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  1. I changed the name of my traveling partner, on a Feb. 2020 cruise, about a month ago. No,issues, no fee. I think that you can change a name until approximately 3 days before sailing. Don’t take that as the final word. I also, vaguely, remember reading that you cannot change the primary name, just the secondary passengers, without incurring price change. Again, don’t take that as definite word.
  2. I am the widow of a retired military veteran. Both my Celebrity vacation planner and the TA I occasionally use, have stated that I am eligible for the military rate. All I need to show is my military ID, if I am asked. On the two cruises, where I got a military rate, no one asked for proof.
  3. I have only cruised solo in a suite on the S class ships. I doubt that the environment in Luminae has changed on Apex. I have always been treated fabulously by the staff in Luminae. There is one table in Luminae on the S class ships that is not particularly desirable if you are a couple. One seat faces directly into the kitchen/service area. I loved it as I sat on the soft bench and looked at the entire outer dining area. Had I had someone across from me, he/she would have looked into the service area. The hostess and maitre’d loved me for sitting ther.e. Almost always, I was able to speak with guests at nearby tables. To my knowledge, there is no solo table in Luminae. It is rare for solos in suites, but not unheard of. You will have access to Michael’s Club/Retreat Lounge. If you go there regularly, you will get to know other suite passengers. You may well be invited to dine with them. It has happened to me on a number of occasion. Regardless, you will be treated very well by the staff in Luminae. They will not ignore you and you will not dine in silence.
  4. On Monday, I called Celebrity and upgraded my Nov. 2020 cruise. I wanted to upgrade my April 2021 cruise, but was not able to because it was not set up for that this early. I quizzed the nice man, Jason, who helped me. He “assured” me that if I made not other changes to the reservation, I would be able to upgrade after tomorrow without incurring the additional $14 per day charge. I will believe it when it happens...
  5. Is the Chef’s Table included in the unlimited dining package?
  6. I did a similar B2B in March (5 then 4 nights) on Infinity. To my recollection, there was no Senior Officers’ party on either cruise.
  7. Here is my fear: RCCL has “dynamic pricing” on their ships. The price of certain items, especially the beverage package changes depending on demand for it on a specific cruise. Unlike Celebrity, where the price stays the same, if you buy the BP on RCCL it varies. It can vary from one day to the next within the same cruise. I am afraid that this will be Celebrity’s next step. Remove the BP as a perk. If you want it, you must buy it, and then they will play games with the pricing.
  8. I am trying to figure out where, on the Celebrity website, I go to do the upgrade from Classic to Premium. I have found it before, but can’t now. Please tell me where to do this. Thanks.
  9. I always get the beverage package, and if not in a suite, I upgrade from classic to premium before I ever set foot on the ship. I drink water, soda, tea during the day, and some combination of wine and bourbon in the evening. Drunk- no, mellow- yes. I almost never have alcohol during the day. Whether or not I get my monies worth is immaterial to me. I don’t have to sign a slip; if I don’t like the wine, I can get something else. I pay for the alcohol package in advance, so I can budget for it. Lastly, I don’t have a multi page bill at the end of the cruise.
  10. I am getting more confused by the minute. Is the $14 to be added to the price of your cruise if you get either the Classic or the Premium package as a perk? Are they raising the price of the beverage packages if you purchase it and not have it as a perk? I see comments about $12 + $14 for an increase of $26. Where is that coming from?
  11. What is this latest price increase going to do to the cost of upgrading from classic to premium? I have two upcoming cruises where I will get the upgrade. Should I do it now?
  12. Something to note- If you have a drink package and are in the Sky Lounge for the Happy Hour, you can use your package to order anything that is covered by the package. I am somewhat of a wine snob and find the wines offered in the CC Happy Hour as AWFUL. I am also serious bourbon drinker. Jim Beam White label doesn’t do it for me. I thoroughly enjoy the Happy Hours in the Lounge as I get to meet lots of interesting and fun cruisers. So, I use my premium drink package to order a beverage that I can enjoy.
  13. She didn’t have to tell me the expiration date. I told her to make the change.
  14. I think you are spot on on that assessment. They may also have figured out that they need more time to complete the revolution on these ships. The initial schedule might have been just a teeny tiny bit too tight.
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