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  1. Please pick another line, complain elsewhere...tilt at another windmill... Monty Python lines could abound here...yet I digress Cheers, enjoy the cruise of your choice and see life as beautiful.
  2. This does not phase us, we are booked for the 24NOV departure and understood that the OC was a stretch to actually be open. Not much of a seasoned traveler to expect otherwise. Next big headline, winter storms delay airtravel from Chicago🤓 MSC is a great value, no vacay is perfect...enjoy life and the vacay of your choice. Cheers
  3. Been on Seaside twice, if you ask nice at any bar they will give you a large glass of ice water for free. Our cabin steward always brought ice too...we had the mini-bar emptied to use for water bottles. The price to buy the large mineral water is much lower than Disney, land resort, or any sports arena... Buffet always had free tea, coffee, water, ice...never an issue there either. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. These coupons (or lack thereof) and mostly the oatmeal...ruined my cruise. Please book another line if the above are deal breakers...tilt at another windmill...the above is all in jest...breath. Things change folks, everyone will never be pleased. Drinks are not that expensive, just buy some...plus if you see me at the bar...I will probably buy you one too...if a couple hundred $$$ is gonna break the bank, you best stay home and work. I cruised Bella and Fantastica, loved both... Cheers and enjoy your cruise!
  5. Hi Tom- Seaside is a great ride, been twice in last 12 months. No beverages are allowed, just review their luggage policy...plus if caught it will delay your bags to cabin. Wine by the glass is $7-14; bottles in MDR $33 and up...just buy onboard or drink included house wine... Enjoy your cruise!
  6. Seaside has made to order eggs and omelets in the buffet everyday. Also are eggs many ways ready to serve as well. Great breakfasts! Enjoy
  7. NMsunset

    MSC Website

    Hello NZ Friend- You make a good point about generalizing. Since it is ‘not working for you’, are you using the call center or a TA to book and or make changes? Let’ s take a logical look at this website ‘reported issues’: MSC is a business and like most businesses today, they understand the huge benefit to having customers selfserve online. MSC’s website, like all large e-commerce sites have tons of performance metrics/data that is collected from all interactions. Every success and failure is detailed, analyzed, reported, and addressed as the data deems is a business priority. The ships are cruising at capacity or near capacity and 10,000’s of passengers are on MSC ships every second of everyday...so folks are booking successfully with the website, call centers, or TAs...use what works for you. I have successfully used a combination of those 3 with MSC and enjoyed each cruise. Cheers, enjoy the cruise of your choosing!
  8. Not true, I’ve been in balcony cabins on Seaside and am considered HC by the VA both Back and knees. While not different in floorplan, I found them to be fuctional even with my challenges. Wheelchair would not work, but walker, canes, crutches are doable. Pillows and creativity, plus the roomy balcony make for a nice oasis 🙂 Plus the crew, steward, other passengers were more than accommodating for my needs. Note: Nothing stops me from enjoying life, give me obstacles...I will get over, around, under, or through them...and try to keep a smile the entire time...life is what you make it...beats the alternative. Best counseling I got: “you are not a victim, just a partipant of life, get your game on” Hope it works out, both procedure and recovery! Cheers!
  9. Was on Sept. Seaside with Nassau stop, did the $45usd ATHOL ISLAND SNORKEL powerboat excursion through MSC. Boat seats are roomy and very comfortable, max capacity is 30...no booze...fun fast ride to Athol Island...gorgerous snorkeling over colorful reef...then the highlight is the high speed (yes 3 engine) ride around the Atlantis side of Paradise and old lighthouse back to the pier next to the ship. https://www.sunupbahamacharters.com/welcome/ Just an awesome excursion which left plenty of time to stroll/shop strawmarket and the area. Cheers!
  10. Agree 100% with Ate and Ready2; upgrade to Classic drink package...it is a bargain. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. NMsunset

    MSC Website

    Hi- News flash, internet, computers, technology, etc might/can be frustrating...1st world issues for sure. MSC provides an awesome value, which I have experienced 3 times this year. I use their website with ios (iPad and Safari)...minimal issues and always successful, even if the UI and the logic behind it is less than typical for usa expectations. Just like their usa call center in Fla; do not call at peak times...do not hold for more than 5 minutes before you speak to a human...just call back at another time...no issues and the csr’s are very friendly and helpful. If you love a great value, awesome cruise experience, and diverse mix of passengers/cultures...MSC is a great choice. Complain about traffic, weather, elevators, phone holds, and technology...if you wish...I’m choose to plan/book another cruise. Cheers, enjoy the cruise of your choice!
  12. We both drink 3-5 bottles each of the 0.5L/16oz per day times 7 days. Also bring several with us on shore excursions, drink some and gift some. We don’t buy from mini-bar in cabin and have the steward empty it, se we can load with bottled water/ packaged drinks like juice we get from our package. Hydration with sun, salt water, thermal area, and many adult beverages is key for us to have fun/feel good. Drink plenty of water, enjoy your cruise!
  13. Depends on weather, just check the dailies... Yes, port days are typically lighter for these attractions. Enjoy!
  14. Buffets on both deck 8 and 16 for lunch & dinner had some tasty surpises: grilled fish, baked fish, stuffed and baked...salmon, sword, and cod..maybe others but those stand out...some dishes with shrimp...mainly pastas...all good. Other items: grilled lamb chops (awesome!); lamb curry, buffalo cauliflower, cheeses, grilled tomatoes, etc...buffet exceded expectations. In MDR, ask server for grilled calamari steak...they did this twice for me and it was the bomb...off menu, but magic happens when you ask nicely. Agreed the fried calamari starter one night was just OK, but I’m not a big fan of fried seafood. Enjoy!
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