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  1. We stayed in a CS on Edge this past January and reviewed it on vtcruising's cabin review list.
  2. I love the beef cheeseburger served at Luminae. Best on the ship by far. Some have reported a variation with lamb but not in my experience at least. The soup and carved sandwiches at the Eden Cafe are a great choice too! For those of you who also sail Royal Caribbean, this is a shout out for the amazing and highly popular Kummelweck Beef sandwich for lunch. I wish Celebrity had a version of it. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/video/304/a-sensational-sandwich-royal-caribbeans-kummelweck-tantalizes-guests/
  3. We had the very same experience when we sailed on Summit a couple of years back.
  4. Website not great but it is definitely much better than it used to be!
  5. Yes agree that a RS and PH have liquor and mini-bar in-cabin. But most everybody sailing Celebrity in any type of suite typically has a premium beverage package in most cases and free beverages in Michael's Club/Suite Lounge.
  6. Luminae is smaller and less crowded than Blu. On some ships there is sometimes a wait for a table in Blu. We have had great experiences in Luminae overall with the food and especially the service level. We have never sailed Aqua or dined in Blu which many have also praised here. Suite guests can also dine in Blu if there is no waiting list of Aqua passengers. I think the general majority opinion for those who have done both is that Luminae is better but of course food is subjective and you will get very different opinions here.
  7. It is a very well known issue in the M-Class CS that for some people that the height of the bathtub and the narrow space between bathtub and toilet creates an access issue if you are mobility impaired or not agile enough. Celebrity had every chance to fix this on Summit and Millennium in the Revolution modifications but did not address it. Mind boggling!
  8. Turtles06 - I respectfully have to disagree. Nothing personal. It is an opinion. I enjoy your posts. But it is my opinion that it is correct that anybody can be a suite guest if they choose to do so. Many do for many reasons. Special occasions or anniversaries. For whatever reason some choose to pay the extra money and others do not. It says nothing about whether they can afford it or not. Just their choice. Is it a class distinction in your opinion if people choose to pay for Aqua Class and dine in Blu? Or if people sail Concierge Class and get a lunch on embarkation day? People pay for what they want. It is a cruise vacation not an economic class distinction. We are not in the days of Titanic. Not sure why this keeps being brought up. A lot of others compare themselves to being in Steerage. Again we are all very fortunate people affording Celebrity cruising vacations. Suite or not.
  9. Yes we got this from our Tour operator I Love Chile. Regarding the situation in Chile, yesterday the President signed an agreement with all the parties to go ahead with a new constitution. This was one of the most important issues in the protests. We think the protests will go down and everything will start to work normally. Thereby, we should have everything ok during your stay in Chile.
  10. Agree with this. The Marriott is quite nice and walking distance to everything. The Rocks area, the ferries, the Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens just to name a few.
  11. We are on Celebrity Eclipse departing Jan 5th from San Antonio. Many of us are staying pre-cruise in Santiago. We are all waiting and watching.
  12. You can do all of this through your butler first day on board or through the shore side concierge pre-cruise. But if you have not sailed Celebrity in a few years do not overlook the suite restaurant Luminae. It is every bit as good or better than the Specialty Restaurants. Try both in the first few nights and decide. Luminae does not require reservations.
  13. The CS on M-Class ships are very nice layouts and spacious. One of our favorites. Yes the balcony is long and more narrow but still quite nice. If you have all 4 suite perks with Premium Bev the only real difference is you get complimentary specialty dining if you want every night in a RS. Luminae is so good we find this of marginal value compared to the usual high price difference between a CS and an RS. But if you get an RS at a very good price it is a great option.
  14. Edge, Apex and I believe the newly revolutionized ships now have plug outlets by the bed or on the lamps by the bed. A long time coming!
  15. Awesome review. We did this same trip on Infinity a couple of years ago. We really enjoyed it!
  16. If you have your own car or even a rental, the parking just off site near the port is easy and less expensive. They run shuttles. Several different companies.
  17. I have to say that the Silver Cloud looks like the way to go! We are considering it.
  18. Also you can also stop before boarding at a pharmacy and buy what you need or shop in a port stop if the ship's toiletries are not to your satisfaction. Lots of options.
  19. Here's the thing. You too can be a suite guest. Nobody is stopping you. It has nothing to do with first class or any class distinction. It is a buying choice just like many things in life. And suite guests pay very dearly for that choice. But I absolutely agree that on existing ships taking away the forward open space for all passengers and turning it in to a suite-exclusive area was not a great thing to do. But that is the direction they are taking right or wrong depending on your perspective. Almost all cruise lines are going in this direction with private suite areas for big $$$.
  20. Yes I am aware of the new structure. I was responding to Sasset who was commenting on what happened to them in the old structure. Sorry for any confusion.
  21. We were in a Sky Suite on Connie and mentioned to our butler that the next day was my dw's birthday. On that day when we returned from our day long excursion the cabin had balloons hanging everywhere and a bottle of bubbly on ice. Very nice!
  22. Or feet crushed by Scooters! I am not denigrating them as they are wonderful for people that need them to give them the freedom to enjoy the ship and their vacation. Although the vast majority of folks in scooters are very respectful of the elevator crowd situation, I have occasionally had my feet run over by a stray wheel when they were backing into the elevator. I am thinking of steel-toed shoes when cruising . Some people are used to driving scooters, and others are just using them for the first time on a cruise.
  23. Yes 89-57 days prior to sailing cancellation $450 pp.
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