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  1. On a positive note, I've just transferred three trips (2 TAs and Fjords) scheduled for spring to a different set of things for this fall; took the opportunity to move something from next early summer and instead pick up Norway for summer 2021, as we still had some money left after the transfer. Though this was complicated, my PCS at Cunard USA was terrific, handling it quickly and with care while getting ready to work from home starting this afternoon. No issues, no problems. A tad less OBC than our original trips but we are quite satisfied with how this was handled. We're sad about this spring's trip going down the drain, and are unpicking all the related arrangements, but are very excited about what we were able to get. Fingers and toes crossed that those trips will happen.
  2. Thanks to all for their input. DH has heard all the arguments about a copy, the safety of the country but it is a matter of principle at this point! I'll be on the QV next week so will specifically ask the administration manager about Norwegian immigration, before we contemplate tours for our 2020 voyage!
  3. I'm just trying to figure out if we will have a similar experience in Norway, which will affect shore excursions for DH.
  4. US passport. All passports were collected on 3 Aug after UK immigration processing to be kept by Cunard until 7 Aug after we depart Ireland. We were told Irish immigration needs to see them during the day on 6 Aug while we are in port. We were given dispensation to keep them until after we visit Glasgow 5 Aug but told we can't have them back until after we leave Dublin! I'm not bothered going without it but he is due to a previous experience and thus he won't get off the ship in Dublin.
  5. Can anyone tell me how immigration processing for Norway works on the QV Norwegian trips? My husband won't go onshore without his passport (long story) so he is missing out on a port stop this week on QE. I want to avoid the same thing happening next spring in Norway!
  6. We know that 3x around the QM2 (Deck 7) is a little more than a mile - does anyone know how many circuits of the QE and QV equal a mile? Thanks!
  7. Can someone tell me if there is a specific form that needs to be used or should we just submit a copy of a DD-214? Thanks so much in advance.
  8. Really hoping we'll be able to stay on board - I don't want my husband's birthday to be spoiled by having to sit in the terminal and go through security again! 🙂
  9. Underwatr, we received an updated booking confirmation directly from Cunard (we booked directly, no TA). It did not specifically mention that it was in response to our OBC request, but when we scrutinized it closely the only change was the increased OBC.
  10. This is a bit disturbing, we are on Q921C (New York - Southampton via Canada/Iceland then Southampton/Guernsey/Southampton) and thought we'd spend the day we're in Southampton doing laundry. But looking at our Booking Confirmation it does say "disembark" for that day. We'll ask when we get on the ship to see if there is a workaround. 😞
  11. Very impressed with the turnaround time on the shareholder OBC; we faxed a letter and proof of shares at 0930 on Monday morning and by 1600 we had revised booking confirmations (via email) that showed the increased OBC!
  12. Thanks Vintage CCG. I do think the fees are reasonable and actually had hoped to send everything out on our trip and avoid doing my own laundry. To me, doing the laundry was the least enjoyable part of our previous trips. 🙂
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