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  1. I am very impressed with Venice Taxi Airport. I wrote to them a few hours ago to get a quote, along with some questions I had. I just received a reply answering all my questions. From the cruise ship to the airport is 60 euro for 3 of us, including luggage and taxes. The driver will meet us holding a sign with our names on it as we leave the ship. I would go to their website and email them from there, as I did : www.venicetaxiairport.com Alberto was great in answering, and we will probably book with him tomorrow.
  2. We have a 1:20 flight home after our NCL Star cruise in August. We are looking into booking a private taxi to the airport, picking us up at 9:30. We figured we would be at the airport by 10, leaving us over 3 hours to get to our flight. Does this sound reasonable?
  3. I am surprised they stopped the tervis cups so quickly. On our Feb. cruise we got the blankets, on our March cruise 4 weeks later we got the cups, and now 5 weeks later we will get the lanyard. Guess the cups were too expensive to continue!
  4. I still have the "old" clear tervis tumblers with the Carnival patch inside. Use them for my bottomless bubbles when I cruise. At least these tumblers are different!
  5. We booked with Havana Journeys instead. Eyleen gets back to you to answer any questions within 24 hours or less. Very pleased with them so far. Great reviews on Tripadvisor. Their webpage is havanajourneys.com
  6. We are due to leave on the Sensation in 3 weeks, which stops in Cuba. Bucket list cruise. Also stopping in Grand Cayman. Will be really bummed if our Cuba port turns into a Nassau port!
  7. So Trump announced he was placing new sanctions for tourists travelimg to Cuba. While we don't know when they will begin, it seems cruise travel there will be eliminated. Cuba was on my bucket list, to be fulfilled by our May Sensation stop there. Hoping the sanctions won't begin for a while, as our cruise is in 3 weeks! I feel bad for all the Cuban people who will be losing a lot of their income as cruise and air travel will be very limited or totally eliminated according to reports.
  8. Very funny! Didn't know how much I missed the pen and tiny pad until I needed them! (btw -the gift we got in March were the Tervis tumblers)
  9. We do the same - but also carry the paper printout the pharmacy attaches to bag when we refill the perscriptions "just in case." Have never had a problem and had to show the printout.
  10. Same here. We sat in the same section - literally the same table - each night. Loved it!
  11. I would definitely follow this up. Make a copy of your final sail and sign statement. Write a concise letter of what happened - how you weren't even in the dining room one night and soda/coffee was charged to one of your accounts, etc. Mail it certified to Carnival. This should not have happened - even if you weren't charged for it.
  12. I was actually shocked when - at Port Everglades- we were on the ship by 11:15 for our January and March Conquest cruises. And this was after a large wedding party boarded before us. (and 2 diamond cruisers)
  13. There are many different casino rate offers. As others have said, if it is a premier cruise both occupants in the cabin get a drinks on us card. If it is another casino rate (cruise/play/repeat, or dealer's choice for example) you go to the casino cage and they will attach the card to your sail and sign there.
  14. pe4all

    Havanacar Tours

    Thanks so much for the info.
  15. pe4all

    Havanacar Tours

    Can't seem to find a website for havanacar - can anyone help? Thanks so much!
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