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  1. Pink Agave, the Mexican restaurant, is the favorite from the group I'm getting texts from.
  2. I'm not young, wealthy or skinny and my knees aren't great but I do travel with little luggage and have a strong aversion to swimming pools. I will be cruising on Scarlett Lady.
  3. We have cruised with Claudine, on Oasis, a few times. She is wonderful!
  4. The info that I'm getting is not being posted on social media so I have to believe it's true. There are a few things that are still being worked on but 99% of everything else is great. They are having a great time, especially since it has warmed up.
  5. My son is on the ship now and having a great time!
  6. So true! I was introduced to the game when my college kids brought home about 20 friends for spring break. I loved it.
  7. We are in a suite later this year and our friends are not. We told them that we would include them when we can but sometimes won't be able to be together. They understand.
  8. The reports that I am getting from people on the ship are great. They are loving the food, the public areas and the beds are very comfortable!
  9. A few different people have posted the same pics.
  10. I would do it! The 2 bathrooms are great. We have also had them bring in a roll away bed and the suite attendant puts it away during the day so it doesn't take up extra space. Our family loves deck 17.
  11. My cruises, not on Virgin, are all nonrefundable.
  12. I bring a fan on every cruise and have never has a problem.
  13. Enjoy your cruise, I'll be following along. We will be cruising with you in November!
  14. Sometimes people cancel at the last minute and RC is ready with their list of people wanting to pay for a upgraded cabin.
  15. I have never seen them on a cruise and that makes my family very happy! I love them and force everyone to eat just one. You would think I was trying to kill them as they put one in their mouth and swallow it like a pill. They are all adults too.
  16. I don't know about the price but the tapas was some of the best food we had on the ship. Anything served with the crusty bread was amazing!
  17. I'm so happy for you. My friend said the Genie retrieved the rings from the safe and they were taken to lost and found. They are being shipped out on Sunday. I know that you already know this but I didn't want you to think that I forgot about you.
  18. The ship is small but beautiful. We skip the dining room on the first night so we can on deck while going under the Sunshine Skyway bridge. I avoid buffets as much as possible except on Brilliance. Dinner is good, especially the made to order sections.
  19. We were on Brilliance a few weeks ago and it was delivered to us. We were in a suite but they rang the doorbell and when we answered they brought it in. They were very busy so maybe they would have left it outside if we didn't answer.
  20. They do convert to twin beds. You won't be forced to spoon!
  21. We have always waited until we are on board. As long as we aren't picky about which night we go we have never paid full price. We have paid between $25-$75.
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