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  1. For us, it was our first Celebrity Cruise on Century, followed by one on Mercury. We. Were. Impressed. compared to Royal.
  2. Under normal circumstances, when in suite, we arrive at the terminal +/- 10:30. Sometimes, we walk on. Sometimes, we sit for 10-15 minutes. With the current concerns about COVID-19, I expect that Suites will board first (per normal), AFTER whatever disinfection procedures are completed on the ship. +/- 10:30 may no longer be normal.
  3. This is me, as well. I am pushing 70 and have never had a flu shot. I have not had the flu since I was in high school. In my working days, I was always the staff member, who, when 75% of the office was out with the flu, a stomach virus, etc., made it to work with no issues. Let me be clear, I am not opposed to vaccines. I have had the shingles and pneumonia vaccines. Having said all this, and after a long discussion with my primary care physician, I will get a flu shot this fall. Why, because, if I got the flu, that would be the start of my immune system weakening. I will get the coronavirus vaccine when it is available.
  4. Nor it is the blue ribbon at the County Fair. As Avis said, “we try harder.” Celebrity needs to adopt that mind set.
  5. Booked the Nov. 2021 Transatlantic from Rome, in an S3. First time on Edge.
  6. I have become a huge fan of the M class ships. I love the smaller size and ease of movement around the ship. I was on Infinity for 9 nights in spring 2019. Loved every minute of it, many reasons of which are not relevant to this discussion. I thought the ship was in excellent condition related to wear and tear. My cabin was in much better condition than suites I have stayed in on other ships. Other than a couple of loose tiles in the shower, there was no problem with my Aqua class cabin- no mildew/mold, no major damage to the furniture, no issues with the balcony. As I walked thru the ship, I saw very little stains on carpeting, some minor tears around the furniture. Was the decor dated? Yes, it was. But the ship was immaculate and well maintained. My point being that the M class ships, which have not be Revolutionized, are probably in need of major updating style wise. Would I hesitate to sail on any of the M class again, if the ship was not updated? No only no, but heck no. Bottom line is that the ships are clean and well maintained. If the ship being “Revolutionized” matters to you, then you may not be happy.
  7. We have cruised in Sky Suites, Celebrity Suites, and Royal Suites. (Still holding out for the Penthouse!) I love Luminae. When cruising with my SO, a meat and potatoes man, he was less than impressed. On one occasion, he was very unhappy with the Luminae menu options. Our server said “Sir, what would you like?” To which my SO said “ steak, prime rib, something like that.” Our server said that steak/filet was available every night thru the MDR menu. My SO ordered from the MDR for almost all the remainder of our cruise. He even decided he didn’t want to go to Murano since he could get prime rib or steak in Luminae. My point being is that you have soooo many options in Luminae. If there is something you want, ask your server. Their goal is to make you happy. Since Summit does not have Murano’s and, as many have said, Tuscan Grill is a bit of a roller coaster ride on service and food, I would stick with Luminae.
  8. Do you completely trust that the shared utensils aren’t cross contaminated? There is no perfect solution. Let’s not turn this great thread about Equinox into a discussion of how to solve the issues of how food should be served in the buffet.
  9. Thank you for the update. Don't know any of these folks, but will probably get to meet them in suite lounge. I am enjoying your posts, especially about the entertainment. Would you mind listing/reviewing the production shows with the Celebrity singers and dancers? I agree with you about serving the food in the Ocean View. I have long thought cruise lines should remove the communal serving utensils and provide each passenger, as they enter the buffet, a serving tablespoon and tongs. Each person has he/her own, so no need to worry about the cleanliness of the ones on the buffet.
  10. You just said something that I was not aware of- you can drop off your carry on luggage at your cabin when you board? That would be terrific. I am assuming the Sea Pass card is outside your door. We are sailing on the 29th, so any info you want to share would be great.
  11. We are boarding on Feb. 29. Who is the CD, Hotel Director, and Guest Relations manager? I know several of these folks from previous cruises and it would fun to know who are currently on the ship. Thanks!
  12. I I have traveled in a CS and SS with my best friend on S class ships. We are in an SS on Equinox in a couple of weeks. The beds in those two cabins can be made up as twin beds. We would love to upgrade to a Royal Suite, but the bed cannot be separated and neither of us wants to sleep on the pullout sofa. From all the posts I have read, it is not comfortable. As for Luminae, I have dined there with my friend and as a solo cruiser. The opportunity for conversation with neighboring tables varies. When seated at the tables along the wall and have the bench seating on that wall, it seems easier to converse with others. The tables by the windows and those in the middle of the room are a little farther apart. Conversation is not impossible, but a little more difficult. The tables in Luminae are somewhat more openly spaced than in Blu or the MDR. What has occurred for me/us on a number of occasions is I/we strike up a conversation with others in Michael’s Club/Retreat. That leads to going to dinner together and getting a table for three or four. One cruise, we had a group of 10-12 all who wanted to dine together the last night. The Maitre’d was very accommodating and put several tables together for us in the back section of Luminae. My poInt to all this is that it isn’t hard to make friends, dine with others, and have nice conversations.
  13. Considering the great storage on the S class S2 cabins, I find this info about storage, especially closet space, somewhat frustrating. Two people on an 11 night cruise, on Silhouette, (and I don’t pack lightly), we had drawers we did not use. I don’t recall seeing similar statements by folks who have been on Edge. Please, please, please correct me if I am wrong!!!
  14. To put this simply, if you charge it to your room account, your OBC will be applied. There may be some restrictions with the casino, but not my area of expertise.
  15. I had an experience, regarding suites dining in Blu, which surprised me and frankly I was not happy when I figured out what happened. We were in a CS. My SO asked the MC concierge what the Blu restaurant was for- was it a specialty restaurant? He had been looking at the menus in MC and saw something in Blu he liked. He genuinely did not know as he had never sailed in Aqua. If he had asked me, I would have explained it to him. She said that it was for Aqua class passengers, BUT, if we wanted to dine there, she would arrange it. Since we were on a longer cruise, the change of venue sounded OK and so we went around 8 PM one evening. We checked in at the desk and were seated immediately at an awful table, (but that’s another story). I had noticed a few people seated just outside the restaurant, but didn’t focus on them. At the table, I immediately realized I had left my glasses in MC and went back to get them. As I walked out of the restaurant, a couple was at the desk demanding to know why “that couple” got seated immediately, while they had been waiting for a table. The Maitre’d said and I quote” those folks are in a suite and have a reservation made by the Michael’s Club concierge. We have to accommodate them.” At this point I stopped a few feet away to hear the rest of the conversation. The lady then said that they would like a reservation for 8PM every night. The Maitre’d told her that no reservations for Aqua passengers, only suites. The next day, I went to the MC concierge and said that I didn’t think it was fair that Aqua class passengers were made to wait to accommodate us. We should be treated the same as any one else waiting for a table and been told that we would be seated when there was a table available. If I have a reservation at a shoreside restaurant, arrive on time, we sometimes have to wait. It should be the same in Blu. I also had an opportunity to have a similar conversation with the Hotel Director. He said that it was very nice of me to be considerate of other folks who were waiting. But, many of my fellow suite passengers don’t have that mindset and expect to be seated when they show up- with or without a reservation. It was pretty clear that Blu was expected to accommodate suites passengers on demand, at the expense of the Aqua class folks.
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