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  1. Not worth the time and effort to call your CVP. There is nothing they can do to get it shipped, track it, released from customs or found where it sits at a local post office. They have no.secret code to find it. As said, if it shows up great. If not it takes a short amount of time to pick up at the port. Last 2 times for us was 3 minutes and under 1 minute. We don't bother ordering them any more. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  2. Are you looking for transfer to ANC arriving at the airport at say 10pm? No. Transfers to the airport leave shortly after arrival. Best to get a 3rd party transfer to Anchorage and spend time in town or transfer to airport, store luggage and Uber into town.
  3. Discussed over and over. Princess is releasing only about 50% of tables. Calling will not help as reps have no idea what is happening. Stop stressing and simply go to a restaurant on boarding and get your reservations. Except for say 6pm will not be an issue.
  4. The confusion is Mentenegro does require a visa for multiple entries. On your cruise, just like ours in 2018, you are making a single entry. We did not require a visa then and you do not need one now - unless you intend to go back and enter Montenegro again. Entry to many countries via a cruise is different
  5. Yes. Several threads on this. You can add until Princess sells the maximum number for each cruise. They can sell out . Usually do not
  6. Have friends who are visually impaired. They put a decoration on their door to make it easier to find their cabin. Decorate or not. People get worked up over trivia like issues ordering their medallion or no being able to get their favorite wine on board. Today we make mountains out of molehills. Most would be better off if they could let things go.
  7. Not worth stressing out over ordering and getting a medallion delivered. Lots easier and probably faster to spend 5 minutes and pickup at the pier.
  8. The package is for alcoholic beverages and specific non alcoholic items. Logical? Not to me either.
  9. Went thru similar glitch once. Waited a week and tried once more. Same result. As we have in the past will pick up our Medallions at the pier. Suggest looking at ordering Medallions by asking is it worth the stress and lots of time to order them vs a couple minutes at the pier. Silly to waste effort on something so stupid PS, dining reservations. . . same comment. Not worth the time, effort or stress. Booked a placeholder reservation and will sort it out on board. Preferably with a glass of wine in hand. Little difference with IT at RCL or HAL.
  10. It does not matter where or how you book. Timed dining for NOW is private table only except for earliest time slot. Had exactly this last December pre cruise. On board - chaos the first night as groups were sorted out. Second night people were mostly in their groups with reservations or walk up. Third night things were smooth. Way too much stress about dining reservations. Once you board simply see the Maitre D and get it sorted. If from two reservations you could both book the same time slots. And I agree the roll out of the new - same as 20 years ago LOL - system has been pretty ^#%%.
  11. You certainly can get a breakdown. Just remember if you change your flights you are subject to the fares in effect when you rebook AND the terms of your ticket that could have additional.fees. I would check airlines direct for the flight you want to change and CANCEL that flight with EZAir. Rebook with EZAir or direct.
  12. Always found a person at restaurants at or shortly after boarding. Sorted reservations at that time or the second night. And yes, 6pm times are always very busy.
  13. Way too much angst about issues with the new MDR reservation system. Give it a bit of time and remember many book a reservation as a placeholder and cancel.or change once on board. Also private table vs shared dining changes once on board.
  14. Humm. Weather in Hawaii likely Tobe good but storms (sometimes major) certainly possible. You then say your cruise has 5 days in Alaska. ??? Presume several in between, but ocean weather in the Alaska panhandle is almost always cool. Low 50s. Can be anything from stormy to clear. Not pool weather for me as an Arizona Wildcat. If from a cooler climate fine. Again leaving Hawaii 2 warm days likely. Getting a bit cooler each day.
  15. Where is your cruise? Some like Alaska cruises and week or shorter in the Caribbean are in higher demand than prior years. Get a deal on those - not likely. A very few will have price decreases like TAs. The October TA on Regal dropped from $2300pp in a balcony to about $750 for a 21 day cruise. So, you never know. And oh yeah, that price went up after final.payment and not down.
  16. You need to speak to his doctor. My question is can he put his leg backward to use a scooter. My guess is probably not. If that is the case a wheelchair will be his only option. Can he use crutches in a week or two? Probably, but not in time for your cruise and only for short distances. Probably too soon to make a decision, but a cruise in a wheelchair with his leg straight would be very challenging and limit and make very difficult all manner of things from the cabin restroom to simply getting through the dining room. Having memories of a full leg cast with no weight allowed I would definitely speak with Princess as a regular cabin would not work. It certainly does not hurt to ask what they can do. Call Monday and speak with a few people. Ask to reschedule the cruise. If told no ask someone else and call back.
  17. And as said often many many changes once onboard.
  18. I refreshed the browser and Both plus and Premier were an option
  19. Go directly there if you want say Tracy Arm day and an outside row
  20. Except for Coral, one dining room is for two fixed seatings. Only the early seating shared tables. One is for walk up only - thus no reservations allowed. The 3rd seating every 20 minutes thru 8:40. Shared for 5ish. The rest private tables ony; though I expect to be asked if we would share. Booked on the app. It would not let me book dining until I was fully checked in. Expect lots of things willchange once on board. We are not Platinum or Elite.
  21. A land tour in Alaskawith any cruiseline if you can drive is just plain dumb. The water issue near Denali was not the fault of anyone except Mother Nature. Will power out the resorts cannot stay open. Generator power of that magnitude not reasonable for 2 days. As for cruising on Princess; all is OK. Similar with some things better on Princess and others better on HAL or Celebrity. Best to cruise the itinerary and not the line.
  22. Suggest you ask your Magic 8 Ball. KayS is correct, book a time each night as a placeholder and sort it out once your are on board. The booking parameters - private table only if choosing a time is nuts. Am guessing things will be chaos the first night and get sorted over the next 2 nights as when we got caught in a trial late last year.
  23. As with AF, no idea what you are asking. The thread seems to be about EZAir. They have limited the number of days before and after your cruise you can use EZAir. Nothing new. Also understand you need to check using an app and with the airlines as EZAir, especially for US flights, does not always have the cheapest fares. On my upcoming cruise - EZAir $319. Direct with the airline $129.
  24. I assume they are staying in your cabin. If so simply need to go back over how you set up your account.
  25. No. Drink up once you leave the pier. Do not know Vancouver laws - likely you can start when you board. Some ports have restrictions limiting the opening, number of bars that can open, charging sales tax in port and a bunch of other strange rules.
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