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  1. How much soda are you thinking your kids need!? Buying a pricey soda package seems like a huge, expensive waste since so often a can is never finished...also a less healthy choice. As stated above, there are free options in the WJ and on the occasion it is closed between meals, there is a self-serve area just outside the WJ where you can get coffee, tea, water and maybe lemonade. I always get my "Arnold Palmers" in the WJ throughout the day!
  2. Have "done" My Time several times and always find the first night's wait for the dining room gets confusing/a bit chaotic due to the fact that MT is still not yet understood! Be patient! MY TIME allows you to "reserve" your time if you don't book for the specific first or second seating. Of course you can walk up any time you want, but don't expect to never have to wait in some sort of line without a reservation. Book on line (calendar) or as early as possible after boarding. I book different times for different days depending on what I may be doing during the day...early or late shore excursion/a show/a game/exercise routine/cocktails......After the second or third night, once things have settled down a bit, if we decide to go at a different time, we still go to the reservation desk, give our name and usually get right in, tho maybe in a different area of the dining room. We often don't stick exactly to our reserved times. By the way, be sure to specify what type of table you want...for two, or more. If more, you may need to list other guests when booking on line. Good luck! It really is convenient and quite simple!
  3. Just back from Celebrity Constellation cruise with a stop at Dubrovnik. At excursion desk, bought tix for ship's shuttle to Pile Gate where we also picked up return shuttle. Easily done both ways.....just don't miss the last shuttle back! Tickets were never collected so perhaps shuttle was free!? yes, bring KUNA for shopping and wall walk....a awesome !
  4. Thoughts / opinions on excursions to Taormina from Catania.....4 1/2 hours walking tour (allowing free time on your own) or a 6 1/2 hours walking tour plus a short stay at a nearby beach.
  5. Thoughts / opinions of a 6 1/2 hr shore excursion from Catania to Taormina and Sicilian Beach break...description does not give the name of the beach, but says umbrellas and chairs are provided. Tour of Taormina allows "free" time to wander/shop etc.
  6. It would be a shore excursion from the port of Rijika, Croatia while on a Celebrity cruise
  7. Thoughts /opinions of this shore excursion from Rijika from anybody been there. 6 hour excursion to villages of Krk and Vrbink. Stop in Vrbnik ncludes tasting of wine with ham, cheese and bread.
  8. Thoughts/opinions from anybody self toured Rijeka, Croatia and Trsat Castle....go it by self or on a shore excursion?
  9. Having second thoughts on a shore excursion in Slovenia...Koper to Lake Bled to Ljubljana. Looks like beautiful scenery! Now wondering if it will be a long "on-the bus" day. A wooden boat ride on Lake Bled seems nice, but might there be time allowed for a short walk on the shore and a visit to its castle? Lunch at a Slovenian Inn. Tour / free time in Ljubljana. Would like to hear opinions from anybody who may have done this excursion.
  10. I have booked this all day shore excursion...when it was on sale! Now second guessing myself over the length of on-a-bus time! Info says it includes a "scenic cruise on the lake in a traditional wooden boat". That is fine, but I am wondering if we will be given the time to walk a bit along the lake's shore and also visit its castle. Visiting Ljubljana and lunch at a Slovenian Inn sounds nice as well. Anybody done this excursion?
  11. Thinking of this shore excursion from Naples in June. Your thoughts / opinions:
  12. I think we will take the train from the port into Rome...taxi to our hotel, or even Metro as it looks close to our hotel...I am not expecting to be overloaded with luggage.(carry-on with wheels and midsize with wheels.) Not expensive and hopefully a relaxing ride watching the countryside go by. Thoughts? Anybody taken this route?
  13. Comments from anybody’s stay at this hotel ?
  14. Wondering how exciting/interesting the shore excursions from Catania, Sicily are these days....or will be in a few months! 😲
  15. In Catania from about 7AM-4PM. Approximate travel time to Taormina is an hour. Would like any opinions /info on shore excursions you may have taken to Taormina and / or Mt Etna. Supposedly the walk at Mt. Etna is no less than 300 yards...not bad for senior couple with pretty good mobility? (Have seen the Haleakala crater in Maui, Hawaii so wonder if this is greatly different and worth the excursion to include Etna.) One excursion to Taormina includes a brief visit at a winery. Thoughts?
  16. roupa

    Venice hotel?

    Looking for pre cruise hotel suggestions...3 nights, end of May.
  17. Looking for options/suggestions for getting from the cruise port in Civitiavecchia (sp?) to Rome in June.
  18. Asking for thoughts / opinions / info on a shore excursion I am pondering from the cruise port of Kotor, 7AM-9PM. 7 hr excursion ---visiting Njegusi (wine, bread, meat tasting), Budva (town with lunch), Kotor at leisure
  19. Looking for suggestions for a port day in Rijeka in early June.
  20. The $7 shuttle van to Hoeseshoe Bay is easy and convenient. But if you like to explore a bit...and get away from the crowd!... go left (facing the water) and walk away from Horseshoe. You can stick close to the shoreline or go thru paths a bit off the shore. You will eventually get to LONG BAY (maybe about a mile), but detours to other little bays/ coves along the way just might keep you from the Long Bay destination. Jobson's Cove is one of the names I recall...beautiful and shallow with colorful fish. Take along a few crackers to draw them out of their hiding places. Take a snack and water for yourself. Just don't lose track of time if you have a schedule to keep! Enjoy the adventure rather than just doing the routine " beach-sit."
  21. I know there is a wealth of info out there, but I am just beginning to research the ports for a booked cruise on the Constellation in May...starting in Venice and ending in Rome. Hoping to spend an extra day or two at both ends of the cruise. Let's start with just a few tips/suggestions before I get into specifics. (Ports include Dubrovnik, Croatia..., Rijeka ,Croatia... Koper, Slovenia...Kotor, Montenegro... Valetta, Malta...Catania, Sicily...Naples) Thanks for getting me started!
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