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  1. We had gotten Vibe passes on Epic, Breakaway and Getaway when we sailed on them - back when they were $99 for the week. We thought we had a great deal, and loved the area, even though it cost us $400 for my family of 4. However, seeing the prices have gone up to $200, we will save the $800 and find a quiet place on one of the decks somewhere.
  2. We had stayed at the Hotel Colon when we cruised out of Barcelona. It faced Barcelona Cathedral, and had plenty of restaurants around it. It was an easy walk to Las Ramblas, and the hop-on, hop-off was right down the street. Would definitely recommend it.
  3. Same here. I had booked our upcoming (Aug.) cruise in a balcony cabin through CAS and got my 20% discount and whatever they were offering at a time. (we took $50 shore exc. and dining promo) Then they came out with take all "free" offers. I priced it out, and it was $1600 more than what I paid. To cancel (I was past final payment) and rebook made no sense, as we are not big drinkers and do not use internet. We are happy with what we have.
  4. This is good to know, as I am in the gym at 6 a.m. every cruise morning, getting my 2 mile walk in on the treadmill. Will definitely think of using the outdoor track.
  5. All cruise lines should ban him from sailing ever again. Blacklist him.
  6. Following! On the 7 day in August. Flying Delta from JFK - hope we have a better experience than you did. Have a private water taxi reserved through our hotel to pick us up from airport and transfer us right to hotel dock. We only have 24 hours in Venice, and figured this would be a great way to start.
  7. Following! Thanks for taking the time from your cruise to post. Sailing 8/4 and can't wait!
  8. Looking forward to your review. We sail on the 7 day out of Venice on 8/4. Our hotel arranged for a private water taxi to pick us up from the airport and bring us to the hotel's private pier. Can't wait!
  9. Go for it. I was actually surprised that - on my last 2 CCL cruises - the trend seems to have turned again, as most people were dressed to the nines (tuxes, suits, long gowns, cocktail dresses) on the elegant nights. My dd and I wore sequined tops and leggings, and were fine with these outfits.
  10. I also saw there was a definite time difference (1 hour for achillion line and 15 minutes for kanoni line bus frequency) between the 2 lines. We would be interested in the kanoni line, I think. Will have to discuss it with dh and decide whether to do the hop on hop off, or just head into town by ourselves.
  11. We tipped our driver 10 cup and our guide 20 cuc. We also paid for our guide's lunch.
  12. Same here! We are planning on doing that in Corfu, as it looks like it stops right by the pier. Tripadvisor reviews aren't so great, so we are a bit worried. Seems the major complaint is the wait time between buses if you get off - up to one hour. If we don't do the hop on hop off we may just grab a taxi into town.
  13. We are obviously in the minority here, as we (have never in our lives) used an ATM for anything. We try to use our (no foreign transaction fee) credit cards for everything when traveling out of the U.S., but always change $500 to $1000 into euro before we leave, depending what private tours we are taking. For example - we know our transfers for our Aug. cruise will be around 190 euro, so we put that into a labeled envelope before we go. If we have leftover euros when we come home, we save them for the next cruise!
  14. It would have to be 3 excursions. After each excursion is completed your account will be credited back $50. You cannot use $150 for one excursion.
  15. We are sailing on the NCL Star out of Venice on 8/4. Hoping the ban on large ships does not take place - not just for our sake, but for tourism in Venice also. They knew there was an engine problem coming into port, and with the cable breaking on one of the tugs - just a "freak" accident.
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