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  1. Glad to hear you felt better the next morning. Whether it was from Ensenada food, french toast, etc. - there is so much illness going around now, you could have picked up a bug from anywhere/anyone. Some take hours to hit, some take days. Whatever it was, you seemed to get over it quickly, which was good.
  2. So sad. Gopher "hooked on" to my special needs dd, literally not leaving her side when we were there last. He will be missed.
  3. Following! We have been on this itinerary 2x already (Conquest out of FLL) and will be on Magic with same itinerary at the end of January. First time on Magic, and looking forward to a "new" ship to cruise on out of FLL. Enjoyed your other reviews, and look forward to another entertaining and informative one.
  4. That did not make sense to me, either. The ship's infirmary is well-prepared to handle a lot of medical issues, including (I am sure) stocking insulin. However, to keep someone on the ship with several medical issues going on at once and not sent off to a hospital is probably the last thing the ship's medical staff wanted to do. Hoping there is an update on this story shortly.
  5. The hospital we were off-loaded to in Belize when dd had an appendix attack took our passports and gave them back when dd was medically cleared to leave and our bill had been fully paid by my credit card. We always clear two cards for international travel "just in case." We also never travel without a trip insurance policy. When I contacted travelguard from the hospital they offered help with paying if I needed it. The article made it sound like the man had NO insurance coverage whatsoever. Very scary to be stranded in a hospital like that- and very expensive.
  6. Very informative article. Well-written. It seems the video evidence they have will probably decide the case one way or another.
  7. After 20 some-odd cruises on Carnival we found we were getting "bored" of the itineraries/food/entertainment so we gave NCL a try. We are now also Platinum on NCL. We use NCL for more "exotic" longer itineraries - Hawaii, Med., Venice/Greece, Baltics. We swore we would never like free-style dining/cruising, but found we enjoy it. Shows are good, having a nice choice of dining opportunities is nice. I have found that the balcony cabins are smaller on NCL, but the buffets are better imho. We love the dueling piano bar on the ships that have them, and O'Sheehans pub. We now bounce back and forth between CCL and NCL going more for itinerary than anything. Just a hint - if you want to eat in a specific restaurant at a specific time on NCL, book it online when the bookings open - or you may not get the time slot you want if you wait until you are on the ship.
  8. We sailed many years (and sometimes still do) with 4 in a balcony cabin - 2 daughters who are now young adults. Having the balcony was like having an extra room. While dh and I were on the balcony dd's were showering, dressing, etc. DH also used the shower in the gym lockerroom to free up the bathroom a bit for us. While $780 seems like a bit much for the upsell, you might consider it depending on where the cabin is located. If noise bothers you, a cabin above the showroom, casino band or another "noisy" area of the ship may not be worth it. If the cabin is above the shops, that might be good. I would definitely do a mock booking to see what cabins come up as available. If you decide to go for the upsell I would call the number they gave and literally ask for a specific cabin, or have a deck plan in front of you on your computer and see what cabins they offer. You can then make a really educated decision on whether to take it or not.
  9. Loving your review and pictures. This cruise is definitely on my bucket list!
  10. As you booked your cabins literally over 20 months ago, and Carnival just changed your cabins with less than a month to sailing, I would definitely get on your TA's back to work their way up the Carnival chain of command to get an answer. It is a pain having to switch cabins. My thoughts - someone "more important than you" (Carnival employee family member, etc.) wanted your cabin for the 7 day, and you were bumped. Some sort of obc should be given for your inconvenience. As far as getting bumped to YTD - we always had early dining. Our last 4 cruises we took YTD, and loved it!! You can still get the same wait staff/table if you like. Good luck, and whatever happens, enjoy your back-to-backs.
  11. As the old saying goes "better safe than sorry." Sorry this may have been uncomfortable sailing conditions for the passengers, but glad the captain used his judgement to keep them safe.
  12. I have also switched from Dealer's Choice to a Premier offer when my cruise was changed from DC to Premier. I had no problem doing so. I just called my pvp and she took care of it. Kept the same cabin and everything. No penalty for doing so.
  13. We have been on a few NYE cruises with Carnival. They hand out free champagne beginning around dinner time, have a special menu for dinner, hand out hats and noisemakers at a big deck party, and have the ball drop televised from NYC Times Square on Lido deck. Lots of fun, bottles of champagne all around (free) and a nice way to bring in the New Year.
  14. We cruised without kids on lines that no longer exist! With kids we started with a few on Disney, then went almost exclusively to Carnival. After we got "bored" with the same entertainment, food, ports, we moved over to NCL for a few Caribbean cruises, but moreso for "exotic" cruises that fit our dates - Hawaii, Med., Baltics, Italy/Greece, etc. Enjoyed the change of pace with NCL. (Platinum level there) Cruised once with RCCL and hated it. We now use Carnival for Caribbean/Bahamas, and NCL for Europe - though Carnival's 2021 itineraries to Europe look interesting.
  15. ObstructedView2 - thanks so much for the list! Guess I will be drinking diet pepsi caffeine free.
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