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  1. We had read all the reviews we could find as to what to do in Cartagena and Dora's name kept coming up. I reach out to her via email and she responded the next day. Our tour was 12-5-2022 and was suppose to be 3 couples but one was a no show. We met exactly where she said she would be and boarded a almost new small bus. She was always narating as we moved along. I can tell you this woman loves her country and her job. All the different walks, and places we saw will last me a lifetime. She provided water if you needed. It was a full 4 hour tour, we would take the bus to the different places and would then walk around while she would tell us what we were seeing. My highlight of the tour was to see the statue of Simon Bolivar at his park, just beautiful. Just a reminder, there are a lot of folks in Cartagena and you will get ask a lot to buy this, buy that from the locals, but just say no thanks and move on. On a scale of 1 to 10, Dora gets a 10. I can honestly say you will not be dissapointed with a booking with Dora. http://www.cartagenatour.com/
  2. She is such a fun loving person, was a joy to chat with her.
  3. In Columbia, I highly recommend Dora the explorer, we were with her this pass December.
  4. Has anyone done a one way and which side would you recommend. Thank you
  5. We are platinum and were on the Glory for a 14 day cruise 11-27-2022. We were one of the first to board and went straight to the room, got our cards and did not work. A maintenance worker was close by and tried his and work. The room steward came and his worked as well. Was told to go to GS where 2 new cards were made and all was good. They later came on the intercom and told everyone new cards were being made, not a great start.
  6. Have been on Glory three times in the past 12 months and just finished a 14 day. We will not sail on her again. I have always bragged that you can find something to eat at the Lido, but after this last trip, no. This is just lunch and dinner that I refer to. The wife and I would look at the menu and then walk and look and just say nope. Sometimes we would get a salad, other times to the Deli, Guys, Pizza or upstairs for some BBQ. When all else failed, room service. The breakfast was always fine at the Lido. The wife and I are Platinum and have never been to the MDR more than 7 times, just to long and the food just isn’t that great. We have been to two chef’s tables and steak houses and have always enjoyed them. Just my two cents and yes I let Carnival know on that 30 minute questionnaire.
  7. They will contact you normally 5 to 7 days out from your cruise.
  8. MistyRo76, what a great and informative review. Look so forward to your next cruise. Thank you.
  9. There are no cruises out of Mobile next spring 2023
  10. hey-buc

    Cozumel Cabs

    The 15.00 to Paradise beach is still the same. Was there twice earlier this year.
  11. Thinking of buying the KEY, it says Chops Grille lunch menu, I can only find one menu under the KEY info and that seems to be the evening menu. Is there a separate lunch menu? Thanks
  12. Are you on the 14 day to Panama the end of November?
  13. This is our first cruise on Royal coming up later. Carnival let’s people in suites to drop off there bags and leave. This is not so on Royal ?
  14. I would recommend the 14 day out of New Orleans, leaves late October or early November.
  15. Just looked at my boarding information and it is listed as platinum. Thanks for all the info folks.
  16. Don't you still have to have a good wifi for this to work?
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