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  1. While not on NCL, I came off a Carnival cruise 2/2 and 3 days later had high fever, cough, muscle ache, chest tightness, headache. Had never had anything like that before. I had also stayed 3 days pre-cruise in FLL. Went to Dr., who- upon hearing I had just gotten off a cruise to the Caribbean - gave me strep, flu and chest X-ray - all negative. Gave me a z-pack, told me to take tylenol, sent me on my way. Took 2+ weeks for cough to dissipate. DD cruised with me - no symptoms. DH stayed home to work - no symptoms. I do not doubt that I had a mild case of covid19, but will only know if I do not "get" it again, or when/if an antibody test is administered.
  2. Took this topic from NCL boards, as I thought it would be interesting to see what people on CCL have experienced. I was on CCL Magic 1/26-2/2, with a pre-cruise stay 2 days before in FLL. Two days after arriving home from the cruise I began experiencing a high fever (101-103), cough, chills, headache (lasted 3 days), tired, slight chest tightness. I had never felt like this before - EVER. I went to the Dr., who - upon finding out I had just gotten off a cruise, tested me for flu, strep, and gave me a chest xray - all coming back negative. (never had a chest xray before either, but she wanted to check for pneumonia.) Gave me a z-pack, told me to take tylenol for fever and sent me on my way, feeling it was viral - possibly bronchitis. Bad cough lasted another 2+ weeks. Now wondering if it could have been a mild case of covid19, which I have not been tested for. Will wait for anti-body test to come out. My dd (who cruised with me) did not get it, and I did not pass it onto dh, who was home working while we cruised. The NCL board has a thread with 3 pages of people who also came off their cruises with "something" - many called it cruise crud, but they are now also wondering. I have never gotten sick after any of my cruises, even though there have been people coughing up lungs on some of them. Towards the end of the cruise an announcement was made for some passengers to report to guest services - all with oriental surnames. Now I am wondering if they were checking up to see where they had been before they boarded. Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy - we are getting blasted here in NY as of this moment. Hang in there!!
  3. Just heard on tv that this hurricane season will be VERY active - predicting at least 16 named hurricanes, with some making landfall. Not great news. We will not cruise again until January 2021 - seems so far away, yet with all going on around us I can't think of doing a cruise this year. We have been ordering to go/curbside meals from our local restaurants - especially the mom/pop ones in our area- and delivering the food to our local police/fire depts. and our local urgent care center. Keep safe, hattack- I know NOLA is going through a lot right now, as is NY where we live.
  4. Absolutely loving your "review!" We need to have some laughs during this time - thanks so much. Can't wait to read more!
  5. I would also wait until the very last minute to pay the balance. I am a person who fully pays off my cruise literally as soon as I book one - but I have around $600 left to pay (after using FCC) on my January Breeze cruise, and will wait until final payment is due this time to see what is happening. Not so sure July cruises will be sailing....
  6. And I bought 100 shares last week! Luckily I got a great price at the time.
  7. Here's a link to one article about 5/15 Cunard decision: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-carnival-idUSKBN21H1G8 I am sure Carnival will soon announce all their lines will have same restriction.
  8. I also sign up for the text alert when it is sent to my iphone before a cruise. It would seem quite easy for CCL to institute this system on a much larger scale. NY has done it on a state-wide and local level. I do not get email on my phone (my choice) and often do not have access to a computer to check my email while enroute to a cruise. Getting text alerts would be so much easier, imho.
  9. Terrible thing to happen to you - but at least you got home. Had Chile shut it's borders while you were there you would have had more problems. Definitely send a certified letter to NCL guest services, or as Newlino suggested - the CEO of NCL. Would your travel insurance kick in to cover flight expenses, as it may be considered "trip interruption?" Might be worth a call to find out.
  10. Things not great here on Long Island, NY. Most shops/businesses closed down. Yesterday school shut-down was extended to April 15 - I am sure that shut-down will be extended. Most Dr/Dentist offices closed - and even then only for dire emergencies. Drs are video-conferencing, if at all. Pretty hard to check someone's throat over video! Parks all closed. Essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, milk, eggs, bread) not to be found - and if you are lucky enough to find some, limited to one. Most restaurants are closed- those that are still open are open only for delivery, takeout, curbside pickup. Hospitals over-whelmed. Still seeing groups of teens hanging out on top of each other. I am sure their parents would flip out if they saw them doing that. Our 3/22 CCL cruise was (of course) cancelled. We have a Disneyworld vacay booked (for over a year) for 5/6 - last night Disney announced their parks would be closed "indefinitely." We had bucket-list trip to Ecuador/Galapagos booked for 7/31 - will almost definitely cancel that, or it will be cancelled for us. Hoping to get some of our $$ refunded. Even with travel insurance there are no guarantees, as we do not purchase cancel for any reason. We walk 5-6 miles a day, practicing social distancing. Just love it (sarcasm inserted here) when people walk/jog down the middle of the sidewalk and don't budge an inch to the sides, leaving us to walk in the street around them, dodging cars as we do so!! We are so much luckier than some of our friends, who have been exposed and tested positive. Luckily we had no contact with them for many weeks. All in all, we are healthy (as of now), have food to eat (as of now), and toilet paper to wipe with (as of now). Things could be much, much worse.
  11. I think it is inevitable that CCL will follow suit. Should be no surprise on Friday to hear they have extended cancellations. Here in NY we supposedly have not even hit the top of the curve yet - it is expected to peak in 1-2 weeks, with (unfortunately) the rest of the country to follow as some states are doing already. Stay safe and healthy, all.
  12. First cruise - Home Lines Atlantic NY to Bermuda: Great bon voyage parties where relatives/friends were allowed onboard before ship sailed to celebrate with us. Upon sailaway tons of streamers were unraveled off ship as it sailed away from dock in NY. When first onboard, we would go to Lido deck, pick out a spot for our deck chairs (heavy wooden ones!). Our names were written on a piece of paper that was slipped into a slot on top of chair. That chair and spot would be set up for us every morning. No chair hogging, as everyone had their own chair! Skeet shooting, hitting golf balls off aft deck area, watching them throw giant black bags of garbage off aft of ship while sailing, leaving long trail of bags behind us. Horse racing , free bingo and free soda with meals.
  13. As we don't really pick a ship for it's decor, I can honestly say that Magic was a great ship when we sailed on her in January. We were actually booked to be on her again yesterday, but of course that was cancelled. The decor did not bother me in the least. If the itinerary appeals to you, I would bypass the fact that the decor may not be to your liking.
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