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  1. Just as we had "bacon police" on Carnival, I would not doubt they will have crew serving passengers if/when the buffet is to continue. I feel this would be a welcome change sanitation-wise, as I cannot tell you how grossed out I was at times seeing passengers cough/sneeze into their hand and then grab the tongs, or see a child reach into the food and take a choice piece that they wanted. It would also help with portion control and wasted food. So much food was wasted as people filled their plates and then just didn't eat what they took. Smaller stations (such as they had on Sensation) spaced out will help also, instead of the giant conga lines that formed each meal.
  2. Our March cruise was cancelled - rebooked for early January. Not so sure Breeze (or any other ship) will sail. Even if it does, not sure I will be on her unless covid19 is under control. Between that and flu season I don't thing I would chance going on a ship. I am only 14 days away from diamond and would have been there by now had things been "normal."
  3. I hope you are right. But when I see states with daily numbers rising up into the 6,000-9,000 positive test range, it gets me worried. I will not step on a cruise ship from now on without 1-2 months of extra perscription meds - that I will tell you!!
  4. They just extended Broadway show shutdown until January 3, 2021. Said it was too dangerous to have 1,000 strangers, plus actors, stage crew, orchestra together.
  5. NY just hit our lowest daily death total - 5. Still 5 too many lives lost, but better than the 800 per day we were losing at the peak.
  6. Joe817- thoughts are with you, and all others who are seeing an uptick in cases. However, as things open up here, we can already see less masks than before, and more "groups" gathering. Our restaurants just went to 25% indoor occupancy, with many setting up tents outside for outdoor socially distanced eating. DH and I still have not "eaten out" - will wait another week, and even then will not dine indoors. Our governer (Cuomo) has really done all he can do to bring our numbers down, and has been very successful so far. He just signed an executive order stating that any NY resident who voluntarily visits a virus hotspot will not be eligible for paid sick leave. 300 gyms/fitness centers in NY are starting a class-action lawsuit against him because - as of this moment - they will not be allowed to open even in phase 4, which hopefully we will hit in another week. Schools here have to come up with a potential re-opening plan for Sept. by 7/15. Should be interesting to see how that goes....
  7. Thought Texas just reversed/cut back re-opening due to spike in cases? To all those states who think they are doing well - be careful. This disease seems to come back with a vengeance to areas who thought they were under control, or had very few cases. http://longisland.news12.com/story/42300149/as-covid19-cases-surge-in-us-rural-areas-seeing-increases-as-well Stay safe and healthy!
  8. NYC just cancelled their annual marathon, which takes place in November. They are taking no chances. No street fairs, farmers markets allow only a certain amount of people in at a time, and those waiting are social distancing. Masks are the attire of the day. NY has been taking things very seriously for the past few months, as we were slammed with the outbreak. The saying "we are NY strong" has become our mantra. The states which have an increase in cases really have to buckle down until they get this under control. I think it is almost worse to have to go back and shut certain things down that were open, than open very slowly and stay open. To have it bounce back in states that re-opened is very scary to me.
  9. This is a quote from an article I found, so yes, I think Disney will delay all their parks (ncluding Orlando) due to an uptick. "The company had hoped to reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim on July 17 after a four-month closure due to the coronavirus. However, California officials have indicated that they won't issue guidelines for theme park reopenings until after July 4, given the rising number of COVID-19 infections throughout the state. 'Given the time required for us to bring thousands of cast members back to work and restart our business, we have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials,' Disney said in a statement on Wednesday. They did not provide a new reopening date for its California parks."
  10. Disneyland is postponing their scheduled re-opening due to uptick in cases. Don't think DisneyWorld is far behind postponing their 7/15 opening date. We just entered stage 3 here on Long Island, with NYC just hitting stage 2. Hopefully will be no uptick here. The fines Cuomo set for not following quarantine are really high, but I still do not know how they will "catch" someone not quarantining. I doubt they will go knocking on people's doors!!
  11. We had a trip planned to Ecuador/Galapagos, leaving 7/31/20. We cancelled 4/29, right before Ecuador had the tremendous infection rate they have now. They just re-opened to get citizens getting back to Galapagos - they had been stuck on the mainland all this time away from their homes. They have also put in the testing/quarentine restrictions listed above. So to be quarantined upon landing in Ecuador, nope, not happening. Rescheduling for next April - hopefully we will make it there then. Fauci says he is hopeful there will be a vaccine available by the end of this year, beginning of new year. Fingers (and toes) crossed!
  12. I heard this also, along with Gov. Cuomo possibly imposing a travel ban/quarentine on Floridians coming to the trip-state area in the very near future. (with agreement from NJ/CT) As Jimbo said - stopping people from crossing state borders/having them quarentine is nearly impossible.
  13. Entering stage 3 today!! Tattoo parlors, nail salons, restaurants open at 50% indoor capacity/outdoor dining. Some larger stores re-opened for indoor shopping. Malls still closed. Hopefully people will adhere to social distancing a bit more than they have been so we don't go back a stage.
  14. This is totally us. We have a condo in Fort Lauderdale which we infrequently go to - Thanksgiving, Christmas break, Columbus Day weekend, once or twice in the summer for long weekends, as dh still works. We have not been down to our condo since December. We also have a house in Smallwood, right outside of Monticello. We have been spending the last 6 weekends (Fri/Sat) up there. When we go upstate we wear masks when outside - unlike a lot of people we see. We went to pick up food at a local restaurant in White Lake, which just started outdoor dining this weekend. (we know because they did not have it last weekend when we picked up food) Tables were on top of each other. Servers were wearing masks, but diners (of course) were not. Don't know if they are "locals" or visitors. Some people were literally within 2 feet of next table. I expect to see a spike not only upstate, but here on Long Island, as we enter stage 3.
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