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  1. Yes - they are calling it the "Healthy Sail Panel." No mention as to its relationship to the CDC requirement. The absence of Carnival, the largest cruise company, is worrisome.
  2. Not factual. The federal government abrogated its responsibilities early on by downplaying the dangers of the virus, everything from "it won't effect Americans," to "masks are not useful," to not responding with the needed leadership and resources. The so-called daily briefings were a joke and political in nature. Today Dr Fauci is persona non grata in the oval office - POTUS has not talked to him in over a month, and that only because he, Fauci, is making good recommendations. Yesterday Education Secretary DeVos touted the need to reopen schools but gave no plan on how to do so. Reopening in the light of COVID-19 threat will take resources , the Feds have to provide. And yesterday federal agents acting over and outside the orders of local officials several maimed a person in Oregon using "non-lethal" munitions. Federal elements/agencies can and do involve themselves in local security operations. Some time ago the CDC sent a list of requirements to CLIA and the cruise lines providing guidelines that need to be followed and established before any sense of cruising can resume from US waters. The CDC requested CLIA/cruise lines establish the specifics and get back to CDC for concurrence. So far, nothing from the cruise lines. Zippo. Its almost as if cruise lines don't want to participate or have no real idea on how to proceed making ships safe.
  3. Major problem is the US government has not been serious about stopping the transmission of the virus. Fact - not a "political" statement. The are no real plans to slow down the spread, no real action. Florida yesterday recorded 15,300 new cases of COVID-19. Recorded, which implies the "real" numbers are much higher. The virus is spiking and we haven't hit the Fall yet when another waves is expected. Cruise ports (Florida especially, but also Texas and Louisiana) are the centers of infection increases. Airlines, for those who must travel to get to a cruise port, are no better off. The video of the United passengers is telling: United boarded back to front, but on disembarking everyone stood up and crunched together. Changing herd behavior is difficult. Changing behaviors on cruises will also be difficult. Way too much fluff in the stock report. No mention of how or what the cost would be to sail under social distancing guidelines as those cruise line restarting in Europe and Asia are requiring. No mention of the added cost to pay back the monies now being borrowed and what that will do to prices and break-even criteria. No mention of the added costs to apply any of the expected criteria needed to sail again, to included added crew and medical staff, not to mention any structure changes to traffic flow. It was as if on restart will be will back fully to pre-Covid processes and protocols. That will not be the case even in the wildest of imaginations. Additionally, no, mention of port protocols which will impact cruising. The cruise lines, and we as cruise passengers, need to be realistic. This will not be easy nor inexpensive. Cruising will cost more. Ship protocols will be different. Safety and security will be paramount for any successful return to cruising.
  4. IF the cruise even goes, especially out of a Florida port, you would be fortunate to stop in 3 foreign ports. They do not adhere to US direction as non-US entities. Many keep "forgetting" that these countries have their own policies, and especially their own laws and concerns for their citizens. Plus places like St Maartin/Maarten operate under Dutch and French (EU) policies. Even the "private islands" are on lands belonging to independent countries.
  5. In the same "boat" with Uniworld. Canceled June two-week cruise through France and all Uniworld wants to do is the same 50/50. Ir was canceled in March as France was shutting down. Of course, have not even seen the 50 percent refund much less a statement on FCC. FCC, of course, does us no good being north of 75 with the health concerns making cruising during the pandemic extremely problematic for our health. Uniworld has shut the door to any discussion. We have sailed with them half a dozen times, to include China. Not what we expected from this company. But then, its owned privately and is one of 30 subsidiaries which are all travel related and hemorrhaging money. Trying to make up for loses in other businesses by scamming Uniworld customers is criminal. I'm very tired of Uniworld treating us like we are pariahs. Apparently, Uniworld just doesn't care about past customers or care about operating fairly. Its time to follow your lead and initiate the CC dispute.
  6. The name change is really going to help me forget all the bad things about RCCL...especially Celebrity's inability to provide refunds.
  7. At this time (CDC and State) vaccines for these diseases are currently required for U.S. immigration: Mumps Measles Rubella Polio Tetanus and diphtheria Pertussis Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Rotavirus Meningococcal disease Varicella Pneumococcal disease Seasonal influenza
  8. Hopefully you are fully aware that those "cruise experts" earn a living by advocating cruising. They are not virologists, doctors or health officials.
  9. Tee: Please reread my post. The vaccine is useless unless it is properly prepared, distributed and used to vaccinate. That statement holds. There are many who are already claiming they will not take the vaccination, if/when available. That put is success and those of us who might take the vaccination at risk.
  10. Nope. As virologists have said, the vaccine is useless. Its the vaccinations which are important once a vaccine is developed, tested and provided to 70 percent of the population: 5 billion people. So far, on both sides of the pond there are numerous groups stating they will NOT be vaccinated - the anti-vaxxers. With the mutations virologists have seen in COVID-19 - believe its on its third mutation this one making it smaller and easier to transmit - vaccinations will be required at least seasonally/for each mutation. Its going to be a tough and long fight. In the meantime, returning to cruising as it was pre-COVID-19 will be impossible.
  11. Agree. The EU has reduced infection rate to a low level and enough to permit north to "traditional" south travel during the summer vacation months. The "migration" to the beaches of the Mediterranean and Adriatic should be near normal.
  12. I expect that is coming IF a vaccine is developed and IF it can be made available. Like having a record in your international yellow vaccine record (International Health Record), such as MMR and Yellow Fever vaccination. With today's technology it may be possible to include in electronic chipped passports.
  13. Many sources on the mutation - just search. Here is one from Scripps: https://www.scripps.edu/news-and-events/press-room/2020/20200612-choe-farzan-coronavirus-spike-mutation.html
  14. The US Administration also is banning European (Shenghen, UK, Ireland) citizens to the US. AMCITs who have been in those countries must isolate for 14 days on arrival.
  15. So you claim that those of us resident in the US can travel to Europe, to any EU country, at will? Both directives put a halt on non-essential travel between the EU and the United States. The EU doesn't want Americans because of our spiking COVID-19 inflection rates and the US doesn't want Americans to travel because of high infection rates in other countries. Its both ways,. just like Canada has closed non-essential cross-border travel to Americans and the US the same for Canadians entering the US. Going either way "non-essential" means that no one is cruising from either country/union to the other and there are no trans-Atlantics permitted. No too challenging to understand.
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