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  1. The “fried potatoes” are Ocean House fresh potato CHIPS (the US kind). Dennis
  2. Graham you ruined my evening. I had blocked him, but you quoting him defeated that strategy. 😀😀😀😀😀
  3. Divina TSL did permit bar sitting on our Sept 26 to 30 cruise. Dennis
  4. When I saw them over Labor Day the massage cabanas were no. 7 and 8, to the left of Ocean House. Ocean view, not the beachside cabanas. Dennis
  5. You definitely will not be hassled if you are in the Yacht Club, as the OP stated he is. I personally have not seen this at the terminal either in Miami or Port Canaveral. Dennis
  6. Well legally since Judge Merryday’s ruling on the injunction has never been overturned the CSO is technically a ‘conditional sail RECOMMENDATION.’
  7. I can assure you, there were very few folks boarding that late two weeks ago. For just starting up Port Canaveral operations for MSC the SMS port services company had very little problem keeping up even with the early arrivals like us. I would ignore the time, and show up when you feel comfortable. Dennis
  8. It is NF in Yacht Club on US cruises. Just off Divina last week and Meraviglia early September.
  9. An interesting twist on the answer ‘yes’ is the new Explora Journey class ships. While not technically having a Yacht Club, the whole ship will ostensibly be operated as if it were. Dennis
  10. Graham when will we cruise again? I’m doing the B2B Norway/Baltic on Preziosa end of next May. If you ever decide to take a cruise from Port Canaveral let me know. We live on the Space Coast. Come over early or stay late. Did very little Jameson and don’t tell anybody, but they did not up charge me on the Hendricks.
  11. He was comped a bottle of Elijah Craig in his cabin. 😀. the shortage was some supply chain issue with their vendor. They had plenty of Gentleman Jack on board, for which he was not charged the full up charge from YC plan. 😀
  12. I think that may be true. Our Meraviglia experience in early September was the same as Monster. Last week on Divina, Donny our butler, asked what ‘bottle’ we wanted. We chose JW Red. Only bottom shelf available. My brother’s wife just chose a nice red. another note. Divina ran out of Jack Daniels the first day. YC had the last shot on the whole ship. My brother drank it. Surprising. Dennis
  13. They were doing them at two cabanas in the Yacht Club area over Labor Day. I did not go over to those cabanas last week. Whether those massages were limited to Yacht Club guests I do not know. This was in lieu of opening the spa proper on the island.
  14. It does. Our bottles had drops left over. On a side note. We did get dropped on the call for our second test at the point of twirling the swab in the test holes. We were able to reconnect after about 5 minutes and the test was able to proceed. It just meant that the time of test developing was longer than 15 minutes. The test technicians were very understanding and helpful. It required going in and starting a new test session and explaining to the tech what happened. The NAVICA app is very smart and the tech saw all the data to proceed. I was very impressed.
  15. I was very pleased with the quality of the beef served in both Butcher’s Cut and the YC on the Meraviglia last week. I am hoping the Divina is being provisioned by the same company. It was so good I did not miss having a surf and turf evening.
  16. Heh gatordad1967. The Space Coast Gator Club has a 4-night cruise on Divina sailing on Sept 25, 2022 from Port Canaveral. All YC cabins, no premium pricing, just a tax-deductible donation to our scholarship fund. Good excuse to get out of Ohio. 😀
  17. Robbie is new to MSC, previously with Viking River Cruises. Agree. A great add to the Yacht Club Directors. Looking forward to seeing him again on Meraviglia in December as she moved home port to Canaveral.
  18. Just off Meraviglia. I found them to be superior to before COVID. I would say a good 70% or higher. And fresh. Some we have gotten years ago had already started to whiten.
  19. The MSC website now has very clear guidance on the acceptability of home test kits for COVID testing pre-boarding. The fully monitored Abbott’s BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag At-Home test is acceptable. You need to use the Abbott Navica app and buy your kits from eMed. Download the Navica app and it directs you to the eMed site to purchase the kits. I thought very affordable at $150 for 6 test kits ($25/test). MSC Health & Safety measures | MSC Cruises (msccruisesusa.com)
  20. We were on the Meraviglia just two days ago. Approximately 700 guests. We seriously walked the entire length of the Galleria one time and only passed crew. But that was a 3-day right after the Labor Day 4-day which had twice that number of passengers on board.
  21. Sorry.. us yank travelers don’t always see the UK press. I should have googled first.
  22. Why stop at asking if an upgrade is possible? If you can swing it with your schedule ask if you can stay on the ship, and for how little. Revenue and staff tips are real considerations. Turn that 4 or 3 day into a 7 day. With just the minor inconvenience of the turnaround COVID test and maybe some port fees.
  23. Can you please reference your source for the information on the Meraviglia death? I only heard about a drowning, not any sort of death due to COVID.
  24. you need to sail to find out. 😀 Yes. But obviously they are behind temporary barriers. Butlers will serve you. Again you can always still ask for additional snacks that aren’t out on display.
  25. Just off the Meraviglia. Divina was sitting outside the OC channel as we departed. We were chatting with several ‘senior’ officers. Divina is ready to go. also for you Yacht Club cruisers on Divina for the next few months. Expect an ‘old friend’ in the YC. Assigned as of Monday! 😀
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