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  1. My recollection is that there are about 10-11 stair steps down to the tender platform. J
  2. The Credit card "insurance" benefit are extremely limited and in no way relied upon instead of good travel insurance. Link to the full text. (Link) J
  3. I doubt you will get it on the ship. The only thing they ever get is the SuperBowl, and that has only been for the last few years. J
  4. Please re-read what I wrote. I said "Rarely" not never. But in my 50 Regent Cruises over nearly 19 years, I can think of only a handful of port where you are checked (metal detectors and x-ray handbags) both on the dock and again on the ship. The guest is given a ID badge that works much like a key card. The ship manifest computer knows who is and is not aboard. If they are not off, the Captain will come on the PA looking for them. Actually, you are paying for the right to have a guest as part of your cruise fare. Look at it this way: in many US ports, local Travel Agents are invited onboard for the day for a tour and lunch. Who pays for them? Bottom line, that cost is part of everyone cruise fare. J
  5. The guest must summit their photo ID information in advance. This info is then sent to shore side security before boarding for vetting. On the day of the visit the guest has to go through security check just like all others boarding the ship. Once they board, they are given a special badge to wear that is surrendered when they debark. Yes guest are allowed unrestricted access to the ship and most of the amenities. IMO, Rarely is anyone check twice, as you suggest; once on shore and again on the ship. J
  6. With Ping and Jitter numbers that bad, definitely on life support and near death. Have you gone and spoken directly with the General Manager about this? J
  7. Regent laundry can be real tough on clothes. I have had them wreck a couple of good dress shirts. (they actually compensated me for the shirt damages before asking!!) If it is something special or delicate, sent it they dry cleaning, or use their machines. J
  8. The are on duty 24/7, except when in a port with reliable and close by medical facility. Even in port, either the Doctor or Nurse will be on board at all times. J
  9. I agree with UUNetBill. Take your own. you can buy a cheap B/P Machine on Amazon for about $30.00 and just leave it at the end of the cruise if you want. Even if the Medical is free on the ship, you still have to go down and wait. And they have to fill out forms every time you visit. You can figure you'll spend at least 15 minutes and probably much time, every time you go down to the Med center. Plus their hours are very limited, usually open for an hour about 8:00am and then again at 5:00 pm. You might have to wait in the room with people who have colds, flue etc. J
  10. Your toothbrush charger will work in the "Shaver" plug in the ceiling of the NAV bathrooms. Been doing this for at least 10 years with out any issue. HOWEVER, this "shaver" plug is connected to the light switch, and the toothbrush will not charge with the bathroom lights off. Usually not an issue unless, like me, you have been on the road for several days before getting on the ship and the toothbrush is dead and needs 12-15 hours to charge. J
  11. Any port day, but that does not mean in every port, everywhere. In the US it is usually no problem, if the forms are filled out will enough in advance. I would think that a non embarkation day would be easier to get approval. They have told me that there was going to be a charge for visitors meals, but it has never turned up on my final invoice. J
  12. You should ask to speak to the Shore Excursion MANAGER. I think that you explained your situation in a cogent manner and the Manger should address your concerns personally. He (she) might not know of the extent of yours and the other passengers displeasure and difficulties with that tour operator or that particular guide. Maybe it was a new operator for Regent; of maybe an old one that needs to be changed. J
  13. My favorite ship is anyone that I am on. J
  14. There are plenty of Apps on both iOS and Android that will tell you the Wifi bridge node (extenders) signal strength so that one can position their device for optimum reception. Just remember that just because their is a good signal to the node does not mean that the remaining wifi connection is any faster/better. Here is a link to an android app that works well (Link) J
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