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  1. Summit and Constellation Inside Staterooms (1143 or 1134 or 1137 or 1126 or 1129) in deck 11 on the deck plans are marked as double, they do not have the triangle or the square that indicates that it is triple or quadruple, when simulating a booking the system does not allow to book with 2 passengers, the system only allows it with 3 passengers. I want to book one of those cabins for a future with 2 passengers (DW and Me).
  2. I have not tried. I've only tried via whats-app and messenger and it doesn't work. Bandwidth is limited
  3. No WI-Fi calling via Whats App or FB messenger
  4. Photos on FB works OK, no videos on FB
  5. Caribbean & Mardi Grass, Reflection in 80 & 91 days New England & Canada, Summit in 294 & 306 days Caribbean, Constellation, 441 & 451 days Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia + Russia & British Isles Reflection, 597, 604 & 616 days TA Iceland & Greenland, Summit 632 days waiting to book Caribbean 2022
  6. The New England and Canada for September and October 2021 are online, now prices for 2021 are cheaper than 2020. I can't tell you which side of the cruise to choose a veranda, for this cruise I have choose inside cabin, because I consider that the veranda is not used to the maximum in this itinerary
  7. Only in the August 15, Doing a B2B2B onboard The Reflection July 11 to August 11, Norwegian Fjords + Scandinavia & Russia + British Isles, then the Summit. But I cancelled everything today X screwed up my place holders will re-book onboard the Reflection next Feb 10, they deleted the promos for booking onboard and the B2B discounts, around $900
  8. Agh agh skafdhsakfh Celebrity MX screwed up with my placeholders when they were transferred to the desired reservations, Reflection Norwegian Fjords + Scandinavia & Russia + British Isles and Summit Iceland & Greenland 🤬, X deleted the OBC (OB SALE) and B2B discounts (YDR7) in all the 4 bookings, I give the order to cancel everything and I will re-book onboard next February 10
  9. I put a place holder on the Eclipse past September, so my TA will transfer to this one, see you onboard in 634 days
  10. I do a search August 2021, Transatlantic. the X web site says 2 Itineraries on the Summit but none is displayed
  11. @DebinAntigua can you ask when will be released the the 2021 Iceland & Greenland Cruise In advance thank you Gerardo
  12. Thank you for sharing this info, It's Unbelievable that third-party websites (TA) already show the 2021 European itineraries and Celebrity shows nothing
  13. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Beverage_Pkg_Perk_Price_Increase-Field-Trade_One_Pager.pdf
  14. What you claim is not true, if so, merchandise and contraband drugs could be introduced to the USA. On our Pacific Coast cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles the migration and customs was in San Francisco, next is the letter that X sends to your cabin. This situation is similar. You don't need to bring your bags, etc. The ship passenger counter must reach 0 and authorities clear it in order you can return onboard. The CBP inspector ask you all the questions when you enter to USA, what are you bringing, alcohol, tobacco, money, for foreign's how many days are you staying in USA, etc, it's a verbal declaration, then they take you your photo and fingerprints.
  15. Immigration and Customs will be done in Key West, as it's the first USA port after Aruba.
  16. The Premium Non Alcoholic pack is $22 + 20% gratuities PPPD
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