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  1. Loved New Zealand. Would like to spend more time in Alaska. We also enjoyed DaNang Vietnam. Loved Italy especially Tuscany. Could visit any and all again. So many places so little time.
  2. i think we should stick to the question asked by the OP. I would go for the upgrade. Sounds like a reasonable price.
  3. We stayed in 6903 and we loved it. My husband maintains they are a lot bigger. We have been them twice. So convenient. If you want a good inside room they are the best.
  4. We were on the Millennium in June to July southbound. My husbands favorite excursion was the halibut fishing trip in Icy Strait. He absolutely loved it. The other outstanding excursion was in the glacier. We did the smaller boat that took us closer to the glacier. Saw some incredible calving. Loved it. Those were our outstanding excursions. We also enjoyed the whale watching trip that ended at a lodge with a salmon lunch. So good. Only did Celebrity excursions. We are OK with those. We really enjoyed this cruise. Did our own thing from Anchorage to Seward. Loved both Anchorage and Seward. Such a beautiful state. Louise and Jim
  5. We have used both WhatsApp and Wifi calling with good success.
  6. There are people to help with any problems on the ship upon embarkation. It really wasn’t that helpful until on board except for checking in. It had info but not all of it until onboard.
  7. You can add more people. Once on the ship they had a couple people helping set it up. Very helpful.
  8. You don’t get the correct info until about a week before your cruise. I had ordered several excursions and several were not on the app until about a week before our cruise. It was pretty good once you were on the ship. Enjoyed the app.
  9. In December we were on the Millennium in Aqua Clasd. We got the nice heavier tote with the zipper and pocket. In July we were again on the Millennium in an Ocean view We just got the lighter tote. They are both nice to use for excursions to bring extra needs. We love all classes on Celebrity.
  10. I always get some Euros from the bank before I leave so I can get a cab or transportation to our hotel or any immediate needs upon arrival. I always contact our credit card. Once I forgot they wouldn’t approve my purchase until I called them. Not always easy when you are overseas. Once you are there you can use credit cards and ATMs for money. Have a great cruise.
  11. We had them on our Alaskan cruise on the Millennium. The revolutionized has a bakery and we had some from there and also small open faced sandwiches in another part. Very enjoyable.
  12. We were just on the Millennium out of Seward. Our muster drill was at 7:15 PM. Sail away at 8.
  13. Had a German chocolate cake in Cafe Bacio that was to die for.
  14. Also App was handy to see daily activities. You can also text roommate.
  15. We used it on our Alaska cruise on the Millennium. It didn’t show all our excursions and specialty reservations until the week before the cruise. Before that it wasn’t complete. Checked in with the App. Checking in went so fast. Took our pics and onto the ship. Able to drop off our carryons right away but wanted us to leave so rooms could be completed. Room cards on door. Loved the new decor. So much brighter. Beds comfortable.
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