgrades on those ships have better WiFi. On Edge the WiFi was excellent for streaming.
  3. I'm pretty sure they did this on Edge from what I recall. Secondo Bacio located in the Oceanview Cafe.
  4. It is not a perk. Non-Suite guests have to pay for dinner if they go with any suite guest who invites them into Luminae. That has not changed. If somebody in a PH suite invited 10 additional people from their roll call to dinner it would cost $300 plus probably a nice tip. This would even be the case before the new policy. It would need to be arranged in advance and would be subject to availability.
  5. dkj that is an interesting point to consider. But I think in general it is still up to the Luminae Maitre'D to make sure it is handled properly even with the newly announced policy. We had to make our reservations for our group after 8:30 PM and Luminae was near empty.
  6. LOL! It was a fun cruise out of Venice on the Connie. We had several events to celebrate and we had a blast!
  7. I understand first and third world. But I have always been perplexed about whatever became of second world.
  8. I am in agreement with you about dining. The policy of allowing any suite guest (even Sky Suites) to bring non-suite guests into Luminae for the prices you mention has always been there. No change really. The high end suites also get free specialty dining so they can bring guests to those restaurants and pay for them too- again no change there. Many of these high end suite guests use specialty dining instead of Luminae anyway. Also when traveling with non-suite family members there is a tendency to dine in the MDR with them. I have done this with my family in this situation. I think people here are concerned about additional crowding in Luminae but I think the impact will be minimal. I took 8 family members traveling with me into Luminae a couple of times on one cruise and paid for them. I arranged it in advance with the Maitre 'D and had to select a less busy dining time. No problem. As for Michael's Club/Retreat Lounge that would be a change but other than pre-dinner times these places are generally not crowded in my experience.
  9. I would take a cruise to just get away from Black Friday at home!
  10. Turtles06- I am glad I took the time to go through your review and read all of the wonderful comments. We took this same cruise on Summit a couple of years ago and loved it. Your review brings back great memories and the desire to go again. Much appreciated!
  11. Dear Spif Barwunkel. This is by no means a criticism. You have been posting well written queries like this one lately. General questions to perhaps get the boards engaged and active. By the number of responses you get, people seem to like your style and questions. But your posts do not have the flavor of the average cruiser posting here. More like a professional poster. What is your deal? Again not a criticism. Do you cruise often? You seem to have <300 posts here on CC. Do you cruise on Celebrity and/or other lines? Do you write for the cruise or travel industries? Or just having fun? Inquiring minds want to know. Interesting screen name by the way!
  12. New cars are are often sold with options in packages. Like the sport package or luxury package or whatever. Its funny but I did not buy my Toyota with "free" perks but instead I paid for the package I wanted which was clearly explained to me. I could also buy options individually and add to base price. I could see what was a better deal and decide. I could also decide if I wanted the factory rebate (same as OBC) to apply to offset the cost of whatever I decided to include. I just want Celebrity or any other cruise line to give me base sticker price and then a simple list of options which I could add based on what I desire. No need to hide these in fancy schemes and call them free perks.
  13. Yes you are right but Celebrity forces some of us all to go back and learn math all over again to figure out their overly complicated pricing schemes.
  14. Interesting perspective. My additional contribution on what you describe- after all of the marketing people got promotions, awards and free trips, the CFO's office noticed that they were losing money! That's what drives the cost increase here.
  15. Mynki enjoy your cruise on Connie. No changes- Celebrity will still try to separate you from most of your money.
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