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  1. I can live with the restrictions they may put in place. Luckily we have been to almost all the ports CCL (and other lines) have cruised to numerous times, and many times we don't even get off the ship anymore. We are balcony snobs, and are content just sitting reading on our balcony, staring at the water/pier runners. We are so used to wearing our masks now, socially distancing, and temp checks when walking into buildings, I don't think it would make a difference to us if we had to do this on a ship. I have gotten very good at giving the hairy eyeball to those who creep up my butt when
  2. I read somewhere on another board that the CDC loads every vaccination given into a data base, along with person's relevant info. So they are tracking everything. Along with vaccination "passports" I see a future where airlines, cruise ships, and anyone/thing having to do with travel - or even entertainment venues - will provide lists of people "allowed" to enter. Sounds terrible, but until covid is under control worldwide (not just in U.S.) I think "big brother" will have a hand in our lives.
  3. Thinking back on it, this is the cabin setup (except our singles were put together) we had on the Sensation. How could I forget? Kept smashing my head on the bunk bed my dd slept in - it was right above our heads and we had to duck to get into bed.
  4. I thought the same exact thing when reading the list. I can't imagine them sailing at full capacity (with a full crew on top of that) at start-up. Even with possibly requiring a negative covid test, masks, social distancing, and vaccination.
  5. Make reservations for dining or shows as soon as you can. If you wait until you are on the ship you may be closed out of time slots you want for dining - this is for specialty restaurants. We found NCL a refreshing difference from the other lines we cruised on.
  6. We cruised for years with 2 little kids in a balcony cabin. Little one slept in the bottom (couch) bed, and older one (3 years older) slept in top. We had a portable rail we put up on bottom bed so little one wouldn't fall. Top bunk has a railing - not a great, sturdy one, but it was fine. Check your offers on the Carnival website. Some are offering "free" cheers - you might have one sitting there. If having the extra room and tub and larger balcony means a lot, go for the suite. If having spare credit for some add-ons, go for the balcony. We traveled 4 in a balcony until the kids grad
  7. A lot will have to do with the ports/islands/countries themselves. Many still have stringent policies and restrictions on incoming tourists/people. Until covid rates get under control I do not think they will allow people to wander freely on their own.
  8. 4 in a cabin have a pulldown bed above the couch. The couch is made up as a bed. For 3 they usually just make the couch up as a bed- they do not lower the upper bed.
  9. Thanks for the bib offer - lol! When I let my frozen drinks melt a bit the alcohol sinks to the bottom and it becomes too strong for me. (lightweight drinker here). I also use the straws to stir the drink. I usually pack my own straws but always forget them in the cabin. No matter which way CCL goes- continued ban or not - I will make do.
  10. On my last cruise I took a Kiss On the Lips bath when I tipped the glass up to drink and the whole thing came out in a clump down my chest and into my lap! DD thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Carnival had run out of the sugar straws. Hard to sip those frozen drinks.
  11. We have cruised in both months out of Miami and FLL, and have hit varied temps in January- ranges from 60-85 in Nassau, HMC, etc. March definitely will have more young people, though many colleges here in the Northeast have been pushing back returning from intersession break until after MLK day, so that first week of January might be more crowded than usual. Weather warms up in March in the Bahamas. Hoping cruising will be in full swing in January 2022 - we pushed our (4x cancelled) cruise back to then.
  12. Hated the sugar straws they had on CCL. Sticky and gross, imho. Not sure what the biodegradable straw would "melt down" to, and what that would do to a beverage. More gunk in my drink. Yich.
  13. Our infection numbers in NY have gone down, but Long Island and the Bronx still lead the state in infection rate. They just added "underlying medical conditions" to the 1B vaccination stage, so 3 out of the 4 of us in my family can register for vaccine. Spent 14 hours yesterday when site opened trying to make an appt online, and on phone. Finally got through on phone and we will all have our first dose (Pfizer) in 2 1/2 weeks. We were hoping April or May. We have a trip to Disneyworld (postponed 4x already) May 1, and thought we would have to cancel for 5th time, but looks like we won't
  14. Didn't know there were even 10 things to see in Nassau - LOL! Have been there around 20x, and have no desire to take any tour. We usually get off the ship, maybe take a horse/carriage ride and walk the indoor "straw" market. Off the ship maybe less than 1 hour. Would not bother me to stay on the ship there.
  15. Just checked and my acct. also shows my old expiration date of 8/27/21. Not worried, as I printed out the email and put it in my cruise folder just in case.
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