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  1. Heels hurt my feet to I always wear dressy flats and sandals.
  2. NCL does not allow diapered unpotty-trained babies in their pools, although they do get in. There is signage to that effect near the pools. Even swim diapers are not allowed.
  3. Please keep us informed as to whether the passengers were able to reboard the ship at the next port.
  4. We only book the ship's excursions for this very reason. However, since the passengers were driven back to the ship while it was still there, the captain should have let them reboard.
  5. Hopefully, the cruise line will take care of the employees.
  6. Good to know. I saw an episode of Mighty Cruise Ships, in which Captain Carl Gunnar Hammerin was Captain of the Joy.
  7. Making cuts then raising the DSC does bother me. I don't feel that the raise was necessary, but the crew does work hard to provide us with a great cruise experience.
  8. I ask them to serve me both halves of the bagel. They are so tiny.
  9. I know that major changes to the Observation Lounge were made. Hopefully, they didn't ruin it.
  10. We didn't set foot in Starbucks.
  11. I don't need or want all of that junk. But, I love a large swimming pool. On some of the ships, the pool is absolutely tiny. A mega ship should have a mega sized pool.
  12. We noticed that self-led Sabbath Services were listed on the Daily for our Joy Cruise.
  13. For Alaska, it would be definitely the itinerary. The ship is just the vehicle to get you there. Of course, book the best cabin that you can afford.
  14. One reason that the roll calls may be dying out, is that folks might not want to advertise to the whole world, that they will not be home during a given period, and that their home would be vacant.........An open invitation to thieves. Once onboard, cruise directors, and guest services should be able to do more to promote Cruise Critic's activities, and sign people up.
  15. They retook our pictures at the pier.
  16. We had our pictures taken at the pier last time. No problem.
  17. I wish that NCL would not desecrate the observation lounge on the Joy. That was my favorite place to sit and watch the sea, and it was always busy. Hear me NCL, leave the Joy's Observation Lounge alone. PLEASE.
  18. Absolutely, they should. Even if they are going on a closed loop cruise, something unforeseen can occur when they may have to fly home from a foreign port. Passports would be required then.
  19. We have never booked an inside, because we need a window to see out. Depending upon the time of year that we cruise, we book balconies in warm seasons, or ocean views when it is chillier.
  20. With every cruise, we got new coupons. 1 free, and later on 1 bargain bag for $29.00. This was for a 10 day.
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