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  1. If you like Azamara then P and O may be a little below those standards for you ( done both) ,of course there is a sizable price difference and it shows, you wont know until you try it, however just be prepared for a little less oomph!!! Personal opinion of course 🙂
  2. The only draughts we encountered were from the a/c, tbh we are not overly confident that our 2024 world cruise on her will be any warmer , even allowing for a lot of the warm weather destinations we will be visiting
  3. We found the ship to be in good general condition, ( one or two public toilets' had intermittent problems) but the whole ship felt cold ,and despite requests to have the temperature reviewed it did not get any better , the crows nest was the worst venue, however others were less than comfortable to sit in, perhaps this why the ship felt like the Mary Celeste on a lot of evenings
  4. According to a reply I received from P and O regarding the overzealous use of the a/c on Arcadia they informed me that it was working correctly and at the correct temperature, and also they had had no other complaints about it. From comments on these boards I find it difficult to believe their reply🥶
  5. From our experiences on Arcadia shorts would be the last thing I would wear on an evening ,more like a thick jumper !!!!🥶
  6. £7,901 for two on the world cruise !!! Try getting your moneys worth out of that, although I accept it includes soft drinks and specialty coffee etc. Were not big drinkers of any type (beer, specialty coffee ,soft drinks) but enjoy a couple of glasses of wine before the evening and with our meal and sometimes a short to finish off the evening, and are considering taking the package on our upcoming 14 night cruise to see how it works, once again personal choice
  7. Same for us, even ended up on an eight once, what difference does it make?😊
  8. Or maybe I am confusing it with the peninsular lunch ?
  9. Not 100% but I think that applies to Caribbean tier?
  10. Just had 65 nights on Aurora and had a front facing window cabin overlooking the bow , absolutely loved it and would have the same again on her, actually we HAVE booked a similar cabin on her 2025 Amazon cruise . It was by no means small (not porthole size) and gave oodles of natural light, once again though personal choice
  11. I would agree with the majority of what mike x ftc has said and would confirm that the ship does feel cold and despite numerous requests it never appeared to warm up , the crows nest was, for the most of our month long cruise, too cold to use and we spent a considerable amount of time walking around various venues to find the warmest. On our return I raised the issue with guest relations as we are due to go on the 2024 world cruise on her , the reply was not exactly reassuring and having just returned from a long cruise on Aurora would much prefer her
  12. We came off a 65 night cruise last week on Aurora with £2.25 unspent OBC , we also came off a HAL cruise and they owed us $100 , to our amazement they paid it back into our bank account !!!! Never have been able to work that one out?
  13. Personal choice of course , but we ate in the glass house on the black tie nights on our recent aurora cruise as the menu on those nights were not to our liking🍴
  14. Will be interested to see what you thought of Triptonic, saw them once and then avoided them on our next two cruises, personal choice of course😃
  15. Good prices yes, however if my reading of it is correct there are no overnight stays?
  16. Thanks for all your replies, we could see you on the onward but were unable to make out if you were going on excursions , we were told two weeks prior to arriving that all our trips would be cancelled and nobody would be allowed off the ship (we were due to stay for two days). a few stalls were set up within a tight zone around the ship to buy souvenir's. Kudos to your captain for sorting out your port arrangements, having sailed with Azamara it did not surprise us 🙂
  17. Just come off the 65 night cruise and the Aurora is indeed a grand old lady, cabins very slightly dated but everything else is in great condition , plenty of spaces for sitting, eating, sunbathing ,never a fight for space in the horizon and very rare to require pagers for freedom dining(only towards the last week),and ALL the staff were beyond marvelous. Back on her again in January 2025 for the 65 nighter, just wish she was doing our 2024 world cruise
  18. Just enquiring if anybody was on the Onward in February and managed any shore excursions whilst in Lima or was it just embarkation/disembarkation?. I am just curious as we were there at the same time and were not allowed off the ship and only docked to re-supply
  19. But suspect the many who have only sailed on "the older boats" would not class them as sailing vessels but cruise ships🤨
  20. Sailed on many ships of various sizes and ages, never sailed on a BOAT though
  21. Very impressed with Azamara, yes they do cost more but it certainly shows 🙂
  22. I tend to agree with the entertainment view, the first show we went to was not so good, but others were better, we did have piped music on the upper sun deck but by other ships standards it was very low volume and if people around were talking it was inaudible, on the other side of the coin on another cruise line we , and many others had to vacate the pool/sundeck when the band came on at lunchtime as they were just so awful and far too loud. We will sail with Azamara again however it will be no longer than 14 nights as we both agreed that due to the size of the ship evening variation would be used up in that length of time. We regularly go away for longer spells and having had two five-week, a four week and three upcoming of sixty, a one hundred and a sixty-five night feel the larger ships give more options, of course with the bigger ships come the downside of lesser personal space and less personal service
  23. In all fairness, and the point I was alluding to was that the matre d was simply applying the rules and stuck to their guns regardless of what the unacceptable items of clothing were IE shorts, torn denim baseball caps etc . Would love to have that matra d on some of our other cruises
  24. In all fairness we had the same boarding issues with Celebrity, but at least it was outdoors in the California sunshine whereas this one was in a very chilly air-conditioned building
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