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  1. I think that prioritizing by severity of crime will be a constitutional issue and not likely. Even those on death row. Very interesting legal and human rights battles ahead I think. However if prisoners are simply treated like the general US population, then they can be prioritized based on age and health just like the rest of us. Prisoners over 65+ for example.
  2. hcat the governor of your state- since you brought it up here- is probably making the anti-vaxxers giddy with excitement from some of his latest vaccine comments. I truly hope we can all get beyond this stuff and offer everybody in every state an effective vaccine asap! COVID does not care about politics.
  3. Sorry to disagree my apologies but IMO you are not close at all really. You are making a very basic calculation without considering the risk groups. The mortality rate is different (very different) by age group in the US and elsewhere. For starters about 16% of the US population is 65+ so that is about 50 million people. Many of them are not in nursing homes or assisted care facilities so the majority are not at much risk overall. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.65UP.TO.ZS The infection rate in the overall population is maybe 1% so if that holds true for every 65+ in the population maybe 5 million of them exposed/positive. Then 2% death rate for that entire 65+ population would be 100,000. But the subset in nursing homes/assisted care is a much smaller number. And these facilities have come a long way since March too. Remember that even with the virus running unabated since February in the US there are just over 200,000 deaths cumulatively, many in the very early days in the northeast. Before anybody knew anything really. So much better situation now. Furthermore even without a vaccine the care and treatment for COVID-19 disease has much improved over the past 6+ months and it is not anywhere near as much of a death sentence (or death rate) in this population as it was back in March. Natural Herd Immunity is almost never attained with a virus like this in a short timeframe. But Acquired Herd Immunity can definitely be attained with a vaccine as phoenix-dream stated in the post #913. Particularly since a good portion of the population has enough pre-existing immunity (the asymptomatic folks) for whatever reason that a vaccine needs to achieve even less.
  4. Almost 80% of COVID deaths reported in the USA are from 65+ age group. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#demographics Almost 56,000 US deaths from Nursing Homes/Assisted Care. But this is a soft (low) number because some states are under-reporting or not categorizing properly. https://data.cms.gov/stories/s/COVID-19-Nursing-Home-Data/bkwz-xpvg/ NY Times recently estimated over 40% of US deaths are associated with these facilities. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-nursing-homes.html?searchResultPosition=2 Track nursing home data by state: https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/health/info-2020/coronavirus-nursing-home-cases-deaths.html Also many of these deaths occurred in the first few months of the pandemic. Many in NY and NJ.
  5. I think the "prisoner" priority in the vaccine phases will be the next political hot potato in the USA if it holds true after vaccine approval. Buckling my seat belt for this one!😀
  6. I think they will extend it but a bit differently this time. Perhaps set a firm date (Nov 30?) after which operations can resume again in US waters and ports with a very specific set of guidelines (conditions) which a cruise line must meet and agree to and these will be based on the recently published CLIA recommendations. They were released for a good reason perhaps.
  7. Xana799, Did you otherwise enjoy your cruise? We took Eclipse this year in early Jan from Santiago to BA as well. Weather was not great and we missed ports and some of the scenery. There we quite a few on the ship suffering from flu-like symptoms and we wonder if it was COVID that early but we will never really know. Shortly after your cruise Eclipse got stranded at sea for quite some time.
  8. No for me anyway. I am not willing to risk a COVID infection on a cruise ship and/or being stranded at sea, and pay big bucks to cruise with masks and limit my vacation enjoyment. That is me. Others will disagree. My next cruise is not until a year from now and I am hoping that I can enjoy that one - or I will shift it further out.
  9. WM3, You are right and sorry for my poor choice of the word accurate. Just trying to discuss some of the issues comparing Influenza virus to Sars-CoV-2 virus.
  10. Big week ahead. Will CDC let the No Sail order expire Sept 30th or extend it?
  11. We are Aug 2021 Norway. Two concerns currently. Hoping we can get there traveling from the US. Also hoping that the Norwegian ports are open for us.
  12. If anybody cares about actual Florida data, here it is. Positive cases per day pretty constant in September but deaths have declined daily throughout the month. Three counties in SE FL, Tampa and Orlando areas are the most affected. They also happen to include the cruise ports we use. https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/96dd742462124fa0b38ddedb9b25e429
  13. CDC No Sail order expires soon Wed Sept 30th. Let's see what happens.
  14. Welcome to posting on Cruise Critic. Did you have any type of travel insurance? Lost luggage insurance?
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