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  1. I agree. Although, due to SSS status we have had free laundry for years, there are many items that are never sent out. The main reason is that the laundry service is harsh and has damaged several items. Regent is good about compensating for the damage, but the loss of the item for a long cruise becomes problematic. Regent has offered free laundry in the recent past for some of the Grand voyages. This resulted in having several days added to the laundry turn around. J
  2. If this article is to be believe, and I am not saying it isn't, then the Cruise industry is dead. There is no way they can remain shut down for years. J ""Paul A. Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, ran through one back-of-the-envelope scenario with an optimistic outcome: Say a vaccine is 75 percent effective at preventing people from shedding the virus and passing it on. Vaccinating even some people will slow the spread, with the biggest effects emerging if the first doses are channeled to the right people. But he estimated it would be necessary to vaccinate two-thirds of the population to reach herd immunity. “If you’re talking about throwing arms around each other, sitting with 67,000 people at a Philadelphia Eagles game, I’d imagine that would take a couple years,” Offit said.""
  3. Maybe, But I would rely on my Physician's advice. You do know that a large percentage of Rx sold in the USA and Canada comes from India and China. Do you worry about those? The Russian are a fairly smart group. They almost beat us in the cold war. J
  4. The BBC just announced that Russia plans mass vaccination campaign in October. They have teamed up with Saudi Arabia and the UAE to develop a vaccine that is now in final trials and anticipate approval by the end of August. BBC link More J
  5. We are on the 3 segment before yours. I agree that the chances seem to be fading everyday. We had hopes of a vaccine in late December. But even if we have a vaccine, given your comments about the Olympic games, you may be right about letting us into the country. ;( . J
  6. I don't know where your 'news" source is getting their information. Many of the most popular vaccines are "live" or correctly attenuated. Currently available live attenuated viral vaccines are measles, mumps, rubella, vaccinia, varicella, zoster (which contains the same virus as varicella vaccine but in much higher amount), yellow fever, rotavirus, and influenza (intranasal). Zoster, rotavirus and flu are commonly given to elderly. There is no reason to think that a live Corvid vaccine would be any different as to efficacy . J
  7. Yahoo Finance Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) Stock Isn’t Worth the Risk: As the cruise line sector hoped to get good news on restarting cruises in the U.S., Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) shareholders got hit with a double whammy. Not only did the Center for Disease Control and Prevention delay vessels sailing from U.S. waters, but also the company diluted shareholders again via another equity offering. The cruise lines aren’t investable with no ability to plan cruises in large parts of their markets. With the additional risk of a virus infection on one of the initial cruises setting the restart plans back possibly months and until a vaccine exists, Norwegian isn’t worth the risk. No-Sail Order On July 16, the CDC extended a no-sail order until the end of September. The health organization had an order on file until July 24, but Carnival Corporation had already given the market an indication that the CDC wasn’t even working on a return to approving cruises. The Cruise Lines International Association had already agreed to suspend trips until September 15. My view was that this decision only served to give the CDC cover to continue suspending cruises with no risk to a health organization not trying to run a business. Norwegian had previously suspended cruises until September 30 with an exception with Seattle-based Alaska voyages. The new no-sail order by the CDC makes restarting cruises in October nearly impossible considering the unknown timetable for actual approval considering the health organization could easily extend the suspension date. More Equity Dilution While shareholders were looking forward to positive news from the CDC on a restart plan, Norwegian rushed out a secondary equity offering of 16.7 million shares. With the over-allotment amount of 2.5 million, the company sold a total of 19.2 million shares at $15 raising ~$288 million to fund ongoing monthly cash burn rates. The cruise line has a market cap of $4 billion making this deal ~7% dilutive to shareholders. In addition, Norwegian raised $750 million in senior secure notes and $400 million in exchangeable senior notes. These fund raisings come after a big $2.4 billion raised during the original shutdown and another $400 million recent in a private deal. The company had estimated ongoing monthly cash burn rates in the $140 million range. The cruise line is set to burn some $350 million in cash between now and the updated CDC no-sail date. Any additional delays such as pushing the restart date into 2021 would cost the cruise line another $420 million of cash burn to just wait on the sidelines. Takeaway The key investor takeaway is that cruise lines just aren’t investable with an unknown restart date in the key U.S. market. Norwegian Cruise Line continues to raise billions in capital to survive the suspension of cruises. Investors should wait until a viable restart plan exists and the company’s financials can be accurately analyzed. The cruise line is now flush with cash to survive this shutdown for well over a year, but the stock has already doubled off the lows. This risk here is for a retest of those lows as the market faces the extended suspension of operations. Unsurprisingly, investor sentiment is very negative, with individual portfolios in the TipRanks database showing a net pullback from NCLH. Disclosure: No position.
  8. But since Princess is part of the Carnival family, will other Cruise lines of Carnival Corporation also follow suit? I would think so. Carnival Corp has over 100 ships and 250 berths. Lots of people going to be out of work for lot longer. J
  9. FWIW, Princess Cruises has canceled sailings across the globe through Dec. 15 – with one exception. "All cruises in and out of Australia will be paused until Oct. 31 and then all other sailings across all other countries are paused through Dec. 15, 2020. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/07/22/princess-cruises-cancels-100-sailings-across-globe-through-dec-15/5489557002/ J
  10. The only problem is that the Endeavor is only showing trips from Chile in 2022-2023 down to the Peninsula. None to Ross sea. I doubt that they would rework their schedule which mean I will have to go on Silver Seas or Ponant (or Nat- Geo) if I want to do this area of the world. J
  11. July 14, 2020 Just received notice from MY Agent that cruise is Canceled. And I don't see this voyage itinerary in the future. 😪🤢🥵 J ---------------------------------------------------------------------- YEN210128-22 | Crystal Endeavor | January 28, 2021 | 22 Nights | Christchurch (Lyttelton) to Hobart | Antarctica & The Ross Sea Expedition Dear Valued Guest, We hope this message finds you safe and well during this challenging time. As we are all aware, the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 forced the temporary closing of business and industry all around the world, including the MV WERFTEN shipyard where Crystal Endeavor is being built, causing a delay in the ship’s delivery. Therefore, it is with regret that we must cancel your voyage......
  12. As of 10:28 PDT the Mariner is at anchor off Long Beach harbor. J
  13. From the Marine Traffic site it looks like she may be heading to San Diego. Ship is just south of San Clemente Island heading almost due east (110). (From 12 July 2020 10:49 AM PDT) J
  14. Here is another route map for the Splendor. Due in Aruba on July 8, 2020 at 06:00.
  15. But What if........ Even with all these new proposed rules, what happens when the ship is 3-4 days into the voyage and someone turns up infected. Is everyone going to be put in "lock-down?'" Is the next port going to allow docking, let alone shorex? What happens to the people waiting at the dock for the subsequent voyage? Given what happened with the Princess Ship in Japan and others, what is going to be the public (or your) perception of cruising the next time a ship turn up infected? J
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