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  1. Our day in Key West was a lot of fun. We docked a little early and it was so quiet we didn’t realize we were tied up. The same thing happened when we left, the ship is so smooth we didn’t realize we were moving until we were about 25’ off of the dock! This ship is smooth! We were joined by an RCCL ship (don’t remember the name, but one of the older ones) so it was a bit busy in port, but not jam packed. We’re scuba divers so we booked a double-dip to the wreck of the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg with Captains Corner. The seas in the winter are unpredictable in Key West so we were s
  2. We boarded Edge yesterday for our Western Caribbean cruise and first impression is that we really love this ship. It’s been 15 years since our last cruise on Celebrity Horizon (where we had the one balcony cabin on the ship!), and we chose Edge because she’s a little different than other ships. Since the most modern ship we’ve been on to compare Edge to is Infinity, which we cruised on a year after she was put into service, it gives you a little perspective that we have nothing recent to compare this ship to, so you can either call it a fresh perspective or an uninformed one....you’re choice
  3. There’s definitely some vibration and motion in this cabin, however I think because I’m prone to motion sickness I’m sure I’m more sensitive than others. We’ve had calm seas so I haven’t needed motion sickness meds, but I’d advise anyone who is prone to motion sickness to have some Bonine with them just in case the seas pick up.
  4. Hope this works. Here are pictures of SV cabin 10271 as promised. Love the veranda, love the cabin, love Edge!
  5. We’re in 10271 in 2 weeks and would be happy to share pictures once we’re on board. I haven't found info or phots for this specific cabin either.
  6. I haven’t seen discounted first night bookings available for our cruise in 2 weeks. Thinking they’ve had enough prebookings that they don’t need to discount.
  7. What is it? I don’t see it on our upcoming cruise on Edge.
  8. I always smile a little when I read the remarks and concerns about soot on the balcony of the SV cabins. We were on the NCL's Norway back in the mid-90's, a 60's trans-Atlantic ocean liner that had been converted into a cruise ship, and if you were ANYWHERE on deck behind the funnels (which was most of the ship!), it would rain soot! To top it off, the outside seating to the buffet was on the aft of the ship and you'd see soot drifting down onto your food. Fortunately that was our second cruise so we knew what a modern ship would be like and it didn't deter us from cruising again.
  9. I don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to be okay to like the IV cabins. Whenever I read a post from someone who really liked it and explains why, there are always a bunch of people who have to chime in and say why the IV is terrible, practically calling the person who liked it a liar. I hope someday that people who like them will be “allowed” to like them instead of being told they are wrong.
  10. With a premium drink package you can make it your mission to try all of them yourself! Seriously though, it seems like people either love or hate the drinks in Eden, so your taste may vary.
  11. It seems like people either really like the IV or don’t.
  12. I’m super excited about our upcoming cruise on Edge BECAUSE she’s not a tradition cruise ship. One reason we stopped cruising was because it felt like the same thing over and over without much relief. Having another option was what got us excited about cruising again, and although I’m sure we’ll get back on a more traditional ship in the future, it’s nice to know that something different with the Edge class ships is available as well. Personally I think there’s room for these different type of ships.
  13. Sign in, go to "plan my cruise," click on "calendar," and you can scroll down to see each day of your cruise with your booked excursions.
  14. I have to agree with the OP in that I would also be one who would make a lot of noise and take this up the chain on command as far as I could take it. It would only be because I had a booking number and confirmation email, which (although I’m not an attorney) I’ve always understood to be a contract. Heck, what would Celebrity do if YOU “booked by mistake??”
  15. We picked Edge for our next cruise BECAUSE she’s so different and can’t wait to experience all she has to offer. One thing I really think was genius was diving the MDR into 4 themed dining rooms with special offerings in addition to the MDR ones. I love that we will have many different opportunities for dinners with our select dining.
  16. That’s such a personal question that to me it’s tough to answer. We had the same dilemma on our upcoming Edge cruise, but we chose the SV over the Sky Suite.
  17. Thank you for posting info and pictures of the SV cabin! We’re booked into one (on deck 10) in January and can’t wait. We love the aft cabins and don’t mind the bit of vibration as we feel the views and balconies are worth the trade off.
  18. If you talk to someone, will you ask if it has an A12X Bionic chip with the neural engine? That’ll tell us if it’s the brand new version or the old one. Thank you so much!
  19. Wow, that seems pretty inexpensive for an iPad Pro! I wonder if these are the newest ones, or the older ones. The newest version are up around $1000 or more for the 256gb on-line. Maybe Celebrity gets some deal with Apple?? I'd definitely be tempted to buy one on board at these prices!!
  20. Keep in mind that not every TA participates in Move up. I know Costco doesn't.
  21. I agree, set the expectations before you get on the ship. It's important to know that everyone is on the same page or feelings might get hurt if some people expect to do everything together and others don't. Set it up so that you'll have dinner together each night, and during dinner talk about all of the options for things to do the next day, and let everyone decide what they want to do whether its separately or together. Also don't be afraid to tell them that you want to do things together, but don't want to be joined at the hip since it's your vacation too. If you're planning excursions,
  22. Keep in mind that not every TA participates in this program. I know Costco doesn’t and I’ve heard there are others.
  23. Try calling your travel agent and having them check. Mine was able to switch me to select after booking. You can ask about putting you one the wait list if they can’t switch it.
  24. Are there any free weights in the gym?
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